[FE8] Fire Emblem: Vision Quest (03.01.19 v.04 out! 18 Chapters!)


Hey All,

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and had a restful New Year’s celebration.

December was a slow month for development overall, but I have a few updates to share. I know the art quality in this hack is currently sub-par (and frames are missing, etc.), but thanks to Zaim/Zmr with help from Card, we have two new updates for characters that needed it badly.

Marlen (by Zaim)

Storch (by Zaim & Card)

Additionally, a few other changes:

Team SALVAGED cavaliers are now inserted! Here’s how Marlen looks.

… And the new female edit available in the Repo! Thanks to flasuban for the edit to the original. This is Stina, an axe cavalier you will meet in Part III. Big thanks to KidCinder/Spear Doggo for the help on these palettes and many more.

The game now has 40 playable characters inserted w/ working supports (but not convos)

I received feedback on a few maps based on their flow, size, and difficulty, and made a few updates. Here are what the new maps look like. I’ve tested them out and enjoy how they play much more than before, and hope you do too:

New Chapter 1-2

New Chapter 1-4

Additionally, the script for the entire game is now complete. I’ll be going back and making edits, but the first completed draft is ready, and now it’s a matter of inserting them.

Lastly, “legendary” weapons are now in the game, and attainable through a number of secrets and riddles that you’ll need to solve on a few maps. I won’t spoil too much, but there will be houses that give you clues to how to find the items and what task you would need to complete. The game is certainly beatable without them, but S rank weapons will certainly help make it easier. You’ll be able to attain a few of them in Part I & II.

My goal for this weekend is to finish inserting the script for the final Part II map and continue testing it in preparation for release in the coming months.

Thanks again everyone for your support and feedback. Next update will (hopefully) be the release of Part II (18 total playable chapters), stay tuned!


Hey All,

Wanted to follow up with an update on production since it’s been about a month. Things slowed down a bit, and as some of you saw on discord, there are some health issues I’m in the process of working through. It’s looking good overall, and I’ve adjusted some of my habits and am on the road to getting back to where I need to be.

Unfortunately, adjusting how I spend my free time to accommodate for a healthier life style has left me less time to work on the hack.

Thankfully, I’ve gotten a few key pieces done and have a few updates to share:

  • All playable units now have mini-mugs
  • Chapter 1-8 has been reworked completely to tighten up the flow.
  • All text for Parts I & II (18 chapters) is added, including village, talk, and battle text.
  • All palettes for player, NPC, and enemy units are now added - kudos to SpearDoggo for the big help on this.

What’s next?

  • All mini-mugs for bosses and NPCs
  • Insert text for Part III
  • Playtest Part III’s chapters and fix a few technical bits to ensure it all works correctly.

In addition, I’m combing through the existing chapters and polishing things up to ensure a smooth experience - excited to share more with you all soon! Still aiming to get this out by the end of March, stay tuned.


Hi all,

I’m excited to announce Part II of Vision Quest is now available! You can download the patch here and in the first post.

It’s been a wild few months since I last released an update of Vision Quest to the public. From the hasty FEE3 release, I’m proud to say the team and I made a ton of progress in a little over 4 months. Big thank you to SpearDoggo, AuthorPendragon, myst1cp4nd4, and Zaim who were all super helpful in creating mugs and palettes for the release. Would not be here without them.

Also want to give a big thank you to Snakey1 for giving me incredible detail in answering my noob hacking questions - have a much greater understanding of how to make things work under the hood thanks to him.

And of course, a thank you to the community for the support from FEE3 and in general over the past few months.

This update includes 18 playable chapters, picking up after the events of 1-E with Storch and his companions. I won’t spoil everything here, but please keep in mind a few things:

  • Maps may have some tile errors/changes. Working on fixing these. Additionally, I recognize aesthetics on some of these are bad, and if you want to take a stab at fixing them, feel free to. Would appreciate the help.

  • Not everyone has talking/blinking frames. Some of the mugs are set to have mouth movement at 255x255 so they flicker in the top corner.

