[FE8] "Project 0337: REX6" [vBETA 5.84.0 (Ch1-Ch20x | All Routes)] [Discord available]

I have a little idea, start to do Fire Emblem 6 in Fire Emblem 8, which I will do while I’m not working in RE7. I didn’t care about it and decided to start attempting to port FE6 with more knowledge thanks to my work on RE7. It’s obvious, but I’m using FE8 Engine.

Here in the following list, I leave you the Demo patch and a Public Beta, and last but not least the link to Discord.

If you want to help me anyway, join the Discord Server





Wouldn’t it make more sense to make the port using the RE7 rom when that is finished?

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I had check FE6 is a little most as small as FE7. Maybe only need the world map with its nodes, but everything the rest no, possibility; I will try an attempt.

That’d be a bit of a mess for the ROM size though, wouldn’t it?

You absolutely don’t need the world map nodes if you’re porting FE6 to FE8; if you absolutely can’t port over the world map cutscenes just get rid of them imo

Why tho? Rather than porting fe6 or fe7 into the fe8 engine, I think you should learn to port fe8 asm hacks to fe7. It would take a lot less time, I believe.

Most people don’t hack existing hacks, even the ones that are free to edit. People will refer to someone else’s buildfile at times and copy some code (with permission ofc), but the only buildfile that really sees use as a base to hack with is the skillsys github buildfile.

I get that in an ideal world you’d recreate fe7 perfectly in the fe8 engine and thus you’d be able to use every fe8 exclusive asm hack there is, but who knows what code edits you are going to make along the way? I would never encourage a new user to hack someone else’s f2u project (unless done via buildfiles) as there’s no way of knowing that the code is entirely bug free.

I am sorry for the pessimism. I do wish you luck with these projects, though perhaps you should finish your current one before even considering fe6 (or start a custom project). Regardless of my intuition, it’s still a great learning opportunity for you for whatever fegba hacking you continue to do.

All the best to you. Sorry :disappointed_relieved:

I believe isn’t very hard, FE8 and FE6 are very same, so I believe I may can do it easily. Though I might have problems with the world map.

Well, I tried and did this:

Patch [https://drive.google.com/file/d/13vYfclLMav1ttqM7haeFyntplr4mxYRY/view?usp=sharing](https://drive.google.com/file/d/13vYfclLMav1ttqM7haeFyntplr4mxYRY/view?usp=sharing)
Errors Still exist some errors (In the first event of the world map will freeze screen only press "Start" sometimes and continue playing, another error is the charge of units in the maps and other errors are with the portraits in some conversations). I will try to fix this later also I will send a report to FEBuilder.
The Game I added some class and maps for a whim, I will improve this later. The important here is that near totally the first chapter is playable.
Notes Besides isn't important but the event village is near correct only fail the text I forgot fix this.
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Also, I am thinking to replace “Monster Camping” with “Mamekete Camping”, so I will add more mamekete classes

you post the credits at the same time you post a link to the patch, and you do not link the entire repository to force us to hunt and peck for what you used


In addition, do not make multiple topics for the same project, just use the one and edit your first post as many times as needed

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I’m sorry, I didn’t know (it was my first time publishing a patch so I thought I could do it later). But I added the file in the “Credits” section and it’s next to the patch in the rar, with everything I’ve used so far. Let me know if I have made any mistakes while crediting.

In the “Assets” section there is that link with things I took from some ROMs including the original one as well as those I created or modified myself. So according to my opinion, there would be no need to remove it also would expedite that instead of patching a ROM to get what it requires from my compilations (Created or Recovered) takes it directly from there.

I’m very sorry I thought this one was more for design and stuff, and the other one for uploading updates and advances. I agree to use this one for both.

Thank you very much for making these observations, I will try my best not to let it happen again.

I am already working on chapter 2, a lot is already complete but there is something I am thinking about and it is about Merlinus. Do you want a simple Merlinus equal to FE6 or a better one equal to FE7?

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Is a quick post, about if somebody wants to help me get the text of the houses and villages de Fire Emblem 6?

Hola, yea, sure, i want to help you, you mind if i start the research the weekend?

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No problem. I will create the chapters meanwhile.

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Cool. :+1:

Eya, i got the quotes From Chpt 1 - 3
But before i keep up with the work,
i would rather prefer that you try out if it all works correctly.

Here is the link to the quotes.

Tell me if you want me to keep this up, or if something is wrong.

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Not sure all the changes you are planning to make, but perhaps give Roy a Promotion Class before he gets the Sword of Seals so he’s not such dead weight after a while?

Like allow Roy to promote to Great Lord, then have the Sword of Seals promote him to a class called “Legend” or “Justice” that acts like his normal Sword of Seals promotion.

(Same for Liliana, making her a Mage Lord that promoted into a Mage General or something instead of a generic Mage).

Don’t worry, I like what you’ve done. Chapter 1 and 2 are practically complete, I just have a few bugs and I’ll send you a report soon. And if you can continue your work is only save time it would be great just an observation the coordinates just put them like (4,3) don’t add the (x,y) so it doesn’t show (x4,y3) and if you want add a clarification at the beginning it’s ok or add something like (x,y)=(4,3).
The numbers I put are only examples.

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In fact I just thought to make an animation for as soon as I get the Binding Blade (my idea is just 2 classes for Roy) also Lilina and Guinevere already have a new class and the animation is already taken from the repository but I will take it into account to see if I can implement it correctly.

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Ok, perfect, im glad it was useful, then im hoing to fix the things you said and keep with the next chapters.

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