[FE8] How to change the movement sounds of a lord class

Suppose I wanted to give change Erika’s lord class into something that could fly, but wanted to replace the walking sound effect with something more appropriate. The problem is the movement sounds editor only starts at the Knight for some reason. I know it should be possible to change it with the hex editor, but I’ve no idea where to begin looking. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help!

If you’re working in FEBuilder, at the bottom of the list for the movement sounds editor, you should see a “Data Expansion” button. Click that and it’ll extend the list to include all of the classes. For editing that list to work, you’ll also need to go into the patches and enable the “Fix PlayStepByClass HardCode” patch, otherwise it won’t actually read from the list and will continue to use the original hardcoded sounds. Make sure to double-check all the other classes in the list once you do so, I vaguely remember finding that some classes were set to the wrong sound by default back when I did this for my hack.

Thanks for the help. At least for my purposes, it worked. However, playing around with it, the effects don’t always seem to correspond with the labels, like “Manakete wings” producing a heavy walking sound. Hopefully this isn’t a problem going forward. Again though, thank for you your help.