FE8 Portrait Setter & Action Restrictor

While digging through my hard drive, I found this little mod I made for Midnight Sun about 2 years and forgot about. It has a few features backed into it, the main 2 being a portrait setter and action restrictor.

The portrait setter allows you to set both the main and mini mug for a given character if an event id is set; similarly the action restrictor makes it so that a character can’t perform a given action such as rescuing, given a chapter id and event id. In both cases, setting the event id to 0 makes it such that there is no event id requirement.

Unfortunately, the source is lost now but I have the event file and it works without issue. Just change HACKADDR’s definition to free space and assemble.

Towards the bottom of the event file are the tables for these two mods, there are macros given you can use to add entries either PortraitMacro or Restrict. Add all the entries you want under PORTRAITTABLE or RESTABLE and end the table with an all 0 entry, this acts as the end of list marker. There’s an example entry in each table that can be used as a reference.

Also, this changes the give-item event to allow uses to also be specified as well as the ID (by default it sets the uses to full). This however doesn’t change any functionality and doesn’t need additional space so it’s okay to leave it in, but you can comment out line 6 and 7 if you don’t want it changed.

I’m basically “out of the game” these days, so I’m not going to update or support this, but others are free to edit it as they wish (given credit).