[FE8] Fire Emblem: Vision Quest (v.07 FEE3 Demo: 27 Chapters - 11.3.19 Release!)

Nice going! :tada:

Thanks guys.

Right now my plan is to keep releasing bug fix patches as they come in and then continue work on part IV gameplay and supports.

Thanks everyone for the support!!

Removed the short hand axe return patch

Why did you remove this patch?
Have any bugs occurred?

No bugs, thankfully. I dislike how it looks, personally. I’m not using proc skills so I don’t think it’ll be an issue.

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The patch changes the way regular hand axes look. Since there’s no magic hand axes being used in this hack, there’s no purpose to having the patch.

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This is not so much a bug as an exploit, but I figured I’d report it nonetheless. You can make it so that Lesley doesn’t move, and can be chipped with 2-range. Here’s a screenshot of it.

Of course, if this is intended, pay no mind to this. Note that I unequipped Arckady here so that the soldier doesn’t get killed and so allow Lesley to attack. Also note that Lesley can’t attack on the forest tile above Vagelis.

This next one, however, I think is a minor bug. One of the tents (the one where I placed the cursor) doesn’t count towards the completion of the chapter. That is, you can clear the map without destroying that one tent. Here’s the screenshot.

Lastly, with this update my previous save file broke. It’s not a huge deal for me, but could be for someone else, so you might want to warn people about that. Also, did Lajos get buffed? I remember him being weaker.

Thanks for calling these out.

  • I’ll add a spear to Lesley here to discourage cheese.
  • I’ve been testing supply tents for the past day or so and think I found the fix for it with the events, it will be updated in the next hotfix patch.
  • I mention saves would likely break in the update post. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

EDIT: Yes, Lajos got a buff. There will be a few more minor stat changes upcoming.

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Hey all - Today Vision Quest is having its showcase at FEE3. This link will have the video up in a few hours (posting now since I’ll be at work when it drops), thanks for watching!

The dropbox is also updated with the latest fixes and updates. Enjoy and please keep the feedback coming!


Well, since you said so.

There appears to be some enemies that are not set to level up/grow. This is from the map where you defeat Lesley for good. For example:

He also appears to be the only Kuchingi soldier. Is that intentional?
Compare him to Belaro monk:

If I remember correctly, these next two are from the chapter where you recruit Onderdonk:

I think the Shaman is the one with Luna tome.
There’s also a weak soldier in 3-E.

To be fair, I’m not 100% sure if these are intentional or not, but they seem unintentional.
I also think this description shouldn’t be here:

Maybe one of these days I’ll actually get around to writing something that resemblances coherent feedback. In the meantime I’ll just leave another one of these “bug” reports.

Woops good calls on these. Thanks for sharing! I’ll take a look and get those fixed soon.

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Pandan my friend! You may have seen my commentary on YouTube as CoolHawk19. Thanks to FEE3 I downloaded the current patch and I’m LOVING it. So much I made I finally signed up for FE Universe to share. I’ll report any bugs I find but you and team are doing great with this one!


Hey dude! Thank you so much. Glad to hear you’re enjoying. Appreciate any bugs and feel free to fire over any questions you have

Keep an eye out, there are other great projects that’ll be shown throughout the next week!



New title screen! Courtesy of Laurent Lacroix. Big thank you to 7743 for helping with some palette issues. This will be added to the game in the next update patch.

There is no better item for the title screen than the mighty steel blade.


I received a member card in Chapter 2-3.

Where are the secret shops located?

Right now the only secret shop is on the staircase on the boat in 2-5.

Hi all - a new patch is available on the dropbox linked in the first post. This includes a few fixes that were caught over the past couple of weeks.

I’m going to be traveling a bit for work and the holidays for most of December, so I wanted to get the fixes out before I am out of pocket for a while.



Hello there! I just created an account so I could talk a bit about this romhack. I usually try to stay away from unfinished projects, but 27 chapters, holy moly it might as well be finished! Hopefully, my feedback will be of use to you as you finish your game.

