[FE8] Music and Sound Effect IDs

FE7 has a list of sound effects and their IDs. But I couldn’t find one for FE8. Anyone have one or should we start a wiki post for it?

Might as well add it to the FE8 eventing wiki somehow

I have one, will edit this post when i get home

Nevermind Datagne got it

Is this what you are looking for?


On a side note, SOUN doesn’t work for FE8 in EA (at least, in my version). You have to use this:
_0x1620 0xID

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While I’m amazed by the new features in it, that one fucks up 80% of my codes.
The latest version of EA is rather limited compared to the old one, from this point of view.

btw, have a glance at my sound list. It’s incomplete, but…