[FE8] More world map event-related questions

So I haven’t been able to find where the events for the thing that happens after chapter one but before chapter 2 are (the part where you go to Frelia and Hayden gives you money, you use MNCH 0x38 to go there but that doesn’t appear to be a thing in any of the nightmare event module lists).

Also! I can’t figure out why this isn’t skipping the world map stuff like it did for chapter 2

[Spoiler=WM Intro Chapter 3]
ORG 0x113A400

[Spoiler=WM Chapter 3]
ORG 0x113A450
EVBIT_MODIFY 0x1 //Don’t touch
WM_SPAWNLORD 0x0 0x0 0x01 0x0D 0x0 // WM_SPAWNLORD 0x0 0x0 0xYY 0xZZ 0x0 YY = main lord. ZZ = just completed chapter
WM_LOADLOCATION2 0x0 0x03 0x0 //Silently and instantly load world map location. All three XX’s should be the same. Remember that this XX should be the world map location offset and be the same location the chapter occurs in vanilla FE8
WM_SETDESTINATION 0x0 0x03 0x0 //Sets WM destination
_0xA640 0x0 0x0 0x03 //sets your position to that place

The weird thing about that second one is I have the exact same events for chapter 2(with the coordinates changed for the WM file being the only thing that’s different), and it skips all the world map stuff there, but it doesn’t skip the world map stuff here, which is confusing/annoying.