So I made it to the end of the first arc…at first, I intended to wait until the end of the patch to speak my mind, but given the size of it and of the notes I’ve been keeping, I think I’ll unload them here now, and again at the end.

So, Vision Quest! I’m really enjoying it thus far. Gameplay’s pretty solid, I feel, and that’s the most important part of FE for me. I’m no expert when it comes to FE, but the maps feel right, and for the most part, there are enough side objectives to keep things busy. Highlights for me were chapters 6 and Chapter 10. They felt tightly designed, and the time limit ensured I had to keep pushing forward. And I love the playable cast’s size. More units add to the replay value.
I do feel that the game’s a bit too stingy with the cash, though. It fits the plot at first, but I think Titus should definitely join with a white gem, something like that. Also, I could tell you’re a Kaga fan by the growth rates. So low, so much red and orange…! It’s fine, I don’t like stat inflation, but I do believe that you should make more of an effort to make the units more unique, with more distinct growths and bases. At the beginning of the game, all of my team did the same damage! The issue did resolve itself as the game went on, though.

The story’s decent enough. Writing could use some polishing, though. I understand that this is a WIP, and I’ve faith that you’ll improve on this front, but still, typoes and glitches are frequent and so are run-on sentences. You need to use less commas and more dots, I feel. As for the plot itself, it’s nothing too special, but I’m enjoying it enough. Couple of plothooks keeping me interested, too. That Emperor guy looks fishy, and I was curious about Storch’s brother before his fate was revealed. More on that later.

I do have one complaint: please don’t take this the wrong way, but I find it a bit ironic that you said you want your story to “deviate from the norm”, but ended up falling for the trap of writing your protagonist to be the “sword mercenary kinda guy that is not a noble but comes in contact with one eventually and has a rough story with his family” sort. Not sure how many would agree, but I would call that the Marth lord of romhacks. Order of the Crimson Arm has Algimas, Road to ruin has Vance, FE itself has Ike, you can even count Kelik in there if you want. And that’s all bigger-name hacks, there are tons of smaller games that have this same protagonist. Storch scores some points by virtue of starting off as a morally-questionable brigand rather than a generic mercenary. That’s pretty original, but from there I’ve seen him done before, and his constant back-and-forth between “I gotta do this!” and “I cannot do this!” got annoying. Frankly, I like Titus better. He’s not very remarkable either, but he’s more entertaining to watch, and he’s more unique as a unit.

Musically, the choices are all fine, there’s nothing that really sticks out as unfitting. However, the quality of the tracks is rather hit-or-miss. Army of Verdane, the boss theme and Lionheart Eldigan are pretty damn good, but book 2’s Victory is Ours and the recruitment theme are not nice to listen to, for a few examples.

Graphically, I like the choices of custom animations. Those knights are top tier, and so are the pirates, even if the backflip’s a bit over-the-top. A couple of the palettes are wonky, but other than that, it’s all fine. The spells leave a lot to be desired, but I’ve heard how difficult it is to make spell animations, so I won’t really dwell on that.

Like I said earlier, I’ve been noting down my thoughts for each chapter as I went. Here they are. Don’t expect cohesive analyses of each chapter, these are just random thoughts that popped up on my mind as I played. This is going to get a little lengthy, so please bear with me.



  • I love that you can move forcefully deployed units around in the formation. However, this does create some problems: in chapter 7x, you can move Storch and Gunnar to the main group, which completely defeats the whole purpose of the map (I didn’t do it because I like a challenge, but I could’ve, and that’s not good). In chapter 11, you can ruin Titus’s plan and move him and Storch from their positions. If there’s a way to affix units to their initial positions only in certain maps, I recommend that you do so for these maps.
  • The palettes of the following characters do not fit the color schemes of their portraits: Cutter, Dewi, Sri, Helga, Zoya and Gelt. Also, Lera’s unpromoted palette has a weird white color on her legs. It’s not too big, but it could do with a fix.
  • Female Cavaliers and Paladins in general have infantry footstep sounds.
  • The chapter numbers on the prep menu are more often than not wrong.
  • The first boss theme fades away after a while and doesn’t restart. Battles don’t usually last long enough for it to happen, but some of the battle convos can take quite some time.


