[FE8] Rart Emblem Zero: The Rarted Stones


Since we hit 300, I’m going back on my original statement and releasing an update. This update fixes most the errors and major balance problems, as well as including the shiny new portraits people made of our characters! I also added our new hacking group logo to the opening sequence. Here’s some previews - enjoy!

There has been a character replacement in Chapter 9, so if you care enough you’ll have to restart from there.


0/10 aal’s personal isnt nice thighs


That’s like the best rating this thing has ever had :heart:


1/10 no natsumi


10/10 no gan involved so best hack


If Thomas can no longer become a Great Knight, I’m giving this hack a 1/10.


He never could :thinking:




He was able to promote into a Great Knight in the 1.0 version.


probs lol


20/10 pastries were not harmed in the making of this game


8/10, Perfect

Would crit kill RartyJoe again


wtf i dont know what is the story are


Mate not even I know what is the story are


There there, bud. There there.


It’s a miserable pile of references. But enough replying, have at you! :dagger:


Gunna check this out tonight; if somebody doesn’t say “Start the Rart!” at some point I’mma be pissed mildly agitated.


you’ll just have to find out :stuck_out_tongue: