[FE8] (Full-Length) [COMPLETE] Eligor's Spear version 3.1 (47 Chapters)

Chapter 4:
How did the Sniper have 15 speed in your game? It is 12 for me, and due to weapon weight it’s actually 11 attack speed → hence, 15 AS or above will guarantee doubles.

Chapter 5:
Both Addam and Nestor can tank the assassin boss at base if equipped with the Guard Lance. All bosses start moving eventually if left alive. They’ll even comment on the turn they start moving.

Chapter 6:
On one hand I should be trying to get rid of all these loopholes, but on the other hand it can be rewarding for the player to discover them, and I don’t want to actively punish those who decide to share their discoveries. I believe that’d eventually lead to people not discussing them at all, and not letting me know of any new potential ones they find.

With this in mind, it’s not always easy for me to decide what and how I should go about anti-turtling measures: Game Over after a turn limit is an easy one, but universal turn limit and/or imposing the same mechanic over and over again can get extremely tiresome for both the player to fight against and for me as a designer.

The armory sells armorslaying weapons that can be used against the general boss. It’s a matter of exploiting WTA depending on what weapon he has equipped at the time.

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Good point !
Now that I think about it, you’re completely right - the number was bigger in my head because I remember even Skylar not managing to double, but that’s just because he was at 13 Spd back then. And my fastest unit, so literally no one could double.
The consequences of my action missing on earlier chapters’ XP~

Oh, no, nothing to do with his stats ! I’m talking lore. How in A route killing one of those assassins in the mountains is commented on way later when you run into them again - they avenge their fallen.

slaps forehead
I knew I was forgetting something ! Completely forgot to check the new armory despite double-checking every other location on the map.
“It sure would be nice to have an armorslayer handy !” <= my dumb ass

Another example of my mistakes…

And don’t worry about nerfing what’s shared, I try to bend hacks for fun and specifically so that they can be improved, no hard feelings~

In this specific case, she can only be worn down and taken out like that because I continually plug that one-tile hole with fresh summons. Maybe flanking her with two of the great knights that appear in the following cutscene would ‘fix’ that ?

By the way, I got a brave sword for seizing ; is that a reward for killing the super boss ? Neat if that’s the case~

I’ll try to think of something then. If all else fails, it’s time for wyvern death squad to make their appearance once again. However, like I said, I’d prefer there to be at least some variety in how time limits are imposed on the player.

Editing this: I actually have something more subtle already in the works. Thanks for sharing this, and thanks for being understanding.

The brave sword is a reward for defeating the super boss, so the possibility to defeat her should remain even if I make it significantly harder to do so.

You’ll get more Master Seals later so losing out on one now is not a huge deal, but missing out on them later too means you can no longer promote all your guys. Not really an issue if you bench some anyhow, and starting from 8x you can’t bring everyone with you.

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I’ll preface this by saying that, funnily enough, my XP abuse in chapter 6 barely had an impact - since it was concentrated on support units that have no contribution in battle. It did give me some leeway with how I position them, but overall it has barely impacted my playthrough. Honestly I’ve gotten waaayyy more use out of that early Brave Sword, ah ah ! Uriel onerounds assassins with it.

Okay, let’s talk Avanni.
She’s INSANE, and carrying my army on her back.

That’s her by Gaiden: The Unforgiven. Look at that B/W/L !!

I wouldn’t say she’s juggernauting given she’s can’t enemy phase at all and will actually explode if more than one non-mage enemy targets her, but her ability to delete anything with extreme accuracy on player phase has relieved so much pressure.
Somehow she didn’t contribute that much to chapter 7, but that’s good because it also lets me pretend her pilfering 150XP from chapter 6 didn’t ultimately matter - she’d have caught up to level 20 and promotion there dealing with eggs and gorgons anyway.
Starting from chapter 8, mentally adds “also Vani swept a third of the grunts on her own” to every recap.

Chapter 7

Oh, goodness, I hate those damn gorgon eggs. I swear one of these days I’ll just memorize the entire map layout and that will be it.