  • Vaspasian has no blink frames.
  • Speaking of Vaspasian, I think his death shouldn’t have animations. Just have Gradin knock him on the overworld. The battle looks wonky because he doesn’t have a palette, and it’s the first scene of the game; his death doesn’t have enough weight to it to warrant a full-fledged scripted battle, in my opinion.
  • I love Esfir. Sassy Thief jeigan? Don’t mind if I do!


  • Fog of war! It’s not too bad thanks to Esfir’s existance and the chapter 1 torch, but I don’t see the need for it in this particular map. It would play exactly the same without the fog.
  • I like these map conversations, in lieu of supports.
  • Early S weapons? Cool idea, rewards extensive training on a certain weapon type!


  • I don’t like that Storch’s parents are generic villagers. If nothing else, recolor them to look more like their sons. More optimally, give them their own portraits. They’re both important enough to warrant them. Also, give mom a name. Dad’s got Pawel, but at least as of chapter 2-1, mom’s name remains unknown.
  • I enjoy that the generic asshole Brigand wasn’t an entirely one-dimensional bandit obsessed with loot and actually attacked Rask solely to avenge Cutter (who, by the way, was also a bit more than your bog-standard earlygame boss). Cute little details that help humanize these early brigands.


  • I like that this game uses FE12 javelins and handaxes. Low power is pretty much a necessity to ensure these things don’t trivialize the whole game.
  • Former pirate Priest with big defensive bases and con. I love this idea. His design’s on point too.
  • Early warp (and rescue) with a ton of uses that’s balanced due to the low magic of the only available users. Love this idea, cheers for that.
  • I didn’t get the joke about the “mighty” steel axe. Just pointing that out. Is it some sort of injoke?
  • Onisim and Borst don’t have a boss convo. It’s understandable, but I still would’ve liked to see one.


  • Bergen’s portrait is completely static, he neither blinks nor moves his mouth when talking.
  • Cool escape chapter, but I think it could’ve used a recruitable to spice things up even more. A Soldier, a lance Cavalier or a magic user of some kind would’ve been perfect: the earlygame badly needs more of those. Larisa is the only lance user until Ruslan, and the only infantry lance user until Zoya. Lera is the only Mage until Titus (or until you promote Onisim or Dewi, but I can’t see anyone doing that before Titus joins). By contrast, when Ruslan shows up, you’ve already got 2 axe users, 5 sword users, 2 bowmen (3 if you count Lajos, who joins at almost the same time as Ruslan) and 2 healers. A bit unbalanced, wouldn’t you say?


  • Augustym’s death. I’m going to stop here for a moment. I really didn’t like this scene.
    For starters, “be careful there are brigands in the place where you’re going” tells you everything you need to know. Cut that line, makes everything far too predictable. Larisa has freckles that she loses when she grows up. I liked that Augustym didn’t fall to the first few brigands and actually survived to die in front of the others, but his death was… really poorly executed.
    I’m sure you’ll improve it in future releases, this being a demo and all, but it all goes way too fast. The music doesn’t change at any point, there are no sound effects, the screen doesn’t even blink! The brigand that kills Augustym isn’t the same one that survived the earlier scuffle (in fact, he shares his portrait with the ones that got killed). It feels really shoddy, overall. To solve this, I think it’d be a good idea to split this scene into multiple parts. Show the player one part of the story per chapter, keep them wondering what’s going to happen next as they go. To drop it all in one go feels a bit too… heavy-handed, in my humble opinion.
  • Houston’s sprite is, like Bergen’s, completely static.
  • If you don’t recruit her immediately, Dewi begins to waste her rescue staff on Sri. Was that intentional?


