[FE8] Fire Emblem: Twilight Sword

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Well I’m officially 19 today, so I guess now is as good of a time as ever to announce my current project, Fire Emblem: Twilight Sword! From the Olbern Keep Development team, FE:TS follows Lord Cosmo of Fasia as he travels the duo continent of Lykoti.

Lykoti is a diverse land, divided into two main landmasses east and west, along with several islands. Lykoti was created a millennium and a half ago by the 6 Founders, who used the power of 5 stones of creation, along with a sword of light, to reform the world after it was ruined by an ancient demon. Lykoti is made up of 8 major nations: Aretia, the nation of light and piety, Sulz, the nation of diversity and war, Kinford, the nation of trade and caste, Temsa, the nation of knowledge and acceptance, Virterra, the nation of reverence, Kamutia, the nation of balance and nature, Terah, the nation of dragons, and Fasia, the land of lords. Cosmo sets out to journey Lykoti after an urgent call from his cousin, Lord Florio, alerts him to a conspiracy spreading through the land.

FE: Twilight Sword will feature 3 main story arcs, each spanning different parts of Lykoti, and features multiple new unique concepts, such as: Zodiac Signs for each character, replacing affinities with Zodiacs based on each character’s birthday. We also feature multiple new classes and secret unique personal weapons for many of the characters!

Fire Emblem: Twilight Sword currently has the first arc or the first 9 chapters fully playable, and we are looking for beta testers! Join the Olbern Keep discord server: (Olbern Keep Discord), and ask about beta testing if ur interested! Heres some screenshots:
FE Twilight Sword-6 FE Twilight Sword-8 SPELLTESTER-0 FE Twilight Sword-9 FE Twilight Sword-1 FE Twilight Sword-5
Also, here is a relatively up-to-date image of the world map that shows all of the nations of Lykoti+ some outliers! (made in Azgaar’s fantasy map generator):

and heres the credits, which will be updated relatively often:
FE Twilight Sword:
Lead Developer: Squill
Developers: Olbern Keep Hacking Team: (Peerless, ArdentRuby, Serif,Feier, Mr. Karkino, Falchion Z, ObsidianDaddy,Daalehner, RandomWizard, Brunhilda, Miik.)
Item/Weapon/Skill Icons: ArdentRuby, Indogutsu Tenbuki, EldritchAbomination, Monkeybard, Blaze
Portraits: Glaceo, Squill, Nickt, Melia, Randomwizard, ArdentRuby, Gogibaph, Peerless, Lenh, Feier, ObsidianDaddy, LaurentLacroix,Zwelix,HyperGammaSpaces,Imperial,Smoketguy77,whydidimakethisaccount,DertheVaporeon,MiguelRojo,Zmr, LevinClaude,
Class Portraits: Nuramon, Flasuban, RobertFPY, Arch, team SALVAGED, SamirPlayz, L95, Aruka, Yggdra, TBA, DerTheVaporeon, Melia
Map Design: Randomwizard, Squill
Map Tilesets: Flasuban, N426,ZoramineFae, Venno, Wave
Music: ArdentRuby, SurfingKyogre, Pandan, Saxor_the_nobody,MrGreen3339,Sme,Mycahel, Squill, Pikmin1211
Battle Animations:Team SALVAGED, Jey the Count,Devisian_Nights, Flasuban, Nuramon, Leo_Link, Iscaneus,Tsushi,Greentea,DerTheVaporeon,Keks_Krebs,Beccarte,SD9K,The_Big_Dededester, Pikmin1211, Maiser6,Ukelele, Temp, Black Mage, Wan, Orihara_Saki, Itranc, Alusq,Aruka,Kenpuhu,Spud,Swain,qiuz007,Knabepicer,shadowofchaos,sme,shitck, ZoramineFae, L95, Obsidian Daddy, tristan_hollow,Cipher Lee,HyperGammaSpaces
Battle Frame: Sokabella
Spell/Skill Animations: BwdYeti, Orihara_Saki, Mikey Seregon, SHYUTERz, Arch, HyperGammaSpaces, Seal, Sacred War, Mariode, Kenpuhu
Battle Backgrounds:Dennis el Azul, Vanarus, Ryan914, Bean, Valoc Dakmyre
*Patches:circleseverywhere, 7743, Scraiza, sme, Stan, Alusq, Nintendlord, tiki, Tequila, ZaneAvernathy, Brendor, Argo, Area, HyperGammaSpaces, Hextor, Snakey1, Leonarth, Pikmin1211, *
Class Map Sprites:Spud, Kemui52, Team SALVAGED, Flasuban, Pikmin1211, DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon, Rexacuse, Peerless, Alusq,TBA, L95, Jeorge Reds, Blademaster, RobertFPY, Unknown, MeatofJustice, Leif

If I forgot to include you and you see something here you should be credited for, please dm me on discord or FEU immediately so I can add you!
Thanks to everyone whose helped me make this possible!
-edit: If you plan on playing on stream or something like that while beta testing or after a public demo is released, let me know! I’ll definitely check it out!


Looks fun!


Happy Birthday and congrats on the release. Visuals are looking solid!


That Battle Screen palette is AMAZING it looks sooo good. I’m literally gonna play just cause of that.


The project is asking for beta testers, not that there’s a public release available.


there actually isn’t a demo out yet, I still have some cleaning up to do, the link is for exclusively for “closed” beta testing, but a public demo will be linked soon!


Lykoti is made up of 8 major nations: Aretia, the nation of light and piety, Sulz, the nation of diversity and war, Kinford, the nation of trade and caste, Temsa, the nation of knowledge and acceptance, Virterra, the nation of reverence, Kamutia, the nation of balance and nature, and Fasia, the land of lords.

unless I can’t count (which is very possible), that’s seven nations


LMAO u caught me I forgot one, one sec…

Updated the initial post with Terah, the country I forgot, as well as a world map

Nice! this hack looks fun and interesting to play on. and Happy birthday btw :3



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Nice looking project, and I feel honored that you went with that battle screen! You put a nice palette on it as well. Best of luck with Twilight Sword!


download Link ?

Are all of the chapters already playable or still on working progress?

a public beta will be out eventually, right now its only closed beta testing that starts within the next week


its a wip project, only chapters P-8 are fully playable atm


Beta Testing has officially began, if you are interested plz join the server liked above and dm me that you are interested! Public release will come once arc 2 gets further along and the bugs found in beta testing are fixed.

Mini-Update: Public releases will come after different sections of the game are fully beta tested. So the first 9-10 chapters will be released within the next month or two, and then the next section a few months after that, and the completed game after that. Thanks for reading and expect more soon!


A roadmap for a complete Fire Emblem hack?
That’d be mental.

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Me seeing this project : Okaaaayyy I’ll wait for this lol.

cant wait for this, no pressure on releasing, this guy is just excited

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