[FE8] (Full-Length) [COMPLETE] Eligor's Spear version 3.1 (47 Chapters)

Yes, you can. In addition to serving as clues for secret shop chapters, there are multiple Member Cards in case you miss out on one, or sold it by accident or something.

Okay so I am patting myself on the back for making save states religiously bc I went back to a previous save and found the secret shop in chapter 8. goddamn these items are good. I really should’ve thought about that house at the end lmao. Shame I didn’t get them on that chapter but it’s not a huge loss, I guess. I’m looking forward to secret shops later on then, will definitely make an attempt for them from here on.

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Also, sorry for the double message but I should say this.

Regarding chapter 9’s events

I said before that killing Grismond with the ballista is supposedly optimal because I assume you get the silver card earlier than you otherwise would, but… I don’t know. I feel like having Grismond be alive for a final confrontation later is more climactic and awesome imo. “Fetch me my tome. It’s time I enter the fray” was really cool. Plus it allows Avanni to eventually get her second chance. She won’t miss, I’ll make sure of it.

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Chapter 10x

Okay, this chapter is what my army and I needed tbh. I originally thought the calvary reinforcements to the south would be a problem, but Nosferatu Belphoebe with the Hoplon Guard proved a good stopgap for the incoming enemies. The top group mainly consisted of Avanni and the new combat unit™️, Laurielle, fighting through the mages and threatening bow knight. The bottom group consisted of Haefir, Belphoebe and Vasara stopping the cavalry charge, with Isla and Jareck as support. Once the top group reached Graustus, the map was basically over.

The plan to lure the boss and surround him with units and a phantom worked like a charm, forcing him to break his short bow on Travond’s infinite supply of conjured cannon fodder while Skylar took the treasure and went all the way back to the starting area to pilfer the Blue Gem from the long-spent Bolting mage. While this was happening, I finally started to grind supports between Isla and Belphoebe/Vasara, Grelde and Laurielle, and getting A with Travond and Renaida. Once Skylar got back, he hit the boss exactly once to get to level 20, then Vasara twice for more exp, and finally Laurielle gets the kill to end the map. I gave Laurielle the Metis’s Tome because I think she has some of the best growth potential as a combat unit, even though said item realistically only has an expected value of 1 point to each stat. Hey, an omni-stat booster never hurts.

Gaiden map preparations

looks at the monsters
takes out the Fiendcleaver, Bright Lance and Axebreaker COME AT ME, FOOLS!

Five units have been promoted here (one in 10x but I’m putting them here too)! They are:

Skylar level 20/1 - Assassin

Laurielle level 20/1 - Falcon Knight

Haefir level 20/1 - Swordmaster

Grelde level 18/1 - Dracoknight

Renaida level 18/1 - Mage Knight

Laurielle in particular looks to be great for this map. The first time I beat chapter 10x I forgot to steal the blue gem from the bolting mage, and when I did the map again to get that, Laurielle ended up hitting Str on all three levels. With the Bright Lance, she’s looking to be the second coming of Florina, which I will gladly facilitate!

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Glad to see someone use Laurielle and Jareck. Let me know how it goes, especially in regards to Jareck since I’m not sure if he needs a buff or not. I can see some of the units in your squad being hurt by their low Speed, but it is coming together nicely!

Chapter 10x

I wouldn’t say chapter 10x is a breather per say, but it is not quite as intense as some other maps can be, especially on Lunatic. There will be some very tough maps ahead, but if you get past them as well, you should be able to complete this run.

In my experience, both Vasara and Belphoebe appreciate Isla support bonuses. In case you weren’t aware, you can give the F. Heirloom to anyone and they’ll still get that +5 Luck.

Gaiden (Chapter 10xx? lmao)

Like I said, COME AT ME FOOLS. aka monster training arc. Seriously, these spiders give so much exp.

The main strat for this map was to send Laurielle in the bottom right with a Bright Lance to dispatch the enemies there and start building the village there, as it is immediately under threat by a spider and I’d rather not go around. Everyone else pushed up, with Vasara, Skylar, Belphoebe and Myron detaching to head up the right side, as nasty centaur reinforcements and more spiders will threaten that. Haefir and Grelde held the revenant reinforcements off while Avanni and Isla dealt with the wave of spiders there. Grastus and others were on “large village upkeep” duty.

