Fe8 PME (Submissions are very much Closed now)

I wanna make a PME just because I feel like It-
The growths Havta Add to 300 and that’s basically the only rule
You can use your own template


Seth has 100% in skill, luck, and res. Everything else is 0% and all his bases are -5 of what they normally are :slight_smile:

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Seth Eirika
Hp growth 45
Skill 255

Class Priest

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oof sorry Vesly

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A h- Well then-
Also you can submit Portrait for a character to be replaced by- Forgot to mention that :’)

Now THAT Is what I call a PME XD
Just because that’s funny Imma do that

eirika is now a brigand with a devil axe
growths are hp 100 str 100 skl 25 speed 50 luk 0 def 25 res 0

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Oh my- XD
Brigand With Devil axe Eirika- I see, That’s funny so Imma also do that

Ok so can i make ephraim the priest, then

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Unless someone replaces him With a custom character-

She has a prf devil axe and she is locked to it for the entire game


Great Idea, 10/10

every other axe is d rank or more only the devil axe is e rank and dont give weapon exp

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there are devil weapons for every weapon type and only they give weapon exp
(get fucked Franz lmao)


10/10 Idea

Colm is now a trainee

Lockpicks, door keys, and chest keys are locked to trainees


Grand idea

Just saying If anyone wants to Insert their Fe GBA Character Send the portrait, class, description and growths