FE8 Map after the Landslide

Hi all,
I’m making a sequel to FE8 and it takes place after the earthquake that hits Grado. Does anybody have or would anybody like to take up the project of creating the World Map following the landslide? If there is one out there, please send it my way. If not and you are interested in working on creating one, email me at waalkesmr90@gmail.com. If anybody has ideas on what Magvel should look like after the earthquake or what the political/social situation should be following the earthquake, I’d love to chat
here or by email!

I’ve sent you an email, later I’ll start with the map

Thank you!

No problem

I had at once tried to create such a thing. Don’t think I ever finished it tho. And iirc it’s stuck on an old computer that I’m not sure I can even get to work. :frowning: How long after FE8 does your sequel take place, if you don’t mind my asking?

About 9 months. Ewan and Ross are the lord’s, and it focuses on the adventures they each wanted to do as mentioned in their supports with other characters. Coming up with the exact story hasn’t been easy: you have to encompass so many chapters and have recruitable characters pop up almost every chapter. But it’s fun to think of what the aftermath of fe8 would be. Definitely wouldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows.

Oh definitely not. That’s why I can’t believe it’s never officially been done by IS. Magvel has so much that could be done with it, and they left it at one game. Heck, even a prequel would be interesting, whether with the heroes of the first sealing of Fomortiis or one with characters like Fado, Garcia, Hayden, Vigarde, Duessel, etc. at the center of everything. IDK but Magvel is cool lol

Magvel definitely has potential. I think it was just the timing. The DS was out when Fe8 was released and so they just wanted to move on.

It’s an earthquake, I don’t expect much unless the tectonic plates end up overlapping or the land of Grado literally breaks apart.