It was tricky at times, especially with the boss in the upper right being more dodgy than I’d like, but once you manage to stabilize, it’s just a matter of how long you want to extend the map vs. the resources you’re willing to expend. I ended up going until turn 14, with everyone getting some very nice level ups in the process.

One new promotion during this chapter:

Vasara level 20/2 - Berserker

He onerounds the spiders. Don’t mess with him.

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Zarg just to signal another funny bug this time which is the fact that the legendary staff Ronov can be used as a lockpick to open doors and chests alike
As for the postgame secrets you are a genius without spoiling them i found out 2 of them and i am eager to see what you are preparing for us in the future

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I was able to reproduce and fix that bug, thanks for reporting!

Nice, and glad you like them!

Chapter 11x

Weeee more monsters! The first three turns are the hardest part as the 40+ Atk Entombed start uncomfortably close to you. Getting the second Metis’s Tome from the Lynel is also inconvenient, as you need to do this while running away from the Entombed that kill you in two hits or even one. Thankfully, I promoted the last of the “core” team of mine before this chapter…

Camian level 17/1 - Warrior

He has enough Def and Spd to not get doubled by the Lynel and bait him closer on turn 1, allowing Skylar to scoop up the Métis’s Tome (which I was going to give to Laurielle again until I found that you can’t give more than one to the same unit, so I gave it to Grelde instead).

Then the left group consisted of Skylar, Vasara, Myron, Camian and Isla. They went up the left side with Vasara and Skylar leading the charge while staying ahead of the spider chasing them. Everyone else raced up the middle, Travond blocking the incoming horde with his phantoms as best he could. Once they reached the green units in the middle, the rest of the map consisted of fending off the stragglers, as the allied Generals buy more than enough time for everyone to regroup. Grelde flew over to the secret shop to pick up Slim Axes for Vasara to patch up his shaky hit rates and a Silver Axe for power. Haefir got very good level ups this chapter: she’s now at 20/4 with 20 str/24 spd, my second fastest unit behind 20/5 Avanni at 26 spd.

Chapter 12x preparations

At first glance, this seems like another difficulty spike. Split paths, chests on both as well as locked doors to even more chests, thieves trying to grab them, a Bishop in the center hoarding Purge tomes for the apocalypse apparently, a boss on a throne with a 1-2 range weapon that can double, a recruitable character deep in enemy lines, a Rescue staff wayyyyy in the top right corner, and a turn limit. This is gonna be rough.

Also, I get why Travond is injured and unusable for this map. If he was deployable, the Purge Bishop would be worthless because he’d just hit the phantoms all day.

Here goes nothing!

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Chapter 11x

The Generals are strong, it can get annoying if they start keeping the Entombed away for too long and refuse to die by proccing Great Shield. It should be possible to Rescue + Drop them with Renaida and Trinon to a more convenient location, though.

The Entombed are designed to be scary, but not unkillable in case you actually need to defeat one or two of them. That is also why there’s so many of them - it makes sure the map can be beaten all the while making it so that you’ll get overrun if you move too slowly.

In my opinion, ch12x is one of the hardest chapters of this route. You might have to prioritize one side at the expense of the other, as it is extremely difficult to get all chests.

Those are quite good stats on her, she’s set for the remainder of the game.

Disclaimer: I mean no offense whatsoever in writing this; this is just my honest thoughts on it.

Honestly, having played this, even in the newer patches, I do think that Eligor’s Spear does have its strong points (namely a strong ominous atmosphere that really fits the mood of it), my main complaint with it is that even on the easiest difficulty, the difficulty imo is something that I find an issue.

I coudlnt find the words to voice it until I saw something on here that managed to get it to click in my head:
It’s about Opportunity Cost.

A lot of the difficulty of Eligor’s Spear is about managing your resources- every move, item use, and piece of gold counts.

Because trying to get everything is an exercise in borderline insanity- and the game wants you to play it in a very specific way or suffer.

To paraphrase said inspiration post: “It’s a question of what’s there you can get versus what you’re actually capable of.”

Where I Quit and Why:

My fault for not early-promoting, I suppose. Nightmare’s Grasp was where I finally threw in the towel.