  • The conversation between Sri and Dewi takes place in absolute darkness. It feels a bit silly when the cursor highlights the tiles you need to step on to recruit Gunnar, but you can’t see a thing.
  • Speaking of Gunnar, he’s the first of what I’d like to dub “Stefan recruitments”. The game tries to hint at it, but I don’t think it does so too well. “There may be enemies there, we better check that out” doesn’t make me think to step on the tiles, it makes me keep an eye out for reinforcements. There’s no reason for Gunnar to be recruited in this fashion, either: he’s storming the place on his own to put a stop to the schemes of the dark mages, so why does he wait until one of the player units steps on those two tiles to move out? It’d be a lot more intuitive and sensible if he appeared as a green unit.
  • The pun with the bosses, man… not sure if it’s awesome or horrible. Let’s say horribly awesome. Anyway, is there a particular reason why you only have to kill Stoise to finish the map? Does Zard appear in 7x if he survives? Because if he doesn’t, I think the “kill boss” objective should include him.
  • Owen’s portrait has weird blinking frames, and he uses the FE6 outline, which clashes with the rest of the portraits.
  • The “choke every point with pride” line. Just, kill it with fire. It utterly ruins the mood and the immersion. I’m fine with memes, but only if used with moderation. Zard and Stoise were all right. Hollace is fine because the game doesn’t go for the obvious “Murder Hollace” reference. This line is “Can’t let you do that, Anakin. Galagar has ordered us to take you down” levels of not right. Trash this line, is my advice. It’s supposed to be a serious scene. I know Owen’s meant to be a bit of a goofball, but there’s joking around and then there’s saying something that doesn’t make any sense in-universe.


  • Like I said earlier, Storch and Gunnar’s positions should be fixed.
  • The enemy phase theme for this chapter has crackling artifacts.


  • Hoo, boy. This one. This is the one chapter that I can safely say I did not enjoy in the slightest. Allow me to elaborate.

For starters, it’s set up as this duel between brothers. It’s a nice concept… but then the whole team’s there. And then Augustym has an army, for no reason. And there are chests all over the place. Not only is the gameplay-story segregation really grating, but this chapter’s too lengthy and has nothing to do with the plot. Two chapters in a row devoted to setting up the customary evil cult was already pushing it, and this doesn’t even do that so well, as it’s not clear whether Storch’s freaky dream is their work or will just be left unexplained. I’m fine with Gunnar being all mysterious and entering Storch’s dreams, and dad appearing as a surprise reinforcement, but that’s it.

This chapter poses far too many questions and offers no answers. How did the army end up there? Are they themselves, or fragments of Storch’s imagination? If they’re the latter, how come they keep their training from this chapter in real life? Why do everyone’s weapons degrade for real in the dream world? How does Storch keep the items he gets? What even is this whole chapter’s purpose, is it explained later or did I miss something?

This is my humble opinion of what you should do with this chapter: trash it, entirely. Move the map elsewhere if you want to keep it, but do not use it here. A standard map like this does not fit the situation. Make it a duel between the brothers that takes place in a tiny map. If you don’t want to take them out of the chapter, have Gunnar be force-deployed and start on the other side of the map with dad. Maybe Gunnar could state that he’ll fight with dad to keep Storch from getting ganged up on, while he concentrates on ending Augustym.
If you’re worried the player’s Storch won’t be up to the task, make it like TLP’s duel between Leon and Kelik, where you still proceed into the next chapter even if Kelik loses against Leon. For example, just as Storch is about to give in to his inner demons, Gunnar arrives and gives him the speech that he currently gives him at the beginning of the chapter. This grants Storch the strength to fight back, and the chapter ends as normal. However, you miss out on a dropable item that Augustym is carrying if you don’t kill him. This is, in my opinion, better than what this chapter currently is.

