[FE8] (Full-Length) [COMPLETE] Eligor's Spear version 3.1 (47 Chapters)

Post-Route Thoughts

So… for my first proper hack, this is really good! The maps are varied and incentivize proactive play, using many of the tools you are given first at a trickle and then more openly later. Some of my favorite maps include:

  1. Chapter 12x
    Probably my favorite map in the route. You need to hurry and split up to get all the stuff, choose your groups carefully, use effective weaponry to progress fast enough, and defend on each turn against varied enemy weaponry and siege tomes. All of this, while difficult, is feasible with the army I’d trained until this point.

  2. Chapter 6x
    The fact that you only have to protect the promoted Sevnians automatically puts this high on my list for the mercy alone. /s
    Anyway, having to protect progressively more units as the map goes on puts you in a situation where you have to push forward before Leanrith comes in to slaughter you, but you also have to defend both sides because of the reinforcements. But - thank god - the green units are actually combat capable and defending them isn’t an exercise in insanity. I beat the map before Leanrith spawned, so that just goes to show how proactive you can be.

  3. Final 1
    The atmosphere of this map is haunting, what with the torches, fog and silence in the prep screen. It’s pretty different than a traditional FE final map, in that it’s not a bulky final enemy with varying degrees of difficulty, but rather a chase sequence prioritizing movement and planning out the torches with the magic seal. I liked this difference, and the bulky monsters and status staves provided combat challenges anyway.

While I know that the supports aren’t made yet, I do like the general character design. Some of my favorites include Haefir, Vasara, Belphoebe and Grelde.

The story, while having a fairly simple structure of “the plot macguffin is very cursed and does cursed things to good people”, did make me care about characters like Travond because omg you actually have him for more than like one chapter Intelligent Systems please learn from this. I also like how characters like Renaida and Riandra are story relevant, and other characters are too in some maps (Vasara’s dialogue in Chapter 9x, Haefir in 14x and Kristelle in 15x and Final, for example). This gives the cast a little more meaning than “here’s a character with two lines, they will not have meaningful dialogue ever again” like some FE games do. I imagine future supports will only improve that aspect. I also very much appreciate the meaningful decisions through the route, most notably in Chapter 9x where the assassination impacts maps all the way until 13x.

Some of the maps can be a bit much on the first playthrough, though that may be because I’m on Lunatic. Chapters 3x through 5x and Chapter 9x are probably the most difficult parts of the game. 9x could be because I hadn’t promoted yet, but the map is still exceedingly hard due to the many promoted enemies from all sides and long-range ballistae.

There are also a few graphical glitches throughout the game as well as the gameplay oddities I spoke about in my commentary, but I imagine those will be ironed out too as the supports are added.

Overall, thanks for providing a great gameplay experience with this! I look forward to playing the other route, postgame and more in the future.

Final squad overview

I still love the idea of a thief lord allowing for great stealables to be commonplace in maps. Skylar is very fast and has ridiculous Avoid because of supports with Avanni and Camian giving him +25. Dependable all around.

Avanni is probably my best combat unit throughout the game, especially at midgame. Bows are insane in this hack, what with weapon triangle advantage against all magic and you having a 60% Spd growth archer from the start. She literally capped Spd by promoted level 9, and from there the Brave Bow destroys basically anyone.

Even though Camian was massively Spd screwed in my playthrough, he can still contribute through Warrior for bow access and his high Str. The Beacon Bow was good damage in Final, too.

Kirstelle joins late, but has good magic, Spd and staff access. Again, she’s good chip on physically bulky monsters and healing is always nice on later maps where splitting up is good to get all the stuff.

Haefir is great as my vanguard. Her ridiculous 50% Str/60% Spd growths give her relevance to double and one round even Lunatic enemies, especially when she promotes and gets that +20 crit bonus.

As a Bishop, Isla is indispensable in maps like Gaiden, 15x and Final with a 36 Mt Aura against the many monsters in those maps. Her supports with Belphoebe and Vasara are also impactful to their combat prowess.

Though it took awhile, Belphoebe became a durable unit capable of chipping for high damage with Fenrir and her high Mag, and lucky crits are more common thanks to Isla’s support. Nosferatu makes her a great frontline shield once her Def does get up there with stat boosters, and even without them she played that role in certain maps like 10x.

Vasara is another one of my frontline vanguard, and probably the most reliable. He is a great target for Expert Scrolls because of his bad Skl, and with Isla’s help he becomes capable of slaughtering flanks of enemies all on his own.

The two fliers were, as you might imagine, invaluable. They can reach objectives before anyone else, have great combat prowess, and can move units where they need to with rescue drops. Some maps are made much more manageable with their help, like Gaiden, 14x and Final.

The two healer sisters were great support throughout the game, not much to add here. Although Renaida’s Mag was a little on the low side, she still helps out thanks to the simple virtue of being mounted.


Thanks for playing and thanks for sharing your thoughts! Before I respond to anything else, what are the graphical glitches you are talking about? I know there are some with the stats screen, but those are due to technical reasons - I can go into detail if you wish, but the short story is that fixing those would require me to change the game in a way that could break people’s saves, and I don’t want to do that this late into development.

The things you mentioned, and also stat bars going past the normal 30 looking a little bit weird.

example in Final

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Iirc that’s vanilla, but I could be wrong. Then again, there’s no reason for stat bars to go over 30, so it might be better for me to change that.