Those Cyclopses are no joke and pretty much almost nobody in the army could do enough damage to the enemies for it to count. (And they seem to be perfectly content for gunning for your ass first chance they get).

There’s other reasons too but Nightmare’s Grasp is what broke my soul.

TL;DR: I respect the sheer amount of dedication and polish that went into this- when everything is fully implemented at last, I might give it another go. The story is great, the difficulty though…

If I had to compare it to something, I would say that it’s like whiskey- it’s strong, potent stuff- not for the faint of heart. But if you can get past that, well, there’s a reason why the stuff has its fans.


Thanks we tend to have similar taste based on what I seen of you in posts so this is good info to have.

It’s a bit of a shame that many people won’t experience this brilliant game due to the high level of difficulty. Would be nice to have an “easy” mode, since “normal” seems to hard for many. Isn’t there a patch which allows more than 3 difficulties :wink:

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Afaik there is not.

Casual Mode exists for those who prefer to have less pressure.

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Chapter 12x

“…it is extremely difficult to get all chests.”

Difficult, sure… but not impossible.

So, what was my strategy for all of this? To start, all hands on deck killing the starting enemies, but I need units to head in general directions.

Top team: Avanni, Vasara, Haefir, Myron, Camian, Renaida, Triton (promoted to Paragon but his stats wouldn’t vary at this point so I won’t show an image)

Bottom team: Skylar, Isla, Belphoebe, Grelde, Laurielle, Uriel

The top team is outfitted with cavalry-slaying weapons (Halberd, Zanbato) to deal with the Paladins: these guys are very tanky and hit hard, so I want to be rid of them quick. Halberd also helped out when dealing with the Great Knight reinforcements. The Brave Bow Warrior has 50% hit on Avanni, and thankfully she dodged one hit to kill him on the way. Once the initial enemies are taken care of, the wave of reinforcements isn’t too bad. Avanni could even head up to get the Rescue staff by killing the bow user first and then come back with Myron’s help, using Triton and Renaida to help ferry them back to the rest of the group.

The bottom team had a much more interesting time. I burned a Sleep charge on the thief to buy myself enough time while the team pushed through the locked room on the left. Entering the bottom chamber through there, they slowly pushed rightward while being set upon by tanky Paladins, the Brave Sword Hero and the Berserk staff Valkyrie (not the Antimagi Bow Sniper, as Avanni baited and killed him over the wall with a Longbow before heading up). I am also fortunate that Kristelle comes to me, as it both allowed Skylar to easily recruit her and she proves a great stopgap for the incoming mages with her high Res and base 17 spd to avoid getting doubled. Barrier and the Guard Lance, of all things, was crucial, as it allowed Grelde to survive Aura and being doubled by one of the Paladins. I downed the Thief as he looted the first chest (saved me a Lockpick, thank you) and from there only a smattering of enemies stood in their way to the center room.

Ah yes, Throne bosses with 23 Spd and 1-2 range. What is this, Binding Blade? Anyway, I initially had the idea of tanking the Axebreaker to force Agnessa to equip it, but unfortunately none of my axe users can do this: Vasara has 45 HP and takes 46 damage, even with Isla’s support, and both Camian and Uriel get doubled. So it came down to Vasara with the Hand Axe at range (to force Agnessa at weapon triangle disadvantage, because Vasara has ~30% hit otherwise) and I admittedly got lucky with two mid 60% hits. In hindsight I could’ve probably used the Slim Axe for better hit and danced/rescued away, but in the end I didn’t need to. Avanni provided good damage as well, and Grelde finished her off with a nice level to end this brutal chapter with a full clear.

In hindsight, I am extremely glad I stole the Hoplon Guard all the way back in chapter 2, as trading it around prevents Agnessa’s 20-30% crit chance.

To rate the loot:
Fili Shield - sell fodder if I need to, but hey, it might be useful sometime.
Swift Pinion, Vigor Potion - I’ll take the two best stat boosters!
Runesword - also helpful, as the lifesteal can help my normally frail sword users survive.
Brave Lance - Grelde can use this to drastically improve her firepower.
Heavy Bow - I could use another 3 range bow, as I legit just bought a new Longbow.
Purge - Useful on Kristelle, probably. I don’t normally use siege tomes, but who knows.
Rescue - We all know how helpful this staff can be!
Black Gem - Good to recoup my losses buying two chest keys, a longbow and other misc. items specifically for this map.
Svantovit - 20 mt, 85 hit, magical, 1-2 range, and +5 skill. My god. Grelde can use this once again to drastically improve her firepower, but I see myself trading this around between both her and Laurielle depending on the situation.

