[FE8] Myrm Emblem (SOON™)

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Ever wanted to play a hack with a cast made up by just ONE class? No? It’s understandable, sounds awful.

But regardless, here we are.

ME 7743_01

Welcome to Myrm Emblem, an FE8 hack where the only playable class is myrmidons.
Follow the adventures of our main characters Lyn from FE7 and Shigen from TearRing Saga as they… fight the bad guys? I don’t know lol.

This hack features:

  • A 50 character playable cast, with every single playable myrmidon, swordmaster and related classes in the franchise, from FE1 through Three Houses. Characters from the games TearRing Saga and Berwick Saga are also included!

  • Different types of myrmidons and swordmasters, such as some having higher crit, or some having a bit more movement, as well as related classes to the myrmidon class line, like the assassin, master of arms, mortal savant and even heroes! Some characters have or promote to unique classes too!

  • A story with almost no effort whatsoever and very little dialogue!

  • 25 chapters worth of gameplay counting the prologue, with no gaiden chapters.

  • Myrmidon and swordmaster bosses and NPCs from throughout the franchise.

  • Legendary weapons from the whole franchise also appear, but they are locked to the characters from their respective games.

  • A bunch of QoL changes like the Thracia trade and HP bars.

  • The Skill System and leadership stars.

  • DS FE avoid formula.

  • Branched promotion for some characters, while others get a single choice.

  • And many more!

Screenshots of the hack:


ME 7743_02 ME 7743_03 ME 7743_04 ME 7743_06 ME 7743_07 ME 7743_08 ME 7743_10 ME 7743_11
ME 7743_05 ME 7743_09

How can YOU help the project:


As this is a project that features many characters from the entire franchise, one of the things I’ve struggled the most is with character portraits.

If you wish to help the project, you can donate a portrait of any of the following characters listed down below. If you do so, I’ll credit you however you wish it. You can DM me in FEU or contact me at Renoud #5761 in Discord.

Shadows of Valentia characters: Deen.
Thracia 776 characters: Mareeta.
Awakening characters: Yen’fay.
Fates characters: Hisame, Ryoma, Shiro and Fuga.
TearRing Saga characters: Julia and Yoda.
Berwick Saga characters: Volo.

Credits so far (to be modified in the future, massive wall of text):



Macko (Shigen, Vega, Faye)
NICKT (Edward, Lucia, Mia, Zihark, Stefan, Boyce)
BatimaTheBat (Owain, Female Morgan, Male Morgan)
Zorua and Stealth (Radd)
Melia (Shannan, Larcei, Scáthach, Dalvin, Creidne, Eyvel, Felix, Seliph)
Atey (Shiva, Chulainn, Ayra)
DerTheVaporeon (Machyua)
Obsidian Daddy (Say’ri)
Sterling_Glovner (Hinata, Shannam, Krishna, Troude, Faramir)
Imperial and Jey the Count (Hana)
FE3H parody demake team and emk22.tumblr.com (Catherine, Female Byleth, Male Byleth)
RandomWizard (Sumeragi)
AmBrosiac (Lamia)
LaurentLacroix (Golgoda, Tashoria, suspend character)
Renoud (Hana mini edit, Golgoda)
Intelligent Systems (Rutger, Fir, FE6 Karel, Guy, Karla, Joshua, Marisa, Kel, Lloyd, Carlyle, Eirika)

GFE1R team’s portraits:
Navarre: Xenith, card, FEier, Bluuey, NICKT
Samuel: Xenith, card, FEier, Bluuey, NICKT, Renoud
Malice: luminescentblade
Athena: Nobody, NICKT


