[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Four Kings (FULL RELEASE, Trial maps complete!)

I am on Ch.14. I liked the route split, it allows you to use the entire party and spread exp around.

I noticed that promoted enemy units with status staves (sleep, berserk and silence) basically never miss regardless of your unit’s resistance.

This happened to me in Ch.10 to Marcie when she had Wardlance equipped (her resistance totaled 20) and the bishop still had 100% hit. His magic was 12 so that made not sense to me.

Happened again in Ch.14. The bishop boss (16 magic) with easily hit both Lydia (21 resistance) and Shelby(16 resistance). In other Fire Emblem games I played, magic and resistance should affect the hit rate of the status staves so it is a little weird.

Does Ava evolve? If she does, what is her promo item?

Sorry, I’m just nitpicking a bit. Besides Ch.10, the game has been challenging and I liked alot of aspects of the game including personal weapons for each character. Wish I had more sleep staves :frowning:

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Status staves cannot miss in this hack (that includes your own status staves, too!). As for Ava, she gets a story promotion just like Walter and Lionel.

Great, that means I don’t have to waste a promo item on her. With that in mind, please tell me that I can get more status staves in the later chapters (either through droppables/chests or in a shop)

The title for Chapter 15 is very appropriate. I checked Lydan’s stats and wow, the world’s strongest indeed.

There are 3 total silence staves and 1 berserk staff in the game. Sleep is Lydia’s personal staff, so you won’t get another one of those.

Got a quick update to the patch link, primarily fixing typos, but with one big change: Sleep has 10 uses now instead of 5. It still can’t be repaired, but hopefully this makes it a bit more reasonable to use early on. Also, Maelstrom can now be repaired with Hammerne.

For Ch.21, there is no escape point and there are two possible roads heading north. Which road do I take (the one to the left or to the right)?

The escape point is underneath that big beefy level 20 warrior.

Updated the patch link with a new patch. This one pushes back reinforcements in a few maps to make things more lenient, and gives Sarah in chapter 10 an axereaver so that she has a weapon with more than 4 Mt (since Pursuer’s effect doesn’t work for enemies). Also, Levin Claude graciously offered to help fix up some portraits, so now Jeremy and Yufin have improved portraits!
image image


its so stupid to have staves with 100% hit
and the non stop reinforcement

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4kings wtf

What the actual heck is this Krash


LOL they just don’t make hacks like this anymore


This is the best paired ending I’ve ever seen in any Fire Emblem media


Thank you, Krash.
Very cool


A joke ending. But if it’s offending people, I’ll just scrap it entirely.

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No offense at all, its just hilarious and not something I expected to see. Can’t wait to play Four Kings and see the context lmao


Nah don’t scrap it, it’s pretty funny and unexpected and I don’t think it’ll offend anyone or break any rules


Almost finished the game but have some feedback.

Give Lionel more support options (He only has three), ideally one with a paired ending. For a Lord, he has very few.

Emily comes too late in the game and at too low a level to survive. Maybe make her level 10 - 15.

All the Prf weapons are great but once your two armies rejoin in Ch.20, so many of them will be unused because of the limited deployment slots compared to your total number of units. Maybe make some of the Prf weapons transferable/usable by close family/friends like you did with a certain flying unit.

The levels are well designed and promote aggressive play as opposed to turtling.

The weapon and money balance are good. You don’t need to buy too many weapons or struggle with money/gems.

For the main characters, I gave them fixed supports based on story progression, and due to how these work, I don’t think I can give them optional supports like everyone else, since whenever they get a new support through story, I have to clear their current supports.

Emily is a joke character. She’s an Est with a capital E, and is likewise intended to be really bad. But if you train her, she promotes to Master Knight.

Making prfs transferable would take even more focus away from the units themselves. Why use, say, Max when I could give the Claymore to Harriet, for example? Plus that one flier you mentioned is an exception because the second prf comes from a boss, not another player unit.

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I see your point for the prf weapons.

I didn’t know how the support thing worked so it’s no problem.

I’m absolutely loving the hack so far, but I just updated from quick fix 2 to 9, and while the max uses of Sleep was increased to 10, it still only has 5 uses remaining. Is there any way to fix it, or am I just SOL? Do conventional FE8 code (like Gameshark or whatever) work on romhacks like this?