FE8 PME, including maps (In Development)

By the way, this map is designed to play very differently depending on difficulty.

On Normal, the promoted bonus is +9 levels, so despite their high levels the prepromotes aren’t exceptionally strong. However, the Druids and their loot are on timers, so you need to rush your way up the tower even while everyone takes 10 damage per turn and puts a serious strain on your ability to cast enough heals in time before someone gets overwhelmed.

On Hard, the promoted bonus is +19 levels, so the prepromotes are tough as nails, though most of them still don’t move. The Druids are no longer on timers, but the large amount of extra time spent dealing with tough-but-immobile enemies and hard-hitting Ballistae will slow the player down a lot more, and as a result, create a massive drain on the player’s supply of staves and healing items due to the sheer number of turns spent in the chapter, with exhausting your supplies and dying to trap damage before you make any meaningful progress being a very real threat. Furthermore, while the Druids aren’t on timers anymore, they are bulkier due to the extra stats, and you still only have 5 shots of Bolting, so trying to kill one (let alone both) without running out becomes challenging and dependent on a very strong Anima user to pull off.

This is true, as the steal+ guy can’t steal boltings, since his base con as a hero is 14, and there are only 2 body rings. Even if he could steal a bolting from the mage, the other bolting wouldn’t become droppable.
By the way, where’s Rennac?

Rushless did rennac idk where is he tho

Joins automatically, start of chapter event, so you can choose whether or not to deploy him. Otherwise, he would just die of Heavenly Arrow damage before you get a chance to talk to him.

After AnneEgge stops making maps we get two cursed maps. Coincidence, I think not!
I will update the available units/maps in just a minute, just getting around to this now.


Ok i official can say all map bosses and units are filled :partying_face::partying_face:

The idea behind this map was just the words “Fuck horses” made manifest. Pro tip: Horse units literally can’t get to the end, because mountains, and fliers can’t get over the walls lol.

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Sike fliers can reach the end tho i sware in my name if i dont make horses reach the end i will change my name to ash sukr how rescue drop hehe trashmelia has 3 con so after promo she get 6 con if promoted to paladin since -3 con lol

Well Dang, the slots are all filled. I will be working away at this when I can. As it also needs maps this may take a while for me to finish. I also plan to change some of the music.


I have been out for a while, but good luck with the Hack! It was a lot of fun Flux!

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Warp as if inbuilt which dont take a item slot ?

in FE8, warp is a staff, not a learned skill. You could have her come with a Warp Staff, but she can’t learn a staff.

Wait nvm I don’t think that has been invented yet