FE8 Heart Sealing?

Has anyone made a patch to introduce the second seal mechanic?

It was extremely broken on Awakening but in Fates it was implemented neatly allowing for experimentation without ripping the game a new one. Partner seal and frienship seals, I never use those so I’ll leave it to your own opinion on that one.

If there isn´t can we at least get a standarized promotion item like the master seal? Promoting by story is pretty regal and all that but come on, it’s not fun when the only unit I´m actually forced to deploy is capped three chapters before the promotion! And that’s if I’m really stretching my exp income…

Afaik Gba palettes didn’t works like fate one’s (characters head on classes body) and making every palettes for every classes is my worst nightmare (at least for me) so it’s impossible.

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It was done elsewhere. Palettes were addressed as well. I can’t remember if it was ever ported to FE8 but I don’t imagine it’s impossible.

I’m pretty sure making a Master Seal item is trivial.


I made the research and it seems there ARE Master Seals in FE8, not that I had seen one. Maybe I forgot.

But the thing with the lord promotion has also been adressed?

Do you mean allowing the lords to promote by item or by the same, universal item(Master seal)? If so, you only need to edit the data for promotion items; re-point the class list for clases able to promote with that item and include all the clases, including the lords. This should allow the lords to promote with a same universal item as other classes(unless there is something hardcoded to prevent this, but I do not know if there is anything hardcoded about those classes regarding promotion).

If not, then I am misunderstanding your question, but I will still try to answer it if I can.

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I meant the universal promotion item, yes. If that is so, I’ll have to finish learning ASM before doing it, unless there’s an option in FEBuilder to do so, but I haven’t seen it. I mean, I know where the pointers are but every time I touch ASM or code in general things kinda… Implode.

Thanks anyway. If you know of any other method please keep me informed.

There is no ASM to be done here, the item already works exactly like you want to, you just have to add the data for all misisng promotions you want to add.

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I misunderstood, but then the thing I don’t know is where or how to add that data.

I thought he meant going to the item editor:

Clicking ASM pointer:

And finally rewriting the pointers for the promotion to include lords:

Obviously, I’m way more lost than I first thought.

There’s literally a promotion item editor under the advanced editors


I need to take a day, sit idly, and study this thing thoroughly cause this’, this is the first time I see that thing in my menu. I SEARCHED for it specifically, and I skimmed past.

Now that’s how you know, that you’re doing things too fast.