I don’t have anything to say about this chapter because I didn’t employ any big brain strat or changed my playstyle in any particular way: have the right side join with the left side ASAP, swarm the tunnels there to reach Isla in time, restart the chapter four or five times learning the layout, recruit Belphoebe. I kept the master scroll specifically for her, immediately correcting her shaky aim with that 4 extra skill!

Chapter 8

Oh, this one is interesting ! The green units can technically reach the destination by themselves before the time limit, but with how narrow the map is your own army will likely slow them down.

This is actually a good thing, as it gives non-combat units a time to shine. Figuring out how to rescue, take and drop them closer to the goal is a fun puzzle, and the addition of riders from the starting point gives those left behind something to do.

Normally I HATE linear maps with very narrow corridors where everyone steps on each other’s toes because it means 2/3 of your army is vestigial and sits on their ass for 90% of the map, but this chapter makes how you ferry everyone across meaningful and I like that.

Also dear Naga that’s more gold than I’ve seen in my life.

I had stopped my previous playthrough of B route at the start of Chapter 8, so everything from now on is brand new for me.

Chapter 9

Grismond holding a silver card clued me on the secret third path:

Given that there are two assassinations point and he’s flanked by his bodyguards, I imagine ending the map that way only kills either Agnea or Francis depending on the side you pick ? Gosh, this hack as a whole is so open, and that’s what I looove about it !

“Let’s see… do I have any siege weapon ? No ? No warp either… But then…?
Oh! Oooh…”

Of course, that meant reaching those ballistas before the archers empty them in my team - we all know how light on ammo those things are. I had the Sleep staff on Renaida’s backpack for that occasion, but as it turned out I didn’t need it after all: a longbow and good songs did the job. In fact, it helped me end the map ‘early’ with a 12 move shenanigan from Vani.

Then, using the power of the silver card, I literally spent 40 minutes selling EVERYTHING (that isn’t unique of course !) in my inventory and filling my chosen 13 squadmates’ backpacks with premium gears.

This is my team at the start of the Gaiden:

Lol, tiny arms. He grew a lot of strength in the first levels and then stopped completely.

You’ve seen Myron and Travond already !

Managed to reach level 20 and promote her on the very last turn of chapter 10 !

Who doesn’t like a defensive beast ?

I SWEAR HE’LL BE GOOD EVENTUALLY. Fortunately for him, with reaver spear he has complete WTA coverage, so he still pulls his weight.

Direly mid, would be benched if he weren’t a main character. Swordreaver not being sold yet hurts him even more.

I slept on her on my first playthrough, definitely shouldn’t have. Spear is an excellent weapon type with 1-2 range over swords and access to axereavers since chapter 9. She flies, she has good bases and respectable growths.

Between her and Vasara, I value her extra points in Skill that damn much. The Saints know extra consistency is welcomed in this hack.

Now with extra hit rate ! I wanted her to have a support with Renaida, but somehow they always end up on opposite sides of every map…

Perfectly useable right out of the box, with dual weapon ranks in a hack where good gears is extremely meaningful, and the con to back it up ? Sign me the hell up ! They even come with above average bulk too !!

Chapter 10

A very vanilla and straightforward experience by Eligor’s Spear standards, but I’ll take it. It has a few neat twists with the split army, pegasus thief and green unit anyway.

Speaking of the first and third of those gimmicks ! I had a conundrum: Vani’s archery is direly needed to kill all those very dangerous mages on the top side, yet she also has to speak the the green unit… How do I reconcile that ?

The answer was Rescue staff.

Deploy Renaida at the bottom, clear the top side with Vanni (body count: falcoknight and pegasus on turn 1, both sages from the middle on turn 2 by hugging the wall to bait them on enemy phase, the paladin killed in one shot with a critical hit on the longbow, then both the siege tome druid and berserk staff bishop), then Rescue her to talk to the green units. While I’m at it, Rescue Skylar too to pick the chests !

Say hi to Eligor for me.

It might sound slow, but I was done with everything and finished the map right as the wyvern showed up, as you can see.

