[FE8] 【JP version Complete】The Nameless Heroes

Join the discord, there’s somebody there who’s working very hard on translating everything accurately.

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How’s the translation going? I haven’t been in this thread for over a year, last time they had translated until chapter 7, if my memory serves.

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The english translation is finish?


After all, no progress has been made in terms of English translation.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
This is an update for the Japanese version only.
Translation work will be done as soon as we find a collaborator.

Recent progress
Adjustment of fatigue mode
Addition of new class “Centurion”.



Can i play the first 9 chapters translated before and play the rest in jp?
Or i have to play all the hack in jp?

You’ll probably have to start over.

I dont have any problem to start all over again, the hack is fun, but it is possible to play starting it in english and then keep playing in jp?

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I don’t think it’s possible because there will probably be problems later.