FE8 Map/Portrait Design to FE7 and vice versa

Well… not really vice versa. Because FE8 do have more sharper design.

However if I use an FE8 style… ie: 7 4 8 (iirc) or darker shade. Will it affect the game? Or is it just for purely aesthetic.

I am dabbling with a FE7 hack (and 8) … however… I realized that most (if not all) FE7 hacks… uses FE7 lighter tone shading… when FE8 is available.

EDIT: Does it hurt if a hack have some FE7 map follows my FE8? I know consistency isnt there… but helps a hacker progress… then he can fix it after.

It’s purely aesthetic. The GBA games all work like 90% the same in terms of UI, it’s just that 8 has a darker/more subdued palette due to being designed for the GBA SP.

Thank you…

At least not all is lost.