This gaiden sounds super cool ; I’m still in the preps, made a pause to write all that: out of curiosity, how many turns do you need to repair every village ? I wanna know how much of every supply I need to buy…

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I will respond to this in more detail when I have the time, but without going any further into spoiler territory, it is safe to bench even main characters this time around. There is one more chapter with a forced deployment (in addition to Skylar that is), but that concerns a unit who has not joined you yet.

Neat! I usually don’t bother defeating the superboss in ch6x, so I tend to miss out on the early Brave Sword. Good to know it’s actually useful.

Have you used any stat boosters on her, perhaps? Or did you level her up in some earlier chapters with no time limits? She is strong, but most of the time not quite this strong at this point of the game. Those look more like level 15-18 stats.

Chapter 7

If the eggs hatch, you’re in for a world of pain. However, the eggs are also a good way to power level some of your units. The chapter in general focuses on more unconventional use of fog, since plenty of fog of war maps boil down to having a unit spam Torches whenever they can.

Outside of Isla (and technically Lambert), there are no other time limits on this map. Having to navigate in the dark and not accidentally allowing the eggs to hatch is enough of a challenge on its own, so I don’t feel the need to add any more timers.

Chapter 8

The primary inspiration for this map is that one map in the original Dream of Five where you first meet Se’Morr - you know, the one with the green units, ballista in the middle? I always thought you had to keep all of the green units alive, so I always played the map as you described here: using my own units to ferry them across the map as I move all the way to the other side. Then it turned out that not only are there not any other reinforcements coming from behind except one Wyvern, you also apparently get the reward as long as one NPC lives. So that’s a bummer.

With that in mind, I wanted to create something where you have to keep thinking who is going to carry a green unit and on what turn, since Enemy Phasing on that unit is not very viable - unless you’re General Lambert or something. Even then you face hitrate issues.

Gold for the secret shop or for the future. Makes up for the ch6x-7x stretch and then some. This map used to have a Game Over timer, but I wanted to do something else for a change, so going over the time limit basically halves your reward.

Chapter 9

That’s the gist of it, yes. We saw no reason to give Grismond “plot armor” so he in fact dies here if shot with the ballista. Ending the map early means you lose out on some nice items, though. Your decision here affects the world map narration for chapter 10x as well.

Chapter 10

This map has a gimmick, but it’s not obvious at first since it’s not so in-your-face like most other gimmicks. Let’s just say the openness you mentioned in chapter 9 comes into play here as well, but you made the choice earlier in the game already.


All I will say is “several”: the higher the difficulty, the more the villages are in disrepair, meaning you need more items or money.

Did you post some screenshots from previous version? I can see that at least the screenshot for 9x is a bit outdated since that map has a new palette now, and


Belphoebe was actually buffed. Not that she was bad to begin with, but that HP increase from 38 → 40 allowed her to survive some crucial encounters against Snipers if she got attacked, and her Magic going from 18 → 20 allows her to one-shot some enemies with Fenrir.

Ah yes, the universally hated 1-2 range Short Bow. It’s quite a good filter: if someone malds and seethes over it to the point they’d rather not play this hack, that is their right, but I doubt they’d have anything meaningful to say anyway.

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I totally didn’t say that because I’m only realizing now that the short bow is 1-2 range rather than 2 range. Nuh uh. Nothing of the sort.

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EDIT: big oopsie

No stat booster ! In fact, she’s quite average: out of curiosity I double-checked while sharing her greatness with a Discord server.
She starts at level 5 with 7 Str, and gains 3 more on promotion, for 10 total. 5=>20 is 14 level ups, plus 9 more as a sniper, that gives her with a 45% GR 10 extra points, precisely that 20 Str.
I haven’t ran the calculations for any other stats, but aside from her Def that seems suspiciously high I think she’s overall in the average ?

For reference, she was level 17 at the start of chapter 6, Sniper 1 at the start of chapter 7, and snowballed from there as she started killing every promoted enemy in sight.
She did leech 150 XP from Chapter 6’s super boss, as mentioned, but she would have caught up to promotion by Chapter 7 with the eggs anyway, so even without that she’d still be level 8 or 9 Sniper by the Gaiden. No other XP exploit.

