[FE8] Modern c-skillsystem release: 0.6.1-alpha (Jun 24)

<xxx>Hone/Init<xxx>/Oath<xxx>/Rouse<xxx> skills’ effect can be edited via patch Unit debuff status config, since these skill directly give unit buff’s, and the buff effect can be modified via patch.

WTA related skills effect is also configurable via patch BattleSys weapon-triangle generic configs

Others are hardcoded. Maybe later we can make more skill effects configurable, if not sacrificing performance.

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BTW, I also think there are balance issue in cureent skill-sys, maybe latter we need to review all the existing skill effects and rebalance them

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I feel this is a good idea, Maybe a hotfix version (0.5.1-rc) will be published soon. And I think most of UnitStatusGetter/BattleCalc related skill effect value will be configurable via FEB at that time (Although it may not be elegant enough LOL)

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Awesome, glad I brought it up! Even if it’s rudimentary the ability to more easily adjust the value of various skills could be hugely beneficial.

Also agreed the skills in general could use a once over to make sure they’re not too weak or strong, though obviously that could be a big task lol.

New release published

Release v.0.5.1-rc



Now skill effect values has been configurable.


But I was in a hurry to make such changes, so I wasn’t sure whether there would be any clerical errors leading to bugs. Thus still needs testing.

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Wow! You move fast lol! Thanks for adding this feature. I’ll try testing it this evening after work and let you know if I discover any bugs.

Um… Could you by any chance post an .ups with this version of the Skill System? Is it even possible to get this as a patch?
I just can’t get anyone willing to help me compile the ROM, and I have zero knowledge of any kind, shape, way or form of C.

I have no dignity, sorry

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Hey there, the UPS file is in the releases section of the Github repo. The latest version of the release is just a few posts up (v.0.5.1-rc).

If you’re on Windows, I went through my own fair share of trouble setting this up. I documented my findings here [FE8] Modern c-skillsystem release: 0.5.1-rc (Jun 12) - #36 by JesterEmblem_EX



Ah, sorry

I may be stupid, but at least I’m not smart

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New release published

Release v.0.5.2-rc


Since I am currently satisfied with the basic functionality, so the 0.x.0-alpha/beta version release publishment will slow down, and more 0.5.x-rc version will be released with the progress on bug fixes, thus we can be fully prepared for the first 1.0.0-LTS release.

Software release life cycle - Wikipedia

Long-term support - Wikipedia


Now we have added a reworked debug chapter, and the main branch code has enbaled debug config on default

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Hey! I noticed that you only have Black Magic Faire, or Tomefaire in the skills list.

I wanted to recommend that you may want to split into 3 skills: Anima Faire, Light Faire, and Dark Faire. I think that would be more convenient for users.

Also. I wanted to ask if there’s the possibility of adding Pikmin’s Equippable Items hack. I think it would pair well with this system. You can have items that have to be equipped to gain effects, like Path of Radiance. And you can set them to lose durability when you attack, when you get hit, or not have durability at all. And you can also attach skills to these items to take effect only when the item is equipped.

I think having this hack with this new C based skill system would be great.

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split into 3 skills: Anima Faire, Light Faire, and Dark Faire

good idea.

if there’s the possibility of adding Pikmin’s Equippable Items hack

I think that custom features should be adapted by users themselves rather than introduced into community project. The kernel could offer its source code to allows users to customize their own roms (under the limitation of the license), thus it should limit its functionality to meet the basic needs of the vast majority of users. This is also necessary to maintain code reliability.

Of course, this opinion needs a wider discussion.

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I remember this being an issue when I looked at the system through FEBuilder before. Is there a way to assign magic stat boosts through items like the other stats? Like how Armads gives +5 defense. I don’t remember finding a patch that allowed you to set them on items like setting magic growths and bases for classes/characters. That also makes me wonder if there’s a way to determine a magic stat boost item like spirit dust/magic ring?

And is there a way to update a FEBuilder-friendly installation of this that doesn’t involve patching a completely clean ROM?

Good advice, we may support FEB config in the next version.

This is not dependent on SkillSys developer but the FEB’s developer. Considering the complexity of adaptation, I think this requires c-skillsys to have enough users to make the developers of FEBuilder think it worth adapting for this.


PR review discussion is posted to discuss specifically on contributing.

I think that unified coding style and strict code review are important to maintaining code reliability, thus the standards on PR review should not be lowered to take care of non-CS majored contributors. But that doesn’t mean I must stick to my own standards to maintain a repo aimming to be a community project, so I decide to make a post to discuss on PR review. I will post some existing discussions under this thread, and welcome other contributors to put forward their opinions for discussion.