  • Some of the art (in particular, my own, is not great. If you want to spruce it up, be my guest)

  • Some battle backgrounds are weird / out of context.

  • There are probably more bugs and weird things that I’m not aware of, so if you catch them, please share with me here or on Discord

  • The patch ends at Chapter 2-E. You can open it up in FEBuilder to get a teaser of what’s being worked on in Part III and add a “Goto next chapter” command to test it out in its current (mostly incomplete) state.

Additionally, I want to highlight that there are design choices that deviate from conventional GBA FE (high HP values, skills at level 15/5, etc.) and hope that you enjoy these changes and aren’t frustrated by them.

Appreciate any and all feedback either here or on our discord. Always open to suggestions. And of course, any bugs you catch that I miss would be great.

Part III is currently scoped at 10 chapters and will require quite a lot more work to get off the ground. I’m excited to continue working on it and getting this ready in the future as we get to the home stretch of completing the game, for a proper v1 release.

Thanks again for the support, everyone. I hope you enjoy, it’s been fun building this so far!

Download Link for Vision Quest v.04 (18 Chapters)
Link to Discord

And a few screenshots to show off some of the updates:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9\

Edit: As a reminder, Hard mode has not been tested yet. Please go with Normal mode for the designed experience, thanks.


Hey how do I tell when we’ve finally reached chapter one-

oh nm I figured it out


Plot twist, that screenshot is from chapter 18


Hey all,

There was an error in the patch that caused the infamous res glitch (among a few other small issues that got pointed out). I updated the patch and put it on Dropbox.

Please let me know if you run into any other bugs, appreciate the support!


Hi all,

I’ve seen and received feedback about the game’s difficulty. It’s helpful to get this type of feedback and specific instances where the game feels too challenging or unfair. As the sole designer and developer, I don’t have a ton of gameplay feedback other than my own and a few seasoned members of the community who have shared in depth notes with me, but who also are generally aligned on the type of difficulty they enjoy.

While designing Vision Quest, a goal from the outset was to make a game I would enjoy playing, and I tend to skew towards the more challenging side. So I understand if you find the “normal” mode is more difficult than say Eliwood normal or vanilla FE8.

I am in the process of scoping out the use of Easy Mode to lower the toughness of enemies to allow for a more casual run of the game.

I am also exploring adding a few prepromotes to the story (and a secret character or two) to hedge against getting screwed and make the game more bearable for those who want to play iron man, or simply have poor luck with levels.

In the interim, I’ll share some tips to help you out.

  • This game, unlike most GBA FE, is PP oriented. I took a lot of inspiration from FE11 on this front (and also FE5 to an extent) and enemies are generally going to hit hard, so you’ll want to avoid getting countered.

  • There are a ton of stealables in this game. Check inventories of enemies. There is something useful almost every map. You’ll need to steal stuff to get a steady supply of gold to buy weapons.

  • Speaking of weapons, if you try to go through the game only using irons or base tomes, you will most likely have a tough time. The enemies have high HP and ORKO is the exception, not the norm. There are a lot of effective weapons scattered throughout the game to help you dismantle enemies quickly, and you’ll probably need to use expensive weapons more than you would normally in GBA FE to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed.

  • There are also S rank weapons (one per weapon type) hidden throughout the game. There are hints or side objectives you can complete to earn them. They’re 15 use, but with super high MT, and should help when you’re in a bind later on.

  • There is a barrier staff early on and lots of pure water. Use them. I know I never needed to in vanilla GBA, but they make a difference here on some maps.

  • Skills are gained at level 15 base, level 5 promoted.

  • Supports are gained within range of 3, so units do not need to be adjacent to each other to build supports. Supports were designed to be faster, and the flexibility should help you access their bonuses sooner, which should also offset some of the difficulty (and hedge against unlucky level ups). You can view everyone’s support partners in the “support” screen in battle preps so you can plan accordingly. Affinities work as they do in vanilla.

I’m excited to continue working on the game and making more improvements. I hope this is helpful to you as you play through. Please hit me up on discord (or post here) if you have specific feedback, would love to hear more about what you like and don’t like about the game.

Thanks all.