Honestly, props to you for making this the best chapter so far. It rarely felt like luck when my strategy fell apart in failed attempts, and I had to use everything I had (again, the Guard Lance!). Easily one of those triumphant victories you spoke of. Well done!

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Also, I’m wondering…

Do you get a different S rank weapon if Francis is the boss of this chapter?

No hard feelings, although I think you have it backwards - my impression is that people who like this hack like the gameplay first, then the story second, if at all. While there probably are people who are the opposite, who like the story first and gameplay second if at all, people who are looking for mostly narrative experiences aren’t my core focus.

The first sentence is how I’d want this hack to feel in its entirety. There are parts that feel more so, and some that feel less so, but the overall experience should be that.

Chapter 12x

The shop in Raugus sells Hoplon Guards as well, so missing out on the one in chapter 2 does not mean you’re SOL. Agnessa can be baited to use the Axebreaker with a Lancereaver as well, and Axebreaker leavers her vulnerable to swords.

Yes, Kirstelle comes with a Barrier staff for a reason. I feel like people sleep on Guard Lance and smaller stat buffs in general, but when combined with other sources of buffs, they add up.

So you used Sleep on the bottom thief? Interesting, I personally prefer to put the thief in the upper section to sleep. In case you’re using both fliers and don’t have a Fili Shield on both already, this is your first chance to get another Fili Shield. Yes, the Svantovit is strong, but you might want to use it sparingly.

Yes, you’ll get a different weapon if Francis is the boss. There is a third alternative as well, but instead of giving a unique reward, that path allows you to get something a chapter earlier.

Glad you liked the map! I find that some of my most intense and high-pressure maps seem to be the more divisive ones.

Some responses to yours:

I’m aware you can buy more Hoplon Guards, but they’re 5,000 gold each so I’m glad I don’t have to pay that to not get crit by the boss lmao.

I was also aware if Lancereaver working, but sadly, Haefir broke my only Lancereaver while dealing with the Sentinels and Soldiers in the locked room to the upper right. Not my best move in hindsight.

Since the bottom thief moves on turn 1 away from you into a gigantic cluster of enemies and is protected by a breakable wall, I couldn’t kill him and defeat the starting area’s enemies on the same turn. As such, he was the priority target. At least the top thief gives you a turn or two to intercept him on the way up. Additionally, putting him to sleep allows me to take the path through the locked room, which takes on less enemies at once and isn’t being sieged by the Purge tome Priest.

Svantovit is strong and I do plan to use it sparingly like most S rank weapons. I wonder if Hammerne can repair it. If so, if you’re smart with getting your weapon uses down to 1 or 2 without actually breaking it, you can repair it for 2250 gold thanks to the shop selling Hammerne staves. Of course, every time you do you have to use a healer’s turn to do it, but still.

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Chapter 13x

Okay, I don’t think I tackled this chapter in the most reliable way. My first move was to take out the Heavy Bow archer with Avanni and the Ballista by dancing-

…okay maybe not. She doubles with the fucking ballista. Heavy Bow moment ig lmaooo

Afterwards the two fliers went up the middle with Axereavers and Fili Shields to deal with the axe guys and sniper. Renaida and Haefir, among others, pushed left while Skylar’s group went right… and this is where it all started to fall apart.

See, I was suspicious of these unarmed boats from the very beginning, so I expected some reinforcements, but the big boat has some frankly ridiculous reinforcement spawns. What’s more, the rain prevents me from cleanly moving up and destroying the boat, and its Killer Ballista left me hesitant to push southward anyway. So I just retreated over the water for now. We’ll come back to this later.

I had Renaida visit the village and dear Naga these stats.

And she comes with Warp and gives you Rescue. Legend. Anyway, I tried to move up on that side but quickly realized that was a terrible idea with the massive boat reinforcements charging at me, so I retreated again and sent Renaida’s group circling all the way back around to the right side while the reinforcements got in each other’s way.