Thin female mercenary: Russell Clark, Orihara_Saki
Female mercenary: TBA
Armored male mercenary: Alusq, Maiser6
Armored + short haired female hero: Flashuban, Nuramon
Long hair female myrmidon: Maiser6
Awakening style female and male myrmidons: Iscaneus, Leo_link
Jacket male myrmidon: Jubby, fuzz94, Pikmin1211
Joshua myrmidon: SD9k
Awakening male myrmidon 2.0: Leo_link, Iscaneus, Tsushi
Fir swordmaster: RedBean, Jj09
Karla swordmaster: Greentea, RobertFPY
Short haired female swordmaster: Russell Clark
Joshua swordmaster: SD9k
FE10 male swordmaster: TBA
Lloyd Alt swordmaster: Greentea, DerTheVaporeon
FE10 Stefan swordmaster: SHYUTERz, VelvetKitsune/White-wolf8
Trueblade Alt: RobertFPY, Dinar87
Full shirt + bow female assassin: beccarte, WarPath, Keks_Krebs, SD9k
Hoodless + bow + sword fix male assassin: Keks_Krebs, Peerless, SD9k, The_Big_Dededester
Female and male dread fighters: Nuramon
Hawkzerker + weapons: TBA, Maiser6, ZoramineFae
(UNUSED) Female rogue + staff: Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Ukelele, SD9k, Temp, Black Mage, Wan, Sme
Axe wyvern rider: Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon, PrincessKilvas, Spud, Blue Druid
Axe wyvern lord: TBA, PrincessKilvas, Spud, Blue Druid
Ephraim style alt + weapons female and male lord: ZoramineFae, DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211
Blade lord-style Karla: FE7if
Vanilla animations from FE8, FE7 and/or FE6: Intelligent Systems



Female myrmidon edit: FEGirls
Male myrmidon with short hair: Sephie
Female mercenary: Agro
Female mercenary with long hair: Rasdel
Hawkzerker: NYZgamer3
Female and male hoodless assassins: RobertFPY
(UNUSED) Female rogue: Unknown
Female swordmaster alt: FE7if
FE10 style male swordmaster: L95
Joshua swordmaster: Aruka, Yggdra
Male swordmaster with short hair: MrGreen3339, Grated Shtick
Female and male dread fighter: Nuramon
Axe male wyvern rider: Unknown
Lucina lord: BatimaTheBat
Sword Ephraim: Teraspark
(UNUSED) Male dancer: L95
Generic female blade lord: AnnoyingAnon
Blade lord alt: FE7if
Male samurai: Renoud
Shigen lord: Renoud


(UNUSED) Male summoner: Unknown
Axe wyvern rider: flashuban
Fiery male manakete with sword: N426
Assassin with 2 swords: Scraiza, Sword of Heaven and Earth
Female and male dread fighters: Nuramon
Female myrmidon: L95
Female swordmaster: L95


tristan_hollow’s item pack
LG/Lord Glenn’s weapon icon’s sheet
SacredStones’ Raijinto, Vague Katti, DS Mercurius, Vassal’s Blade and Caladbolg icons
Ereshkigal’s item pack
Celice’s Jugdrall item pack
Zelix’s FE13-14 item pack


AuraWolf: chapters 6, 8, 9, 10, 14 and 17
zmr: chapter 7
ZoramineFae: chapter 18
Simón DiStefan: chapters 3, 4, 15, 16
Renoud: prologue, chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24


FE12 stat screen: Kirb
Title Screen background: Graphics repository
Black player palette: FEier
Updated castle tileset: N426, ZoramineFae


FEBuilder: 7743
Skill Systems and it’s QoL changes: CirclesEverywhere & other contributors
Narrow font: Scraiza, MintX
HP bars + warnings: CirclesEverywhere, Tequila, Zane
Custom animation installer: 7743
Weapon Lock EX installer: 7743
16 tracks 12 sounds fix patch: Agro, Brendor
All instruments patch: Blazer
Magic sword rework tool: Sme
Actions after talk and support: CirclesEverywhere, 7743
Map danger zone: CirclesEverywhere


7743, Simón DiStefan, Hezul, Mr. Hat, Macko, Tatsu, Solus Aeternus, MrGreen3339, Knight_Moris, Justice & Pride discord server, Kaga’s Dreamland discord server, FE3H Parody Demake server and dev team, Dethraxx, emkat (emk22.tumblr.com)

And that’s it as of right now. I’ve been working on this project off and on for a bit over a year, so hopefully I can get it done in the near future!