I don’t consider myself a particularly great writer, but I’m glad the story managed to entertain. It’s a bit controversial decision to have a unit who stays with you for multiple chapters to leave your party later - some people don’t like how their investment on that unit goes to waste. However, like you mentioned, having them for more than one chapter gives it more emotional impact.

The work on supports has begun, but they won’t be ready quite yet. Once they are, they’ll be available in the support conversation room in the menu, meaning there is no need to replay the whole game multiple times to see them all.

I won’t claim all maps are perfectly balanced with there being so many variables in play. I might go over some of the more rougher maps you mentioned and see if something needs to be done.

Yeah, that was the idea with a thief lord from the start, as well as having a main character who is not some kind of noble or dragon.

Stat boosters combined with units getting blessed or screwed creates variance in your army’s power in a more organic way than, say, having units who are pathetically weak and units who are godlike from the start - in my opinion, at least. On that note, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone have a bad Avanni, but I don’t mind. If you’re deploying a unit whose death is a game over in any chapter of the game, they should be competent. I also don’t mind if main characters are strong - after all, they’re with you throughout the game.

Again, thanks for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed!

I love the aspect that you can’t 100% a game on first playthrough. It gives more mileage out of the game. Especially games I pay for. I don’t want to pay $70 and beat it in 6 hours and have seen everything cuz I feel it’s a waste of money. Take the Alone in the Dark reboot or the resident evil games, they have multiple story paths and collectibles that you can aim towards but getting them on a first playthrough blind in almost impossible. I feel good about being able to come back and experience a different story or path. That’s why I feel like your decision to not make everything achievable on first playthrough is good

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Version 3.1. is now finally up, featuring:

  • The Epilogue - but not character endings.
Bug fixes, such as
  • A small bug with the Balor boss in Ch9 Nightmare’s Grasp where it did not have a name.
  • One enemy had incorrect unit ID in Ch15x Dark Sun’s Solstice
  • Cursed Bow and Scourge Bow now deal effective damage against flying units
  • Ch11x Rest of the Wicked should now get registered in the turn count at the end.
  • Fixed the bug where Ronove could be used as a Chest Key
  • Fixed an issue with one of the range events in Camio’s Lair
  • Fixed a bug in chapter 13x Inevitable Confrontation where, on Lunatic mode, the Galleon
    would not get erased once it reaches the designated point on the map
  • Secret Shop in Warlord Lair Nexus no longer sells gold, removing the ability to make money
Other changes:
  • In Ch14x Hiranian Sands, there is now a second warning before a dragon is resurrected.
  • Added failsafe in ch13x Inevitable Confrontation where Riandra gets recruited if map is cleared before visiting the village.
  • Minor adjustment to start cutcene of Final II
  • Shriek, Dirge, Anguish and Wail all have a different ranged animation now
  • Replaced Member Card and Silver Card with another item in postgame map chests,
    and one of the Shops in Warlord Lair Nexus now sells Member and Silver Cards.
  • The Chrysaor can now never attack 4 times, but it always attacks 2 times

Next order of business is to work on the remaining missing content, such as supports, character endings and character biographies. In the meanwhile, if any bugs or glitches are found, those will be addressed. Also, if there are any units who you think need buffs, let me know, and they just might get buffed.


Nah man, you are goated. Seriously, you are doing a great job even after stating how fed up you are with FE by now. You are almost there my man, you can do it!!!


I mean, at this point all that is left includes things which may require little to no input from me, since I’ve had help on that front from like 2021 or so. It’s more so a matter of when it’ll be implemented than a matter of if it will be implemented.

To clarify: I may or may not need to write anything on my own, but I’ll be checking all this text and putting it to the ROM.

I make no promises about any custom assets though, like the battle screen and such.

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For me it’s enough if you finished the character endings, paired endings and supports. I mean, I played through the entirety of Corrupt Theocracy already, multiple times. No ammount of graphical errors ( uglycolour palette, mediocre character portrait, etc) , glitches and bugs can scare me at this point :rofl:

It’s inevitable that there’ll be some bugs, but when it comes to bugs I can fix, I’d prefer to have as few of those as possible.

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Is there any chance to change the steal command in a way that it is also possible to steal with full inventory? Why not allowing to transfer it to the supply?

It is possible, but I’m on the fence if any new features should be added this late into development, as it can cause bugs. Currently, you can already put items in convoy and then steal, so this feature would save you a couple of button presses at most.

Completely agree, sorry, I totally missed that Skylar always has access to the supply…I was just blind… :laughing:

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is there a secret shop guide? I can’t afford to explore the whole map when there are renforcement and im on the edge with my hp.

There is not. They wouldn’t be “secret” anymore if I told where they are!

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The intended difficulty is significantly harder than most hacks I’ve played. I don’t have detailed feedback on top of my head but I just wanna let you know that its a wonderful piece of art. I’m a fan of the “decision” concepts, and you implemented it extremely well. + postgame

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Sorry, this has probably been asked before, but the new route is complete, right?

It’s complete in the sense that it can be played from start to finish. Some things like supports and character endings are still WIP

Works for me. Thanks for the quick response. Also, because I’m new to this hack… which route is the new one?

The route where you run is the new route. Basically, once you’re on the world map, pick Fort Carnyx (where Frelia Castle would be in vanilla) to enter the new route.