[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Heroes We Deserve 9/15 Chapters Playable!


Thanks for showing your interest! Always nice to hear that people are enjoying my work.

Feel free to check out the Discord server, there’s more updates (including a draft of the enemy phase music!).

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Man, this really shows promise! I’ll certainly stick around.

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The FEE3 Let’s Play is up, so I’ve updated the link in the first post. Also, denied deployment does work, it just wasn’t showcased in the video.

In other words, you can access the inventory of unavailable party members in chapters they can’t be deployed; for trading n stuff.


The Banter Begins Anew:

We’re still alive! We’ve gone through a rewrite but the proyect is still going. Here’s a sneak peak of the start of Ch 1. I’d like to apologize since there’s no audio (my recording software deceived me).

The Team:

THWD started off as a solo proyect but over time I’ve managed to recruit 6 other people to the team (we are now known as ‘The Banter Brigade’); including 2 sprite artists with like a decade of experience, an ASM wizard, and a musician that makes their own dope compositions and remixes (expect a fire remix of the Verdane Army theme and a few epic original songs, I’m currently working on adjusting the MIDIs for the GBA).

Our team isn’t set in stone, we’re willing to accept people with open arms (Our Dev chat consists mostly of shenanigans, we’re all here to have fun). If you’re interested and think you’re up for it drop me a DM on Discord: A_Reliable_Chair#1337. If you can bring something new and exciting to the table whilst being awesome and cool I’m sure you’ll fit right in.

Next Public Release When:

Well, I don’t like setting deadlines for hobbies, as it worked out poorly in the past. But I’m confident in saying that we’ll have a 6 chapter revised demo out within a few weeks.


I’ll probably play this when it comes out. Seems really good Chair.

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when’s the fexna port


wolt is goddamn busted
also mfw chair doesn’t shill me despite being a fellow helper

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I’m going to start a change.org petition to rename this hack “Fire Emblem: Three Heroes.”


Oh yeah, are you the one that commissioned my friend for music?


Thanks, glad to hear it!

@Pikmin1211 Soon™

@MrKarkino I’ve shilled your work enough, somebody might steal you away!

@Arch Gib money and we can make that happen.

@Agro That was the plan at first but we’ve since recruited a musician to the team. They showed up and were like “here’s a bunch of MIDIs I made, go nuts.”


Hey everyone, apologies for such a long wait since the FEE3 demo (which was released Nov 1st). It was a busy time of year, plus we went through a rewrite. Expect future updoots to come sooner!

Ch1~6 of rewritten THWD is now playable! If you’d like to try it out (or be super awesome and cool by being a playtester) the dropbox link has been updooted!

There’s also a feedback form if you’re interested. Your feedback matters, and it’s anonymous!


Hey all, updated the patch in the OP, also there’s screenshots in the OP now. Ch 1~6 are good to go!:

  • Fixed the title screen
  • Adjusted difficulty + playtested
  • Added some more dope tunes

Next step: Eventing Ch 7 onward. Add some more dope tunes.


I can’t believe you adjusted the difficulty to be more reasonable.
I’m expecting a Lunatic mode in the future as compensation.

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Hey everybody, updated the public patch, you can play up to and including chapter 9 now!

Here’s a few other notable changes:

  • Changing the menu colour no longer breaks the game (shoutout to Scraiza and Teq)
  • Matt, the only available thief has become essential (game over if he dies). He may be edgiest sack of shit since Kelik, but he’s important
  • Added more music, including a battle prep theme I composed
  • Added custom status background


There may be an issue with Bianca’s animations that freezes the game; for the time being, please disable her battle anims.

This issue has been resolved, all is fine.


Hey everyone, I had a chance to do a start to finish test, here’s a list of issues that have been address:

-Removed pony qualities from Great Healer Class
-Buffed Matthew’s defensive stats
-Buffed most bosses after Ch 3
-Added promo gains to witcher class (Oof)
-Fixed Matt’s T2 weapon rank
-Fixed other misc. issues like text, weapons displaying as Prf when they arent, etc.

The patch in the drop box is up to date with the fixes. Sorry for any inconveniences.

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Sorry for the inconvenience, but the patch has been updated. Issues regarding the following have all been taken care of:

-Difficulty curve
Weapon scarcity
-Borked AI
-Borked enemy weapon ranks
-Josh being a bad unit

Moving forward, Ch 10 and onward Soon:tm:


Hey everyone, the patch has been updated:

  • All 41 songs have been inserted/tested (7 of which were composed by myself or Husr)
    • Every map has unique player phase music, there’s 7 enemy
      phase songs.
  • Buncha fixes playtesters have pointed out
  • Still only playable up to and including Ch9, although Ch 10 and 11 are evented
  • Item icons updated thanks to Card (mostly the stat boosters)
  • Kristie has a dope new mug courtesy of Nick

a better Lord than Eirika could ever aspire to be

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