[FE8] How are skirmishes loaded?

I was wondering how skirmishes were loaded on the world map.
I’ve got the problem that whenever someone enters and exits the Tower, the skirmishes will spawn again, giving out infinite exp.
Is there a way to limit the number of times they’re loaded, or at least make so they don’t spawn again upon exiting the Tower?

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I asked about that recently too. The FE8 research topic

I don’t think they’re tied to the pre chapter world map events based on what happens when you MNCH into a chapter like chapter 12 in either route(both have no code for their pre chapter scene since they’re normally MNC2’d) and monsters still load, but a temporary solution to your problem might be to just have a permanent id get set in the beginning scene of the first chapter of the tower/ruins and so long as it’s active when you go to do a skirmish the map just ends instead of loading the battle. Then when you do the next chapter, the event goes back to not being set. You could also use such a system to prevent tower abuse as well.