[FE8] Game softlocks on resume chapter after enemy triggers game over AREA event

This is really not an essential problem, but it’s been bothering me and I don’t know how to fix it.

In chapter 1, I have an area event that causes a game over if the enemy triggers it. After the game over, if the player selects “resume chapter” from the main menu, the game softlocks on a black screen. I suspect this has to do with how I triggered the game over:

CHECK_ALLEGIANCE 0xFFFF //Check allegiance of active unit
SVAL 0x1 0x2 //Set s1 to 0x2 for enemy allied
BEQ 0x0 0xC 0x1 //If enemy allied, goto label 0x0
Text(0x26, 0x92C)
ASMC 0x85375 //Game over

I looked at FE7 chapter 15H’s events to see how that chapter handled the game over. First, I can confirm that an enemy taking the throne both causes a game over and doesn’t cause the game to softlock on resume chapter. However, it doesn’t seem like this loss condition is even defined in FE7 chapter 15H’s events. So I have no idea how FE7 does it.

FE7 causes game overs by ENUT-ing 0x65

ENUT 0x65 doesn’t have the desired effect in FE8. It doesn’t cause the game over to happen at the end of the active enemy unit action, but rather at the end of the subsequent unit action.

So the enemy would move onto the goal, a dialogue would trigger, then after the next enemy moves does the game over happen.

Unfortunately, that has been an issue ever since.
I have the same problem when someone triggers an event-related Game Over in MS ch.5 or 5x.
If you find a way to fix it, let me know. :slight_smile: