[FE8] 【JP version Complete】The Nameless Heroes

It sounds like the route itself (gameplay only) is completed. The dialogue is not translated, but the game is playable to the end.

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I can’t find it… Could you please edit the link ?

ワールドマップ画像 名も無き英雄.gba_WorldMapワールドマップ画像 Eirika.gba_WorldMap

Before after
Thanks for the cooperation of nichiroh!


That gives out Western Isles vibes from that map design. Looks good so far. Hope that the progression is going smoothly and steady for this ROM hack.

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it is literally the western isles

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That’s what I said. Western Isles. I included it.

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If this project is not yet translated into english, what should we test and judge, the gameplay alone? Hardly any (western) user will be motivated/interested in testing it if he/she cannot follow the plot, the unfolding of events, and the interaction between the various characters. With all the english projects already completed, almost completed or in development, I’m afraid there will be few who will come forward for this. :thinking:
Having said that, once the translation is complete (if there will be one) I will gladly offer myself as a beta tester. :wink:


I’ve played this hack up until chapter 9 and I must say - Super awesome hack! It is definitely one of the best I’ve played.
Hope to see it all translated to English some day!


this hack looks amazing, It would be awesome if the translation project continued, I hope it does go on at some point.

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really? what are u 2 doing here?

It is a placeholder.

Long time no see.
We will inform you that ED1 and 2 have been completed for the time being.
Recent progress

WM event
The map glows.

Implementation of fatigue mode.
Players can choose between normal mode and fatigue mode at the start of the game.

・ When clearing the chapter, fatigue P increases the maximum HP
Penalty will occur if exceeded
・ Stack up to 3

Fatigue release conditions
・ If you do not sortie
・ When clearing the chapter, fatigue P increases the maximum HP
If it does not exceed

Fatigue time
・ When mode is selected, it occurs from Chapter 4.
・ Do not get tired in special chapters (bases, etc.)
・ The heroine does not get tired

・ Fatigue 1 Attack speed-4 Avoidance-30
・ Fatigue 2 Attack speed-6 Avoidance-40
Maximum HP halved
・ Fatigue 3 Attack speed -8 Avoidance -50
Maximum HP halved, mobility halved

・ Fatigue addition table
No attack or mistake +1
Attack hit, undefeated +2
Defeat the enemy +4
Wand +3
Dance +5
Steal +2
Summon +3
Other experience value acquisition +1
(Drop prisoners, etc.)


Good evening
I would like to make regular progress.


I noticed I wasn’t given a prepromote in the first chapter, which I was more than fine with, until I realized that Isaac feels and levels up like a prepromote. Is this intentional?

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Lord is Jeigan

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The translated version was updated on 9/22/2020 and is completely different from the current version.
There is promotion for the main character.

I wish i could read japanese just to play this now which i couldn’t.

I’ll probably work on it again when it’s finished!


So in the fully translated version, he level up like a prepromote?

It doesn’t change.