[FE8] Midnight Sun pics

Posting a new update pic every day in order to motivate myself and show some progress.
Let’s start with 3 pics!


I like pictures : D

yay! pics of the day keep the frustrate away


i added you on skype why didn’t you accept my friend request??? :(((((

Man I have like 15 pending requests. What’s your skype username?


there was two alfreds i added the one with a prof pic


First picture: is that an FE: Awakening-style attack range I see (units who are set to Guard only have the spaces next to them where they’ll actually attack in red rather than their whole mov range)? I like.

Also this is a really cool idea and do you mind if anyone was to shamelessly steal it? [shot]

@Alusq No worries, feel free to do that! :slight_smile:

Pic of the day:

This looks so much better now!
Also, less monks with Flash because people were hating that crit rate.

All dem knight variants are a beautiful sight.

Is the 0 range thing just alternate classes or did you get a more intricate hack done to get that effect?

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Just alternate classes. :wink:

lemme just post skill status updates here

Alfred no…

do negative move bonus instead

Sure! Just keep them organized pls

But those are buggy as hell
Even if the enemies won’t move, they still won’t display the changes graphically, which is a problem

Pic of the day:

This is quite old tbh, but yeah, @MarkyJoe1990 some time ago made a hack that checked for a certain item in the inventory.

OMG that black pegasus so awesome

maso detected

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So, I’m officially finished revamping v.1.0, in the next days I’ll be working on some new fresh content (and hopefully I’ll bring you some more juicy pics!)

As of now, forget about that last wave in chapter 8. Now it’s “Game Over!” for real.

Contains chapter 8 spoilers (click!) Little creatures? Huh oh, what do you mean? Uh ok, +2 Mov. Easy enough. W-Wait, this is getting dangerous-- HOLY COW, RUN!!

…And this is pretty much the situation after some turns:

There’s also a +8 Mov bonus, but I doubt you’ll survive long enough to see it.


Glad to see that you’re no longer Fallen Zephiel, Shiori. Thanks to @L95 for this!

(old video, but I just changed the palette and some frames)

I’m surprised, Great Lord!Hector suits Cristoph so well.

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Cristoph can’t promote to Hero? :o

Djambo can, though.