  • And then there’s the gameplay. This chapter is horrible. For starters, it’s effective-fest in Storch’s dreams! Marlen can’t move forward because zanbato, Larisa can’t move forward because armorslayer… it’s really annoying. And then, just as I was getting a hang of the situation, Augustym’s bullshit happens. Augustym’s warning only amounts to “something bad will happen at some point, brace for impact”. It does not excuse warping him on top of the player like that, while simultaneously spawning dad to cut the units’s retreat. I managed to just barely get Vagelis out of there with Dewi, but still, not fun, and I was unable to stop the Thief as I was planning to do.
    And then, the Thief goes for the energy ring and escapes through the staircase that’s right below the chest, all while you’re still preoccupied fighting two bosses and a bunch of effective enemies! I wasted a warp use trying to cut him off the wrong path, because I assumed he would go right. This doesn’t even happen anywhere else in the game, so far as I’m aware.
    Oh, and there’s fog. Again. For the FOURTH time in a row. Joy.
    All in all, really unenjoyable chapter. Needs some more time on the backburner, I think.


  • Finally! No more fog! Rejoice, everybody - we can see!
  • Cruller only has blinking frames for one of his eyes. It’s weird to look at.
  • Saving the green soldiers is completely impossible. One of them dies in the first turn no matter what, and even if he didn’t, the idiots charge the enemy. I hope there isn’t a reward for saving all of them.


  • MAGE ARMOR! I absolutely adore this idea. I also like how using the vanilla armor sprite actually makes him unique in the context of this game. Also also, green. I like green.
  • FE7 music. Whyyyyyyyy. Merely subjective complaint, pay it no mind. Just felt like saying it.
  • Garrison’s blinking frames are weird. Also, does his sprite make anybody else think of McDonald’s? It’s the same color scheme!
  • As I mentioned earlier, the Thieves actually have sensible escape routes in this chapter. What the heck happened in 7xx?


  • I feel like I missed something with Zoya and Hollace. They jump from “conflicted but loyal” to “let’s join Lord Titus” in the span of two chapters. Did I just forget/skip the “oh no we’re actually the bad guys” phase or what?
  • Hollace’s design makes me want to Murder Hollace. Fun meme, but rest assured, I won’t ever use him. I think it’s the hair. I despise his hair. It looks so… uncanny.
  • The AI in this map took a huge time to move its units for some reason. It doesn’t happen anywhere else, as far as I noticed. Strange.
  • Honeydew has a Stefan recruitment, but this one’s hinted at pretty explicitly. Of the three Stefan recruitments I’ve seen thus far, I believe this is the only one worth keeping.


  • Like I said earlier, Storch and Titus’s positions should be fixed. Note copypasting!
  • Duck’s Stefan recruitment is the worst of them all. “Oh yeah, there’s probably an enemy hiding somewhere in the entire area outside the castle. Have fun.” And that’s not all - the hint mentions forests, but Duck is not in a forest, he’s in the plain at the very corner of the map! Without the recruitment guide, this guy is impossible to find. Not cool. Make him a green unit that appears in turn 2 or whatever.
  • Speaking of Duck, his palette is weird. If you’re going to do bald units, I think you should go all nine yards and give them their own animations. Flesh-colored hair looks horrendous.
  • Erasmus and Bromhilda warping away is weird. Why don’t they just walk away?
  • Some of this chapter’s armors have movement despite the fact that they don’t ever more.
  • Storch promotes? Completely out of the blue? Okay… And Titus’s promotion is still nowhere in sight even after he ascends the throne? O-Okay… Personally, I think they should both promote at the start of part 2. Titus has ascended the throne, and Storch has reached the peak of his popularity. Of course, I have no idea how Titus promotes in the current game. Perhaps that can stay, depending on how it plays out, but Storch’s promotion is a bit too sudden and weirdly placed.


  • I have nothing to say about this one, actually. Quite solid defense map, and a worthy ending to Gradin’s reign. I just feel like Gradin’s death quote should be a little longer. As it is, it implies that he’ll survive to have one final scene, but then he just… dies, after a single line of death. It’s weird.

All right, that’s it for the notes! I’ve nothing else to do, but to share my team for any who care to see it.