See you guys soon!


very epic af frfr


awesome premise from an awesome person af fr


Julia from TRS

Ah, one of my favorite myrmidons

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I’m the Simon DiStefan of the thanks, i just wanna say… REN USING THE DS FORMULA IS THE KIND OF THINGS YOU ASK IF IS A GOOD IDEA BEFORE YOU DO IT, whatever, it’s done, i will have my revenge later, having said that, good work Ren, i actually don’t know which of the maps i made you actually used, but i hope you selected the ones i hate the least XD

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Do you need dullaham asm :slight_smile:

As of right now, I gave Dullahan the Skill System’s version of Miracle (survive lethal hit as long as HP > 50%), but I would certainly appreciate the ASM if it makes it more faithful to the TRS Dullahan :+1:


okay but do you have Kelik from fire emblem the last promise?


if Kitozawa isn’t playable and can’t teleport behind enemy units at will I’ll riot


Don’t tempt him, i know him, he would sacrifice his first born just to have a remake of The Last Promise, if you put the idea in his mind he’s capable of actually doing it


Is there a problem with that?

DiStefan is a friend of mine for many years, he’s just joking because I like TLP lol.

I’m making this post to thank @Sterling_Glovner for contributing to the hack by making portraits of Hinata and Shannam, both available in the Ultimate Graphics Repository thread :+1:

Hinata Shannam

As a result, the thread’s OP will be updated to include him in the credits and to remove Hinata and Shannam in the characters without a portrait list.


This looks really fun! Can’t wait to try it.

It says that you do not currently have a portrait for Deen from Echoes, have you tried asking the person making the remake of Echoes in the gba engine I’d they can lend you there’s?

Sorry for bad english

While it is true that I’m still lacking a Dean portrait, the Sacred Echoes portraits aren’t free to use, and to my knowledge, they won’t be until the full hack is released, so I cannot ask the creator to use their portraits.

Oh, sorry I didn’t realize that. Thanks for telling me

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Vivement le lien de téléchargement

I will post a download patch link once I feel like the game is ready to be released.

(Google Translate): Je publierai un lien de téléchargement du correctif une fois que j’aurai l’impression que le jeu est prêt à sortir.

Hey everyone.

After a long time, I finally have an update post for the hack :+1: (honestly I’m pretty awful at making these lol), and here’s what I’ve been working on for the past few months:


Myrm Emblem_01 Myrm Emblem_02
The music for the hack has been fully implemented, and it comes from a variety of games, both from the Fire Emblem franchise and even other game franchises like Castlevania and the Kaga Sagas, along with community contributions from members like Pandan and MrGreen3339.


Myrm Emblem_04 Myrm Emblem_08
A lot of new portraits have been added, such as the Lon’qu portrait made by Atey and VelvetKitsune or the Troude portrait made by Sterling Glovner .
Myrm Emblem_05 Myrm Emblem_06
In some cases, I had to get a little creative and just recolor and/or edit some portraits that are completely unrelated to the character they are supposed to be lol. These may be just placeholders or stay in the final game, but only time will tell :sunglasses:

(The credits for the portraits, music and other assets will be fully updated once I release the hack).

Game Mechanics

Myrm Emblem_07
The modular minimug box has been added! Hopefully this’ll be very convenient to the players.

Supports have also been adjusted, now the boosts affinities give are more similar to how they work in FE10 or even in other romhacks such as KrashBoomBang’s Fire Emblem: The Four Kings. Supports also build up faster, though there’s no conversations implemented or planned lol, sorry for those looking forward to the support conversations.

Another thing that has been added is that character will now teleport their items to the convoy when they die. There will be a house in chapter 3 that explains a bit more in dept in how this works, as implementing this did cause a small… funny side effect :sweat_smile:


Every single chapter is now (hopefully) fully functional and working properly! Most chapters also have stuff like character conversations, so pay attention to those!
That said, I’ll be providing a document that cointains every secret event and conversation that each chapter might have once I release the hack.

With all of this said, I’m happy to announce that the game’s beta testing has now started, and hopefully It’ll take me less time to release than it took me to make this update post :sweat_smile:

That’s all for today!