[FE8] HoloEmblem: The Search for Seiso

Fair enough, still looking forward to this game

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Never played a FE romhack before but now I have a reason to be excited for one. looking forward to seeing it. Seeing rushia in the trailer also brings me joy that even some that left will be in.


Hello everyone, hope everyone has been doing good! Lately ive been mostly focusing on revamping old portraits! Here’s a few that ive done so far:

Ceres, Fauna

Sakura, Miko

Usada, Pekora

Still doing some balancing on the side, but the main focus this month has been giving everyone the portraits that they deserve. Portraits so far have been the biggest worry for me, at least. I’ve come to learn however that if I give myself time, I can make some pretty nice looking things.

See you guys next update!


It’s nice to see the new portraits Hatsuru :smiley:

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Portraits are looking good! Will keep on looking forward to it, take your time

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Not going to lie to you, i think the portraits look kinda weird, fauna is mostly fine but something about her hair and head size bugs me a bit.

Pekora and miko have the same face and look funny lol but their hair and head actually fit somewhat good, that is just my perspective but i can say you have been doing quite the effort with them. Keep up the good job, i say this again: i will wait whatever is necessary for a good experience with this game, i say this as a fan of FE and hololive.


Thank you for letting me know! I’ll do my best to rectify things as i go along

I forgot to mention kronni, she looks good enough in my opinion, and i forgot to say that the eyes in miko and pekora’s portraits look soooo out of place, idk how to describe it. Anyway, that’s it, i cheer for you man

Kronii looks good, but i agree that the eye styles for Fauna/Miko/Pekora dont mesh well with the rest of their portrait.

That said, keep up the good work friend!

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