[FE8] Question about changing the static base heal amount from staves

Heal, Libro, Fortify : 10+MAG
Mend: 20+MAG
Recover: 80+MAG

Is it possible to hex edit the bolded static base amount of healing received by the above staves?
(like the 0xA at 0x2FEC6 for Vulneraries)

Also, are Heal, Libro and Fortify tied to the same byte?
(e.g. changing the heal amount for Heal, will it affect Libro and Fortify? Or are they separate?)

It is; however it’s probably easier and more manipulatable to take advantage of Tera’s item rework; though I am not completely sure how integratable it is with some of the other hacks that’ve been going as of late.

It doesn’t suit me because I’ve made the staves also act as magical weapons
that use Might for attacking.

That’s why I was asking for the offsets of the above heals
since their use effect is independent from their actual stats.