My team right now, as of 2-1

Storch is okay. Just about too slow to double anything before I fed him a speedwing, and his defenses are lacking, but he’s all right.

Titus is great. As an armor he’s actually not that sturdy, but he can take a hit or four, unlike Lera. He cannot double, but Dire Thunder takes care of that in flying colors. I’m just worried that his promotion will be too late.

A tanky powerhouse with speed as her only flaw (although, it is a pretty huge flaw…). Great fun to use. She does kinda kick Ruslan out of the park as soon as she appears, which is a bit lame, but eh.

Faster, but squishier and weaker Storch. Storch’s caught up to him since, though, and now he’s basically just a worse Storch. Still, I like the guy.

Jeigan Thief. Cool at the start, but she fell off pretty quickly. Now she’s basically just thief/10. Otilie probably has better potential, but I like Esfir, so she’s staying for now.

Eeeeehhhh… not the best Mage I’ve ever seen, but she gets the job done. Still, I can see Vernon outclassing her as soon as he joins.

This guy’s awesome. I wanted to use him just because I liked the whole “pirate turned priest” backstory, and he sure has delivered. How often do you see a Bishop that’s tied for the second-tankiest unit in the team? And he was worried about being outclassed by Dewi! She wishes she was so good. I’ve only had him as a fighter for one chapter, but he proved his mettle there: there was nothing that he couldn’t take on. Even Gradin couldn’t compare. Really fun to use. Just a shame, I wanted to use Tien, but this guy’s set the bar a bit too high!

The epitome of glass canon. He’s an offensive powerhouse, but also really squishy - though not as much as you’d think, thanks to his titanic HP. He was the first unit that ever doubled consistently, and ever since he started he hasn’t stopped. He doubles everything and one-shots Mages and Thieves. Great, great unit, one of my favourites.

Your standard Knight. Sky-high strength and defense, low speed. I always really enjoyed using Knights, and with infantry move, they’re even more fun to use. Watching everything desperately trying to kill her was great. Just look at this picture!

She could’ve gone on forever if Leslie wasn’t around. This has yet to change. Even Mages can’t really dent her. Not sure how Hollace would’ve compared if I used him, but I don’t really care. I was far too invested on my actually-good pink female armor to care about Memedude.

Kid’s personal is better than he is, but that’s not to say he’s bad. Swordlock screws him over more often than not, but he’s an all-around solid Cavalier. I like him.

Way to make Vagelis and Sri feel bad about themselves, man. Hope you’re proud of yourself. I sure am. After this guy arrived, I never had the need to use slowpoke Vagelis and noodlearms Sri ever again. He did everything they could do, better than them. Good unit.

Finally, more lances! Zoya’s pretty great all around. I really can’t think of much else to say, she’s just a fun unit to use. Also, I like her design, even if I am not sure if she’s supposed to look like a child or a smaller adult.


Decent filler prepromote. Will probably give her the boot when I run out of space, but while she’s here, she performs pretty well.

Everyone else was either not used, or dropped at one point or another.

And that’s it! I feel like I’ve been quite critical, so let me just tell you that, despite my complaints, you can rest assured that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the hack, and will continue to do so till I reach the end of the patch. Good luck finishing it up, and count me in for the final release!


Hey man, appreciate the detailed feedback! Read through it all and think it is pretty fair overall. Most importantly, glad you enjoy.

Some of your critiques of story elements will be resolved later in the game (some of which aren’t in this existing release), so stay tuned for that.

1-7xx I understand is difficult and seemingly out of place. This tonal shift is because of where it takes place and also the lens with which the story is told.

Storch is not particularly expressive. He is moody and doesn’t articulate himself well. 1-7xx I wrote with the intent of highlighting how he feels without having him come out and say it. He puts on a strong front most times, but many things weigh on his mind and distort his perception of reality. It isn’t really about the cult.

Much of the payoff (or perceived payoff) will come later. It’ll make more sense when the game is complete.

