[FE8] 【JP version Complete】The Nameless Heroes

I played this hack around 2 years ago, where it ended after chapter 20. Its honestly still my favorite FE hack by far, but I still cannot progress any further after applying the new patch! Is chapter 20 the final chapter? If now, how many more are there?

Thank you for playing.
You have about 6 more chapters left.
It’s almost completed now and will be released in the summer.


Here are some recent progress.
Display of growth rate
sound room song
New class “Imperial”


Thank you for your Feedback! The mediafire download link is still from September 2020, which means it hasnt been updated?

Does this mean we need to wait until summer to play the remaining 6 chapters?

It will be.
The link here is outdated.

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I’ll let you know when it’s completed.
Honestly, I never thought this time would come.
I thought it would be made forever.
Thank you to all our contributors and testers!
I would like to consider this patch as complete.

Now, this game is pretty naughty.
We have tried to eliminate unreasonable elements as much as possible, but unlike the original,
It requires a lot of trials.
I hope everyone can make it to the end safely.

JP-For-Fe8 complete TNH

I’m looking for translation help!


OMG, this is so exciting.I also want to say that I am a Chinese FE player, do you mind if I translate it into Chinese?

Of course.

So its complete or not?

It’s completed.
However, it is not translated.


Congrats on completing the ROM Hack. Now all we need to do is wait for the translated version of The Nameless Heroes.

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Alas, I thought the english translation was complete as well. Too bad! I note that the thread title is misleading. I downloaded and patched it to no avail. Damn, better wait patiently. :sleeping:


To avoid misunderstanding, I added the Japanese version.


Purposely create an account just want to say thanks.

I just done playing on JP version and this is absolute great. My Japanese isn’t that good, however I enjoy how the story goes. Game difficulty just right, only the final chapter is quite confusing, that I almost thought enemy reinforcement keep coming was a bug.

It is ironically main character share the same name as I and yours.

Anyway, I won’t spoil much story as my purpose here just want to thank you.

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Im new here so i want to ask if the english translation is complete?

Goodness he said he is looking for translation help. He will most likely make an additional announcement once that is done. From what it looks like the game is complete which is great in itself.

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Thanks for playing Isaac!
Glad to hear your feedback.
Yes, the last chapter was such a battle.
I am amazed that you survived.

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Ow man… super hyped to finish this. This is probably still my favourite hack out there, and hopefully it will get the appreciation it deserves.

Congratulations on finishing it, this is really an awesome piece of art.

EDIT: Is there any plan to release the remaining chapter for the english version without translation? Its really difficult to get back into it if all the items and skills are in japanese, like I have no idea what any of the skills do anymore

I’m honored to receive your compliment!
First, we may release a translated version of the UI parts other than the story.


I sincerely hope that the english translation will not be done solely through DeepL or Google Translator; or if so, at least that it will be checked and corrected then by a native english speaker. It would be a shame for such a renowned F.E. hack to have a poor translation that does not live up to it.