[FE8] Mythgraven (DEMO Prologue - Ch. 3)

Project is still in the works, but proceeding slowly due to work and life and whatnot.

DEMO: Mythgraven DEMO Download

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A note about myself and the hack

The world Mythgraven takes place in is one I’ve been building in my head for numerous years for various endeavors (novels, D&D campaigns, etc.) which never resulted in anything in the end. This hack aims to hopefully remedy that for my own sanity since I’ve done basically nothing with any of it.

I’ve come up with a bunch of lore over the years, but obviously not all of it will be relevant to the main plot of the story being told. As such, the “Archive” (Guide menu) will have some lore stuffs for those who might get interested in such things.

Archive examples:
An encyclopedia in which details of the realm’s gods are fleshed out some. (May or may not get fully implemented).
Journals and/or other writings in which characters detail some events which happened prior to the game’s scenario. An example is in the screenshots.

About the project

My main goal is to write something for people will enjoy. I’ve had a story brewing in my head for years that’s constantly evolved and changed over time. I’ve put pen to paper before, but ended up not liking my own writing. The limits this format imposes will hopefully get me to work it out better beforehand and plan things out instead of vomiting words onto digital paper like I had before.

Age range I’d say is 13+ or 15+. The story does touch on some touchy subjects.
For more details on the story of the game itself, check the Plot below.

**A speech directed at the high houses**

With fire and blood did they fall upon the
shores of our sister nation to the west.
Kresnica fought until their bitter end. They
fought on with their desperate calls for aid
falling on the deaf ears of their allies.
Myrianna’s deaf ears. We who forged the
pact between our kingdom and their nation
to guarantee the prosperity of kin and
country. To rejoice in the forming of a new
kindred alliance between great nations.
Yet, when our greatest of allies hearkened
to us for aid; we protected naught but our
own lands. And worse still-- we turned away
so many desperate souls fleeing from the
nightmares now threatening our people.
We might have offered them recourse; to
right the wrongs they have been made to
endure. That -we- allowed to happen. To
make amends for our kingdom’s gross
inaction in their greatest hour of need.

And for our inaction, the enemy is pressing
our border. There are few left in Kresnica
fighting against the forces we now face.

…Had we done our duty, we would not
have to carry this burden of knowledge.

Knowledge of our greatest failure. Not
only to Kresnica, but to our own people.

We must all come together, set aside
our petty squabbles for wont of power.
Then we may yet overcome this trial.

If we do not, we will only be able to
pray for our own salvation…

-The words of a desperate lord

Click the detail above for the opening text for the game.

The main plot follows the young Olwen, youngest daughter of a lesser noble house in the Kingdom of Myrianna. Her house, House Lucianne, lies near the border of Kresnica; a nation which fell some five years past. At least according to the Kingdom’s records.

The noble houses of Myrianna are largely occupied with maintaining trade of food and supplies within the kingdom. Due to Kresnica’s fall trade was failing, as many foodstuffs and materials found in Kresnica were no longer available to Myriannans. House Lucianne is particularly struggling in these times. Their forces are spread thin protecting the border from the likes of dark mages and the monstrosities they’ve spawned. Word arrives that a monastery in their territory is facing some sort of peril, which is where the game’s plot begins.

The Mythgraven 05 23 2021 C.emulator-0 Mythgraven 11 28 2021 A-0 The Mythgraven 08 29 2021 C.emulator-9 Mythgraven 11 28 2021 A.emulator-0 Mythgraven 11 28 2021 A.emulator-3 Mythgraven 11 28 2021 A.emulator-9

Videos, misc.

FFXI Battle Theme #2 (FE8 Romhack) - YouTube
Mhaura FFXI (FE8 Romhack) - YouTube


Idk what to say, but for he screenshots It looks good


Writing looks decent. Looking forward to it!

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Im excited for this thing, I hope this will be out soon (no pressure HAHA😅)

Just a quick update:

Work’s been kicking my butt lately (11-12h shifts lately cause OT is needed) so progress is slower than I had expected, still trucking though. Spent more time making some FFXI tracks work than anything else of late because of the overtime. Has been a huge pain and time sink trying to get the instruments right and figuring out which tracks can be removed while still having it sound right (some have more than 24 tracks, and many won’t work because of it.). I need to spend more time writing/eventing lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope to get a build with the first 4 or 5 chapters out at least to get some feedback in the next couple months. Anyway, here’s an example of the music:

PS: Happy Easter! :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t believe this has been made into FE8…any other inspired FFXI tracks to possibly make it? Sanctuary of Zi’Tah Heavens Tower?

They’re direct from the PS2 sound files (can’t get midis from the PC version .dat files to my knowledge). I never managed to get VGMTrans to work myself, but I managed to find a download from someone who went through the trouble of doing it all for FFXI (credit in video description). The midi instruments are all wrong since the game uses a certain soundfont, and a lot of the tracks can be several octaves too high or too low. Kind of a pain, but worth it!

So far I’ve been able to get quite a few which will work fine in FEGBA. Zi’tah sadly has 32 tracks, so without significant work will be impossible (was the first song I wanted to use…). Selbina is missing a key track as well for some reason, which made me sad.

