[FE8] Question: What exactly is in the @1C1EC0 area?

Noticed a lot of modders use that area as a FreeArea-hack-dumpster of sorts
because of BL range limitations (±4MB)
but it seems to contain a lot of text (which is unused?).

Can we really abuse that area as much as we want?
How far is the limit and how far can we overwrite it?

At that location is the ROM text table.
With some exceptions, GBAFE does not directly refer to text data, so it is safe to overwrite it.
If you have ever written a program in C, you will understand, the compiled binary file has an area where only text is collected.

This area exists about 5kbytes.
0x1C1EC0 - 0x1C32C6 = 0x1406 (5126 bytes)
//perhaps, it’s more small.

It is not large, so I recommend that you do not use it unless you have a specific reason to do so.
Normally, use a hook such as jumpToHack.

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It’s unreferenced because it contains the FE6 credits for some reason

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