Hope that helps! Thanks again for playing and sharing feedback. Will be doing a more in depth read as I make changes in prep for the v1 release

Happy to help! Also glad to hear that some of my issues were addressed before I even came up with them. I can only hope that my feedback will help in improving the final game, even if only slightly. As I said, despite my complaints, I’m enjoying the game. Enough to consistently play it on a daily basis since I started. I can think of a couple official FEs where I could not manage that, so kudos to you!

I’ve just made it to the end of arc 2, and I’ve got another pile of notes to deliver, but I think I’ll wait a few days, till I finish arc 3 as well. Don’t want to clog the thread.

That being said, I will say this now: I believe that, in arc 2, Titus should be given a lot more screentime, and Storch a lot less. Leaving aside my subjective preference for him, arc 2 just seems to me like it’s more about Titus than anybody else: it’s his journey to Mahala, he’s the target of the assassins sent by Horvath, the whole vision quest thing is all about him (by the way, really awesome way to make the game’s title relevant! For the longest time I thought it was just random words put together. Glad I was wrong!), he’s the one involved in all the politics and, overall, he’s just the leading man of this part’s plot. Storch… doesn’t really do much of anything here, other than just tag along with Titus and fight for him.

The problem here is that, despite this, Storch still has more screentime than Titus. Titus only appears in the vital scenes and a couple others. The rest of the time, the game still follows Storch for the most part. The only thing Storch ever seems to do in this arc, aside from meeting Naia again (which is perfectly fine and should stay), is complain about everything and feel homesick while his friends talk about food. This got really grating, really fast. Personally, I believe that you should cut some of the “Storch complains that he just wants to get the job done and go back home” scenes and replace them with scenes about Titus. He seems more and more interesting the more I play, but he could use some more screentime, I feel.

For instance, have him talk to Esfir. I’m sure his exact relationship with her will be revealed in due time, but some more foreshadowing / hyping up wouldn’t hurt - the last time the subplot was even mentioned was way back in arc 1, right after Titus appeared. People join his army and he doesn’t even bother having a word with them; even if Storch is still the one to recruit (I understand he probably has better luck talking to the common folk than pompous blondie overthere), at least give Titus some optional conversations with the new guys, á là Marth in FE11. Storch also gets nearly all of the pre and post-battle banter. That’s not right, let Titus react to the battles that directly concern him. Also, more scenes with him and Helga. I love their dynamic, really wish we got more of that. Storch and his group of friends are also fun, but they ran their course in act 1, I think. They can take more of a backseat here, if only for this arc.

This way, you get three arcs that all revolve around one protagonist, while introducing the next near the end: arc 1 is about Storch, and introduces Titus three chapters from the end; arc 2 is about Titus, and introduces Waluyo in the final chapter, when the war with Kuching begins; and then arc 3 is about Waluyo. Neat and consistent, I think. This also naturally builds up into a fourth arc where the three of them join forces and share the spotlight equally. Though I don’t know where the story will go after this (I haven’t even started arc 3!), so now I’m just spewing random thoughts, really.

Small spoilers Can I just say I'm really, really worried that Titus will eventually become the villain? That one scene in his gaiden was too ominous... please, please, please please don't make him the villain and force me to go with Storch alone...!

Of course, take what I say with a grain of salt. I do not mean to boss anybody around, I merely suggest what I humbly believe would be good changes. At the end of the day, you’re the game’s creator. It’s up to you to decide what is best.

…to end with a positive note, allow me to praise Titus’s gaiden. You’d think a desert chapter with fog and a force-deployed armor would be even worse than 7xx, but somehow, I enjoyed it more - both the gameplay and the story. In both aspects, it seemed like a far superior version of 7xx. Even the timing of the chapter was better. Maybe it’s just my Titus bias speaking here.

…oh goodness, I wrote another bible of a post by accident. Hoo, boy… sorry. All right, time to stop. Till next time.


Appreciate all of this, and that’s an interesting perspective on Titus’ screentime in Part II.

I promise you there will be plenty of Helga/Titus in part IV.

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