Chapter 7

Yeah, the chapter is incredibly unique and well-made, no complaint there ; the fault lies with me and my monkey brain telling me to GO FAST!! when it’s not needed. I can totally see the playstyle of having Skylar open a turn and get the others to break the eggs revealed, but I’m just stubborn, ah ah !


Gotcha :+1:

My hot Fire Emblem take is that GBA snipers have always been the GOAT, alongside GBA Generals because they look like Gundams. All my armors are always promoting to Generals for the cool chained-weapons.
Also putting lords on horses is incredibly boring and we should have hacks with Bard, Dancer, Manekete and Cleric lords.

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Wait, no, it was totally a problem on my part, my bad !

My emulator keeps up to two roms ‘loaded in’ and if I don’t empty that memory before I patch a rom it’ll keep playing the deleted version.

Sorryyy !

EDIT: also it looks way better, what a glow-up ! Did you also rewrite the joke from the NPC mixing the watch with a compass, or is an astrolab still close enough that it works ?

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Go back if you wish/can, but if not, you haven’t missed out on too much so don’t worry. The biggest loss would be the buffs, but that’s nothing a stat booster can’t fix.

It was rewritten slightly, yes. I had to double-check since I couldn’t remember :smiley: .

The reason for why there are different palettes between the playable map and the cutscene map is because the cutscene is intended to take place during a different time of day.

Huh, well I suppose I was surprised because the stats looked high at first glance and maybe it’s my playstyle that sees her level up more slowly. No, I don’t have any plans to nerf her.

As for Chapter 7, whatever works for you. I don’t judge.

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Sheesh, the enemy quality in this gaiden was BRUTAL.

55HP on the spiders ?
That’s massive !
11 speed ?
That’s incredibly fast ! My poor Belphoebe would take THREE HITS with flux to kill a spider and couldn’t double. Renaida also needed three hits to kill them with Thunder but at least she could double.
And with that defense stat they were incredibly resilient to physical damages too. I think Avanni with a killer bow still needed a double crit to kill ? Fortunately, I foresaw a need for her to kill ‘armored’ enemies and bought a ghost bow, but even then…

Still, difficulty aside, I loved the ideas behind the map. The repairs, trading inventory space (or the hassle of ferrying the items as needed) for extra gold, the day / night cycle that changes the dynamic of it.

Hardest part is easily figuring the first two turns out - surviving them is hard enough, but they also need to set you up in a good spot for the boss threatening the north-east village after the first night.

Thankfully, I had both a wonderful Grelde and a bright lance, so I sent her alone to protect the southeast village from spiders.
Hey, remember her statline I posted ? With a bright lance equipped, she still needed three hits to kill one spider ! Sheeeeesh.


At least I was showered in XP!

Two promotions
Five extra levels for Nestor
Vani continues to girlboss her way through the chapters


Having a Bishop in this map makes a huge difference, especially if they can double the spiders like Isla. That coupled with Ghost Bow on Grastus makes short work of them. You know, I mentioned the magic number of 15 Attack speed somewhere before, if only there was a dark magic user who had 13 base speed, and if only there was a Speed stat booster that you can get if you don’t end one of the maps early…

Still, I might take another look at the enemy stat line here and see if it needs to be toned down a little. While the maps are intended to be hard, the idea is not to make Gaiden maps particularly brutal - not in the same way as most other maps are, at least. In the first route it’s more about the trade-off anyhow, and that’s repeated here as well: in exchange for money and/or items, you get some other items, XP and a new unit. Of course, playing on Classic also means you risk death(s).

I’ve been doing some fixes for an upcoming patch so I’ll see if the enemy quality here needs to be decreased. Thanks for the feedback! That Avanni is set for the rest of the game with those stats.

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Funny thing about Isla: I completely forgot to reequip her (oopsie daisy !) and as it turns out, Lightning with Slayer (only thing in the prep armory) was as much damage as Renaida with Thunder, owing to her massive magic stat. That chapter would definitely have been a lot more doable with a Divine, I messed up~ And yeah, 15 speed is the key to this particular chapter !

I’ll note that despite being woefully unprepared, my dumbass still managed to clear it with a single death on the last turn that could have easily been averted, so it’s definitely not impossible !

