[FE8] Fire Emblem: Vision Quest (v.07 FEE3 Demo: 27 Chapters - 11.3.19 Release!)


This is my first time playing through the game, so it was a brand new save.


That is odd. I wonder if it conflicts with the skill system in some way now? It was working fine when I tested earlier. Will keep looking, thanks.

I tested on 1-1 and it seems to not have any issues. Curious what happened with your .sav. Could you send it over?


Congrats on getting the new release out! I love the new weapons.

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Following up here for visibility, the convoy issue Mr.Green had above is now fixed. The skillsystem installed a conflicting patch that caused the issue. Should be good to go now!

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New hotfix patch up on Dropbox. There were some other patches applied that I didn’t want (the skip hand axe), and some weapon ranks were messed up on promotion.

Thank you everyone for all the feedback!

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New patch is up with a few edits. There were some issues brought on by my careless upload of the skills system. Here are some fixes.

  • Removed the short hand axe return patch
  • flashy mode disabled
  • anima triangle disabled (it shouldn’t have been turned on)
  • Arckady’s battle palette hair matches his mug hair now (Finally)
  • Spell glitches with misses for some of the custom spells should now work. (thanks Snek for the patch)
  • Some text glitches

Thank you all for the feedback and bug reports!


I’m a simple man - I see Mango, I slap that like.

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Nice going! :tada:


Thanks guys.

Right now my plan is to keep releasing bug fix patches as they come in and then continue work on part IV gameplay and supports.

Thanks everyone for the support!!

Removed the short hand axe return patch

Why did you remove this patch?
Have any bugs occurred?


No bugs, thankfully. I dislike how it looks, personally. I’m not using proc skills so I don’t think it’ll be an issue.

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The patch changes the way regular hand axes look. Since there’s no magic hand axes being used in this hack, there’s no purpose to having the patch.

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This is not so much a bug as an exploit, but I figured I’d report it nonetheless. You can make it so that Lesley doesn’t move, and can be chipped with 2-range. Here’s a screenshot of it.

Of course, if this is intended, pay no mind to this. Note that I unequipped Arckady here so that the soldier doesn’t get killed and so allow Lesley to attack. Also note that Lesley can’t attack on the forest tile above Vagelis.

This next one, however, I think is a minor bug. One of the tents (the one where I placed the cursor) doesn’t count towards the completion of the chapter. That is, you can clear the map without destroying that one tent. Here’s the screenshot.

Lastly, with this update my previous save file broke. It’s not a huge deal for me, but could be for someone else, so you might want to warn people about that. Also, did Lajos get buffed? I remember him being weaker.


Thanks for calling these out.

  • I’ll add a spear to Lesley here to discourage cheese.
  • I’ve been testing supply tents for the past day or so and think I found the fix for it with the events, it will be updated in the next hotfix patch.
  • I mention saves would likely break in the update post. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

EDIT: Yes, Lajos got a buff. There will be a few more minor stat changes upcoming.

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Hey all - Today Vision Quest is having its showcase at FEE3. This link will have the video up in a few hours (posting now since I’ll be at work when it drops), thanks for watching!

The dropbox is also updated with the latest fixes and updates. Enjoy and please keep the feedback coming!


Well, since you said so.

There appears to be some enemies that are not set to level up/grow. This is from the map where you defeat Lesley for good. For example:

He also appears to be the only Kuchingi soldier. Is that intentional?
Compare him to Belaro monk:

If I remember correctly, these next two are from the chapter where you recruit Onderdonk:

I think the Shaman is the one with Luna tome.
There’s also a weak soldier in 3-E.

To be fair, I’m not 100% sure if these are intentional or not, but they seem unintentional.
I also think this description shouldn’t be here:

Maybe one of these days I’ll actually get around to writing something that resemblances coherent feedback. In the meantime I’ll just leave another one of these “bug” reports.


Woops good calls on these. Thanks for sharing! I’ll take a look and get those fixed soon.

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Pandan my friend! You may have seen my commentary on YouTube as CoolHawk19. Thanks to FEE3 I downloaded the current patch and I’m LOVING it. So much I made I finally signed up for FE Universe to share. I’ll report any bugs I find but you and team are doing great with this one!


Hey dude! Thank you so much. Glad to hear you’re enjoying. Appreciate any bugs and feel free to fire over any questions you have

Keep an eye out, there are other great projects that’ll be shown throughout the next week!