[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Heroes We Deserve Full Hack Playable!


I really appreciate that you like her! I really struggled to get the design the way I wanted it, but I’m quite pleased with the end result!

And thanks kindly for the plug, Chair. ;D


I’ll shill the hell outta whoever’s helping make THWD a thing. >.<


so where’s my shill?


Pik’s been a gigantic help, palette wise.
I’ve made plenty myself, but he pulled mad weight.
Whether it be making new ones, redoing some older
palettes or giving some advice for my own contributions.


oh okay thanks kark


Fine, the crew gets a shill.

Shoutout to:
@MrKarkino for being the man that turned this solo proyect into a collab by making Chester’s splice, making a buncha palettes, brainstorming shenanigans, and doing a bunch of repetitive tasks that would bore me to death.
@Snakey1 for teaching me map design, hooking me up with some custom ASM and general hacking help.

Shameless plug to his threads:

Snake's Pit of ASM (and Other Stuff)
[FE8] Fire Emblem: Legends of Avenir

@NICKT for most of the player portraits, this dude took my crappy vanilla repalettes and turned them into something amazing!

Shameless plug to his thread:


@Pikmin1211 for doing a buncha palettes and other hacking help.
@Zanryu For making some of the player portraits and a buncha dagger icons (already linked your post).
@husr (I guess he doesn’t have an FEU account). He made the song played in like every start event as well as the ch 9 player phase theme and title theme.

Shameless plug for his SoundCloud


@cardcafe for making a buncha item icons that make the ones I made look like total garbo!

…and a lot more, that can be found in the credits in the OP (if I missed anyone in the credits lemme know)

There’s your shill Pik :smiley:

Dev team only, top secret

Get pinged, nerds.


so these are the heroes we deserve
aaaa why did i make this pun

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Don’t worry man, everybody wants to.
Chester’s portrait is truly my Mona Lisa

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June 30th Update:

  • Fixed bug where Snek’s battle quote causes the chapter to end prematurely (Ch12)
  • Fixed bug where Dan’s summon can only be summoned once and caused player turn to not auto-end
  • Added sword portrait for Dan’s summon courtesy of Lenh

what happened to your guys discord? i go through my list of servers but cant find it? and none of the links to the server are working either. did it get deleted?

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Yes, the server did get deleted. However the project is still in the works. I’ve recently decided to step away from Discord for a while for personal reasons (leaving servers and deleting my own).

I appreciate your concern!

I’ve been playtesting and tweaking Ch 13 this weekend. The plan is to have version 1.0, with all 15 chapters playable out when FEE3 rolls around this fall; which I believe is very much doable.

For what it’s worth, all that’s left is figuring out the enemy distribution for the final three chapters + the epilogue which is kinda difficult since THWD doesn’t scale like vanilla does, plus there’s skills, and in Ch14/15 you’ll have to choose who you’re deploying.

Sorry if I’ve caused you any inconvenience!


I saw you type that reply out for the longest time and I was so excited. Your reply did not disappoint.


Words are hard sometimes.


Wait, you mean the banter bunker is gone?

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rip #banter_brigade/#banter_bunker

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Twas a good channel

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do i see a theme here…

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No card game related themes here, purely coincidence. The THWD cast are my IRL friends with a few name changes (should they have opted for it when I pitched the idea to them).

If I were you I’d be concerned if motorcycles showed up though.


I will make turbo duels in fire emblem, just you wait.

irl friends in hacks is the meta tho, big respect for that one


Are motorcycles the third-tier promotion items for the main lords?

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