[FE8] Oops, All Archers! (V2.0 beta)

Just to keep y’all updated, Oops, All Archers 2.0 is done and I am starting my test playthrough later today


Hey, sorry I’ve been away so long. Long story short, finished the hack in June, did some playtesting, and got so horribly burnt out that I didn’t finish the playtest run. I have realized that I likely will not finish that run, and so I thought I might as well upload what I finished and make bugfixes and balance changes as necessary (according to feedback).

Slight problem. I had to change computers a while ago, and the readme and patch notes were lost. I’m working to recover them, and by the start of next week the hack will have a fully-fledged readme.

Broad scope changlog:

There are now roughly triple the amount of classes: three male and three female archer base classes, each with three promotions, and a male trainee class thrown in for good measure. There were no good Amelia archer animations, so she is just a normal class with the blossom skill instead. There are a lot of returning classes (paladin, ranger, adventurer), as well as some new ones, such as the windrunner, divine bowman, lifedrinker, and shadowshot.

Some bosses have also been changed to bow wielders from other Fire Emblem games. In general, the new bosses are more aggresive and more difficult than their base game counterparts.

I understand the classes and new bosses complicate things somewhat, and some people just want a modified rom with everyone changed to archers. The last patch (Oops! All Archers Classic, if you will) will stay up, and this new patch (Oops! All Archers Evolved) will be posted right under it.

Sorry this took so long, and sorry for the mixup with the readme. Hopefully, it will be an enjoyable experience nonetheless.
Oops! All Archers Evolved


So I’m playing the evolved version and the class variety makes it much better than the original hack in my opinion. I just noticed two weird things:
• Amelia is still a recruit in Ephraim route, has her vanilla inventory and weapon rank in both lances and bows, while having the map sprite of an adventurer (animations too, at least when attacking with a bow).
• the summon skills isn’t working.

Thank you so much, I’m glad you think so! The Amelia thing was just because adventurer was built off of super recruit, so that sprite overwrote the other two versions of it. That oversight, as well as the summon skills (which, if I understand the issue, might’ve still worked for Ewan and Knoll) have now been fixed, and the intro has been updated with the new link

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