I should have stocked up on more monster slaying weapon, as it stands I only had a single copy of the sword, axe and spear… I think the shops sell them too, so it’s on me. Underestimated the threat monsters can pose.

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I was thinking Shine since, depending on your level ups, Divine could weigh her down just enough for her not to double, but one could argue that is an issue that needs to be addressed.

There actually has not been any shops this far that would sell monster-slaying weapons, you got the sword in the house in the corner in 6x, lance from Lambert in 7x and the axe from Uriel in 10x.

I have updated the patch. No new content was added, but the patch introduces few fixes. Most notably, a failsafe was introduced where Brynstrom’s Max HP gets set back to 60 if he’s lvl 20 and promoted.

Patch notes
  • There is now a failsafe event in Warlord Lair Nexus for Brynstrom: If Brynstrom is alive, promoted and has reached lvl 20 but does not have 60 max HP, his max HP will be set to 60. He’d reach 60 naturally even if promoted immediately when he joins.

  • The Nerscylla in Gaiden: The Unforgiven have been slightly nerfed and the buildings appear repaired in the ending cutscene as they should.

  • Changes have been made to Ch6x Showdown at Sevna: Most chokepoints have been removed, and Leanrith no longer targets Phantoms.

  • One enemy class had 5 Mov instead of 6, so that has now been fixed

  • A small change with the playable Grismond in the first route

  • Also updated the credits list.


The pair of Boots you can steal on one of the eggs in Chapter 7x was a funny touch. It’s easy to miss despite it hiding in plain sight. I somehow only barely managed to notice it on like my 10th restart.

Really liking the new route. Just reached Chapter 8. Thought the difficulty was pretty manageable until 7. You really have a way of humbling me when I start thinking I’m good at FE.


Back in a much earlier build, I originally wanted to make it so that you had to wait for the egg to hatch before you could steal, but with the minimug box now being a thing and me no longer being able to find the FeBuilder patch that disallows stealing from Gorgon eggs (I swear there was one and it wasn’t just a fever dream), it now works the other way around: you’ll have to steal the boots before the egg hatches.

Canto VI of Limbus Company had me in a chokehold for days, so I completely neglected ES in the meantime~

But now I’m back ! Stronger than ever.

Chapter 11

Now that is a very interesting way to do a ‘time limit’ ; I love that the thing pushing you away from the reinforcements is that you need them to win !

I feel like it’s one of those rare maps in FE where you want to deploy much less than you have slots available, owing to the small number of enemies and how cramped it gets ; in lower difficulties you can probably split up and conquer both sides at once, but I had to stick to the left and could definitely have done better with less bodies on the field.

I don’t know what his deal is, but I love this man and would die to protect him.

Chapter 12

Chapter 12, just like earlier in this route with the swamp Sniper, is a harsh lesson in the difference between what you want, and what you have the power to accomplish.

I’ve TRIED to secure the south section, including a funny set up where two 8 move units with spears break down the wall for Vani to snipe the rogue turn 1 with a song to move twice, but then the north section is opened by the rider with the key and I get overwhelmed by a pincer… There’s no winning on two fronts. I had to abandon the south section and worm my way through the north.

Speaking of rogues.

That was extremely jarring.
I don’t have anything against 4th wall jokes and this hack always had moments of levity (that all land !), but it never went for meta jokes before and will never do another one again, so that gave me some whiplash. I don’t like it.

Now, you might be wondering, “dear Gryffe, how did you deal with the Noxium + Purge combo ?” and the answer is that I, uh, kinda didn’t to be honest. Since I’m playing on casual I simply ‘shed the extra weight’ as I went.
If I were to redo this map completely deathless though ? I would use the Silence staff sold in shops to silence the priest, and tank the Noxium.

From the north side you can “poke the bear” with a longbow, which dislodges the boss from that annoying throne and lets me kill her on my own terms.

Very neat map all around, and I love that the new recruit is made unique by her A rank dark magic, something sages don’t have.

Chapter 13 can be summed up with this video:

Five bullets is all I need

Francis dies turn 1, not even down to the precise point of damages because this is Avanni without the Skylar and Cam supports.

