[FE8] RAM documentation


I don’t know what it is, but one of you might so I might as well ask. It seems to be a little bit past the tactician data.

I don’t know myself, but from cursory examination, I’d say $0202BCB6 is a frame timer, used for looping animations like cursors…it’s modified by the routines at $8000ADC, which run whenever the game is waiting for user input.

Actually during these routines, it writes to $0202BCB0 twice: $0801533A stores 0x1 at it, and then at $080152C0, the game checks to see if the value at $0202BCB0 is zero (when waiting for input, it’s always 1 of course). If it is zero, it branches to $080D01F0. If not, it sets the value to 0x0 and branches to $080009EC.

I have found two other points of interest, though:

$02024CD3 looks to be the total game time played on the current save file.

$0858791C Contains a pointer to $02024CC0, with the words “Heap and stack collision” written out in ASCII nearby. It’s used by the routines I’ve mentioned above.

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Okay then, thanks. Then I’ll just change this thread to be documentation on the interesting game time location you found then.

0202BCD8 - Number of times screen can scroll right (from left edge)
0202BCDA - Number of times screen can scroll down (from top)
0202BCD4 - Coordinates from which to begin drawing map
0202BCD0 - Coordinates from which to move the cursor from
0202BCC4 - Cursor coordinates
0202BCBC - something about scrolling screen animation
0202CCCC - position (in pixels?) of cursor relative to 0,0 pixel on top left of map image
0202BD04 - if bit 3 is set, apparently denotes tutorial???
0202BD08 - Seems to screw up weird things about the “unit” menu
0202BD0B - Byte that determiens eirika/ephraim mode?
- If 0x1 or 0x2, show Eirika as leader on status screen and autocursor to Eirika?
- If 0x3, show Ephraim and autocursor to Ephraim
- Anything else shows — and autocursors to something random

this oughta be useful

there are some nearby bytes involving screen movement, messing with them caused this

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fyi, 0x1 represents Prologue-Chapter 8 and causes this issue with xp gain.

203A598: 0xCth byte is the active character and 0xDth byte is the target character.
0x12th byte is most likely the zero-indexed number of the active item.
The numbers after that seem to do with path, length, and other movement parameters (max move, move remaining, coordinates, etc.)


I like this guy. Who is this guy?

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0202BD09, BD0A: page number and current sorting method of unit menu (BD09 is page number, BD0A’s left bit is up or down, right bits go up to 1F denoting the stat to sort by)

3003081: seems to deal with yes/no menu options