Meanwhile, the right side isn’t doing so well either, as I quite frankly have no idea how to deal with Leanrith. I figure she will move once I destroy the second boat, but I don’t have any way of doing that for now because of the rain and Killer Ballista. I ended up using Vasara with a Swordreaver and Isla support to bait Leanrith early despite her massive hit rate and trying for dodges. I ended up requiring two out of four dodges at a 61% hit rate. It worked. He lives with 1 HP. Legend. Grelde swooped in from the center to finish Leanrith off with an exact lethal from a Horseslayer. Oh, how I wish I could recruit her tbh, but probably on the other route.

In hindsight, Vasara gets quadrupled exactly, so I could have used one Swift Pinion to guarantee his survival, and he’s slightly below average in Spd I think anyway, but I was stubborn.

It was here that I was stumped how to progress, as I didn’t want the second warship to land and probably bring reinforcements to end the map as well as miss out on the second Boots. But here I realized two key things.

  1. The first ship’s Killer Ballista is for show: as far as I know, it will never fire.
  2. If the first ship is left alive, it doesn’t leave the map, causing the second ship to get stuck behind it and never dock because the first ship isn’t smart enough to move out of the way.

That said, I didn’t know at the time but I’m on a time limit, so I couldn’t afford to wait around too long. As my two groups reunited on the right side and finally started to deal with the reinforcements from the first boat, Laurielle slooooowly chipped away at the second boat with an Iron Lance to get the most hit exp possible (like 15 per combat, I’m not passing that up). Once the boat finally fell apart, Grismond moves right into range of all my units. The squad of dracoknights flooded the map edges, but as Grismond said on turn 17, they were just a little too late.

Good riddance, old man.

Post-Chapter story discussion

…yeah, I figured something was up with Travond after he tried to discard the Spear in chapter 5 and ended up talking to it. From the dialogue here and in chapter 14x prep it seems like he isn’t possessed by Eligor or anything like that, just… misguided? Whatever the case, it’s dangerous in his hands and who knows what he’s planning? Time to chase him in… a desert map. With a village. And timed monster reinforcements. And having to visit spread-out bones to prevent said reinforcements. I can already tell this is going to suck…

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Quick unit recap!

Lower Str than I’d like, but the Great Sword only makes him lose 2 spd, so that makes up for it. Also, thank you for giving Assassins 7 mov, not 6!

The player phase queen: she’s capped Spd with 11 levels to go! Hoping for capped Str too but we’ll see.

Having a second healer with A staves beside Isla is helpful, and she’s mounted. Also she got me Riandra and the Warp and Rescue that came with her, so she’s great for that too.

Another one of my top combatants. That innate 20 crit boost helps a lot over the course of the map, as she sees so much combat that it will help speed things up at least once. I might boost her Con with Dumbbells to let her wield heavier swords without speed penalties.

Besides 21 Def, Grelde’s stats are fairly lacking by this point, but honestly they don’t need to be outstanding: they just need to be enough for her to survive threats and reliably contribute, which she definitely does with Laurielle’s help.

Again, besides 24 Mag, Belphoebe’s stats aren’t too impressive compared to my frontline, but they don’t need to be. She still chips in the mid-20s thanks to her high Mag and Luna access, and I plan to buy a now-discounted Fenrir to boost her power. Isla’s support giving +7 hit helps with her accuracy somewhat, as she has okay Skl, bad Luck and Dark magic is inaccurate.

God, I love having a bishop with good supports! It made Vasara dodging Leanrith twice somewhat feasible, for one. Her combat’s bad, but it doesn’t really matter.

Another top combatant. Isla’s support does a bit for his reliability (haven’t had to use an Expert Scroll yet!). His massive Str and good Spd ensure he can punch through key targets while always surviving at least one hit.

The sleeper hit Falcon Knight, whose superior mobility allows her to get into positions other units can’t and conquer key objectives far before anyone else can feasibly get to them. She has impressive combat ability, too.

Camian is kinda bad thanks to him being spd-screwed in my playthrough, but being a Warrior allows him to reliably chip with bows thanks to his high Str and bows having high accuracy.

Having a powerful magic user helps a lot, as Belphoebe can be inaccurate and the others are my healers lmao.

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