[FE8] Help locating a certain palette used in Ivaldi animation

I’m recoloring the Ivaldi animation blue in order to repurpose it for Starlight, and it’s all going relatively well… except I can’t find the palette used by these little floaty orbs that appear during the animation, like so:

Fire Emblem Hack.emulator-0

I guess one could say it’s not a big deal, but I can’t not notice that they now don’t match the rest of the color scheme, and I can’t seem to find the palette they draw their colors from in order to fix that. If anybody has any tips for fixing this, please do let me know, and thanks in advance!

Also, I know I could just do it as a custom spell animation, but I figure doing it this way saves space, so that’s what I’d prefer if at all possible.

The palette for those balls is at 0x00692b10 (or 0x08692b10 in No$GBA).

I’m not sure if you already know some or all of this, but this is how I found it:

You can see which palette these balls use in No$GBA in the OAM tab,

This palette, object palette 2, is located at 0x05000240. During the animation this palette holds these values, as seen in No$GBA’s memory viewer:

So I just searched 0E 52 FF 7F 3F 5F in a clean FE8U ROM using HxD, and ran into 0x00692b10. Luckily, it seems palettes aren’t usually compressed, I’m guessing because they’re only 32 bytes each.

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Oh hey, thanks a bunch for this!

I should probably get and start using No$gba; I’ve just been sticking with mGBA so far, which isn’t nearly as built around this kind of thing!

I really appreciate the help!

UPDATE: Worked like a charm! Thanks again!

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