FE8 Inflicting Debuffs?


FEBuilder is amazing and I want to get creating. Does anyone know how to use defWeaponDebuffsTable patch? I’m a noob to this with no real understanding of coding. Anyway, I’ve tried experimenting for a couple hours setting different numbers for the debuffs on the target of the weapon, but I can’t figure out the pattern. It debuffs the target fine, just by consistent yet unexpected amounts. I just want to lower 1 skill at a time, and know what numbers equate to which skill.


Set weapons to reduce status.

Unfortunately, because the table is a 4 bit definition, the configuration is complicated.

In the item table 0x21st value, select the Debuffs effect to use.

The 0th is invalid Debuffs.

Write Debuffs settings from the first.


Set the value of Debuffs of SkillSystems

If it is 0, there is no Debuffs.

In the case of 1 or later, set the value of DebuffsTable you want to use.

The value of DebuffsTable can be set from patch.

I’ve tried looking around and I can’t seem to find any sort of explanation for debuffs. But I feel like it’s something really simple for many of you, where you’d perform 3 operations and get a spreadsheet of what debuff values do.

If by some miracle it isn’t documented, I am happy to spend several hours collecting data on what different values do. But I doubt this is the case. Also, it’d be far more efficient to collect data by changing the values while live playing, rather than doing a few in a row, closing the emulator, changing the values, and retrying with new values. Not really sure how to debug live yet.

Thank you for your time.


Its pretty simple when you learn how it works. I have no pictures that i can show so I will try to do my best explaining it.

Under the item editor where it says debuff that points to the debuff number. For example, if it say 1 than it points to B2A613. If it say 0 than it points to the one above it (B2A610) it is advise not to change 0 since that is the number that most weapon will use as it applies no debuffs.

To actually apply the debuffs is a little unique. Think of the words in theparentheses as the first number and the words outside as the second number. Again for example, If I wanted wanted debuff skill by 3 and strength by 5, i would type 35. In game it should debuff skill by 3 and strength by 5. The same goes for the other three slots as well. (I have no idea how this applies to numbers of double digits.)

If u only wanted to change strength than only type one number, as I used earlier 5. This debuff system is pretty stable with other patches installed so u shouldnt have to worry about random numbers popping up.

The only problem with this however is that a unit must inflict damage for the debuff to work.

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Quick example, I’ll make the iron sword debuff some random values.

First step is to open the table, pick a new table entry and define some debuffs.


As jj stated above, the left number corresponds to the left stat, so this should do Str -1, Skill -2, Speed -3, etc.

Next, you set the debuff field to match the table entry. Since this was entry 1, we set it to 1.


Now we can test it ingame.


Works fine.
It’s relatively simple once you understand how the values are organized.


FEBuilderGBA supports single-byte (8-bit) ,
but It does not support smaller 4-bit .

So the screen is a bit more complicated.


Thank you thank you thank you! Pikmin1211 and Jj09, you two have saved me so much headache. Makes perfect sense now that I know how it works. I was focused on the 3 boxes at the bottom of an item, so I wouldn’t have realized that it was just the first box there and that it was pointing back to the patch, wherein you generate new debuff values to be used by weapons. And luckily I plan on using the minimum damage = 1 patch anyway, so it isn’t an issue that it needs to deal damage for it to debuff. I’m sure the patch explanation was enough for some people, but as a noob to rom hacking I was pretty clueless.

Sincere thank you,


Your welcome.


The only problem with this however is that a unit must inflict damage for the debuff to work.

Turns out the Change minimum damage from 0 to 1 patch doesn’t work with the SkillSystems patch installed. That’s too bad. I’ll ask on the SkillSystem thread if anyone could help with that I guess.