With those, she has just enough juice to three-shots Agnessa with a slightly shaky hitrate.

Shoot her only once on turn 2, ensuring that her HP isn’t low enough to trigger the Druid AI with Physics, then finish the job with a double tap on turn 3, which is also right where you should be able to claim all three houses at once with Grelde handling the one past the river.

I was referring to the bottom-most screenshot for ch13x.

Chapter 11x

This map was designed as a kind of a continuation to ch8x in the sense that the roles are reversed. This was the map that got overhauled the most from ver 2.1.

It is possible to split up on Lunatic as well, but it requires extreme precision with your unit placements.
The reinforcements from the back creep up on you so quickly otherwise.

I wanted to add a recruitment convo for a Phantom, so I figured it’d make most sense here. This is the new recruitment method for Trinon mentioned in the patch notes. He may not be particularly good combat unit, but his high staff rank means you’ll get a Warp staff/Asclepius user rather easily even if some of the other staff wielders got benched or died.

Chapter 12x

You cannot get both sides without a Sleep staff. You can make the bottom thief target a different chest by opening the door to the lower area on turn 1 with Unlock.

While it is possible to get all treasure chests, this is basically a map where you have to choose your rewards. Like you mentioned, the pincer attack makes this much more trickier than what it may seem at first.

That is not placeholder text, there’s only so many ways you can give interesting dialogue for anti-turtling units. As for why they have that in the first place:

In multiple maps, there are enemy units who typically target villages, like Brigands or Pirates. At a first glance, it is impossible for the player to tell which one is going to attack the village. so I highlighted them and gave them a bit of dialogue. However, this raised a question: would the player be able to differentiate this from other anti-turtling units? My answer was “no”, and therefore all anti-turtling units were given some dialogue.

The siege tomes, especially Purge (excluding Normal mode) have been placed in a manner that you can’t stall them. I’ve seen time and again people whining how siege tomes are boring since you have to wait them out. Now you can’t - you’ll have to weather the storm or give up.

Yeah, Kirstelle’s your dark magic user in case you missed Belphoebe and for reasons you’re familiar with by now.

The boss in this map changes based on what happened at 9x.

Chapter 13x

19x3 is not 58, did you get that extra point of damage from supports/level up?
Your Avanni is pretty cracked, so this is a viable approach. However, you missed out on lots of EXP,
some houses and the cool boat boss with a droppable stat booster among other things.

As for Rogue’s movement, I have not decreased it for desert terrain. It applies for forests, mountains and ruins. I can take another look at this, but unfortunately there isn’t a way to have only “partial” movement penalty: movement is halved if it costs 2 to move on a tile, and if you decrease the cost to 1 there is no penalty.

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Yeah, I figured that rogue text was likely placeholder. I really liked the pirates’ ones in chapter 13 though~

While you write up your thoughts I’m having fun in the desert.

Naga bless the wingpiercer, it’s one of the greatest weapon in existence.

Also, hey! That Rogue mobility is a scam !

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Oooh, that’s super neat ! So I imagine chapter 13 also looks wildly different ? And all that can be traced back to this initial assassination ! It’s so cool to know there’s so many different ways it can play out.

Yeah, I beat the chapter, realized I didn’t take any sceeenshot to illustrate my point, and quickly loaded my second save slot to snatch some pics. It’s why the second boss is still alive right next to them, I couldn’t be bothered to replay the two entire turns just to properly illustrate it.

What happens is that the first boss kill gave me enough XP to level up and get an extra Str point to precisely three shots the other.

Alas, I will have to deal with the desert then !
I have to admit, that first attempt I showed ended up very poorly. I think I could have finished it, but at this point I had lost half my army and I wouldn’t have been satisfied with a clear so sloppy. I’m going back to the drawing board.
I like how modular the difficulty is: I’m trying to go for the revival win condition (which I understand to be timed from the tremor ?) while also securing the village, and I’m seriously considering using my precious warp staff to help with that. Routing without caring about the village would be much more manageable, and that kind of built-in difficulty slider is why I’ll always love this hack.

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