Got quite a few going. Just off the top of my head, I’ve done: Battle Theme 2, Battle in the Dungeon 2, Hume Male, Mhaura, Repression, The Grand Duchy of Jeuno, Ru’lude Gardens, A New Horizon, Whispers of the Gods, Vana’diel March 2, Rolanberry Fields.

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Seeing the names of those tracks give me an overly nostalgic vibe.

Just a short update since I haven’t done one in a fair while:

Work is progressing slowly on this hack, as ever. Sort of on the back burner at the moment with life and other things taking my time and attention. Work, adulting, and whatnot. Also GG Strive and FFXIV… Oh and FFXI is gonna have a return campaign… And SF5 is getting a Rival Schools rep and-- Yeah…

I occasionally jot down ideas and notes and stuff when they come, just a matter of time constraints and balancing what I want to focus on with my free time. Which, of late, has been actually completing a relic while it’s relevant in FFXIV and mixing people up with Millia in GG.

Motivation for making this thing is not gone by any means, but I did say it’d be a slow process for me.

Here’s another song in the mean time.


Quick update:

Updated the original post.
Updated screenshots
Added some details about the story/plot.

Not quite ready to release a demo/first chapters yet. Working out bugs in eventing and adjusting writing until I like it more (I’m not quite set on the opening game text yet, but I posted it under the Plot details. It’s subject to change). Nearing the point of an early build though, I think. Hopefully by the end of the year.

(No promises.)


I’m annoyed at myself for not releasing any builds at this point. Haven’t worked on the hack itself much lately, been trying to piece story stuff together and plan it out more than I usually would. Sick of disliking the progress and starting from scratch >.> Happy with where it’s at right now for the most part, but I want to solidify things more for myself before committing to a release build, even if only a 3-4 chapter demo (or 5-7 if gaidens count).

In the meantime, here’s another FF11 song I made work in it. Not sure where I’ll put it, probably in a later part of the game. But it was something to do during writers block time while still wanting to work on the bloody hack. Wings of the Goddess nostalgia right here.

The project’s first demo build is linked in the main post.

Build contains 4 chapters (prologue-chapter 3) and 2 interludes (dunno what others call them, rest chapters?).

It’s not as polished as I was intending it to be at this point (I am not happy with chapters 2 and 3, I’m well aware they need to be reworked), but I said I’d push to get it out before the end of the year and I figure I need some feedback on the project thus far.

That and if I don’t push it out now, I probably won’t before the end of the year with the holidays coming up. Busy time of year as you all know. Also Endwalker.

Can’t promise I’ll update this often, and my snail’s pace of work will likely continue, but I will still be working on this project for the foreseeable future. I’m only really planning on releasing builds when I’m happy enough with them. Hopefully you all enjoy it!


-The enemy placement and game balance is NOT FINAL for any chapter. Chapters 2 and 3 are definitely going to be reworked. Been focused on the writing side more.
-Eventing jankyness exists. Please do not skip things with the Start button, might break things if I forgot to put the “disallow scene skipping but allow dialogue skipping/fastforward” in.
--------------(Use the B button instead if you are skipping!)---------------
-Writing is not fully proofread or edited, sorry for any mistakes.
-The Archive is slightly buggy because of text overflow. Should be fine for the most part. The Archive is also not finished nor are the contents final, this is a demo build.
-I kinda just assigned enemy IDs so long as they had the right name, so enemy generic portraits likely won’t match their class on the map. Will eventually fix.
-Not all of the dialogue is final, there are some issues and inconsistencies with it which I intend to adjust at a later date. It’s in a “good enough” state for now.
-There are still some placeholder dialogue (boss quotes, for example) and portraits (the not-even-recolored bandits being obvious).
-Portraits are still kinda messy. None of them are done, but some are further along than others.
-Certain music tracks have the velocities set too high. Still learning how to use DAWs in general, not sure if Anvil Studio lets you adjust velocities.
-Music volumes might be a bit inconsistent, but none should peak.
-Sometimes a couple characters spawn in the wrong position in the 2nd interlude. But it still works.

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Oh hey, it’s been a year since I made the original post. Ha! Just swinging by for an update on the project:

At current I haven’t had much time since posting the patch file a couple months back to work on it. At current, work and life and whatnot are taking precedence. I’m still planning on continuing this project, but for now work on the hack itself will be on an indefinite hiatus.

I still will likely be working on story bits and outlining stuff for it in some of my free time, but it just may be months or longer until start working on the hack itself again.


Just a quick update on the project: It’s not dead, but the game likely won’t be getting any updates any time soon.

Trying to make a more structured story than how I’ve generally done my writing (i.e. I found out the hard way that writing as it comes to mind, editing later may not be the best way to approach writing for me). I’ve never finished anything the old way, so yeah; structured approach it is.

Leaving the demo up as is, I’m still proud of it as it is despite its many flaws. It’s my proof of concept. And I have many changes to the story in the works since the demo build. But before I dive back into working on the romhack project again I’ve a lot of legwork I want to put into writing the story. Basically getting story and worldbuilding done first, making the game second.