[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Four Kings (FULL RELEASE, Trial maps complete!)

Congrats, Krash! Looking forward to trying this out. Have heard tons of good things about this project.


Aaaaaaand of course there was immediately a tile change error in the release that I had to fix. Such is the way of all hacks, eh? Fixed it, and updated the patch link in the main post.


That’s the rule of releasing any game, you’ll immediately find a bug. :sweat_smile:

Congrats on the release Krash!

Make that two. Just found another bug and updated the patch link again to fix it.

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Congratulations on completion!

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Congrats on the completion! I hope to try it out some time.

I enjoy looking at this.

Updated the patch link in the main post to fix a few bugs, and add in the final playable character palette revisions from ltranc! I did do initial palettes myself but they weren’t very good, and ltranc went in and redid the palettes for every playable character, which is awesome!

Made another quick update to the patch link. Three main edits here: Jack got +4 base speed and now has base A axes, Candace’s personal sword Fleuret had its skill changed from Desperation (lame) to White Tide (way cooler), and I edited the map of endgame very slightly to prevent a pretty easy 1 turn clear of it. Enjoy!

By the way, I do have a question for anyone who’s gotten far enough in the game: do you think Jeremy’s personal staff, Rewarp, isn’t good enough? I’ve been considering changing it to something else, but I’m not sure if Rewarp should stay or not. The original plan for him was to have a ranged staff that could place down shine barriers, but I went with Rewarp instead since I thought it would be more interesting. What do you guys think?

7.8/10 hack, not enough Defend chapters

Defend maps must die.

Much to my dismay, I finally added Void Curse on some reinforcements in a few chapters, since they were able to be farmed too easily. Patch link is updated.

Ugh. I may or may not have to do that too, and I’m not looking forward to it. Maybe I can just save that for a potential Hard mode.

Are there any gaiden chapters?

There aren’t.

I’m up to Ch.9 , the hack is challenging so far but I have some suggestions.

For Ch.8 and Ch.9, the constant spawning reinforcements make the enemy phase take longer and longer each turn.

Let the reinforcements spawn for 2-3 turns and stop it there. The player will not want to fight the reinforcements anyway because they are much stronger than your units and they give zero experience so it would be a waste of energy.

For the shops in Ch.5 and Ch.7, add an Angelic Robe along with the Goddess Icon and Secret Book you can already buy. The reason is that the enemies hit hard and some of your units have low life coupled with bad defence and low speed (Lydia and Sally). Even the units with good speed and bad defense can be killed quite easily (25 HP or less is barely enough). Another reason is enemies are hitting at 40% or less more than in other hacks I have played but maybe I’m just getting unlucky.

Consider reducing the damage that Yufin takes from Darklight especially since his defence is crap. Using it is just asking for trouble unless you can heal him quickly.

I’m not too concerned with long enemy phases since this game is gonna be played on an emulator with speed up available. Though I also say this as I’m playing it on my hacked 3DS, though the long enemy phases in those maps didn’t really bother me anyway.

I am absolutely not making angelic robes buyable. Sure, you could give them to frail units so they can take a hit, but you could also just pile them onto units who can already take a hit to make them absurdly bulky. Whereas people like Sally, Lydia, or Yufin shouldn’t really be getting attacked period. They’re meant for player phase actions first and foremost (hence why I think Darklight is fine as it is). Also as a note, Yufin gets Nosferatu on promotion which greatly improves his enemy phase. Goddess icons and secret books are buyable because they add to reliability without breaking the game by stacking a bunch of them on someone.

Ok, I can see where you are coming from.

Could you maybe include 1 or 2 angelic robes as treasures or droppable/stealable items from enemies?

Sally and Lydia are good defence/speed/high health away from being very good units?

Ch.10 is a pain, maybe reduce the escape area a bit instead of making it the height of the entire map. Having to focus on blocking the enemies from reaching the escape point and keeping your units alive is troublesome.

Units with deficiencies in speed/defence are exposed on this chapter as I have found out. This is because you have to focus on covering the whole escape area so you can’t really engage the enemy units and protect your weaker units at the same time.

The Prf weapons for each character helps, though.

There’s already angelic robes in the game, in chapters 1, 14, 20, and two in 26 as failsafes for endgame.

Lydia’s a staffbot. She shouldn’t really be getting attacked period. Sally meanwhile is a glass cannon who bonks stuff with Aquas (and I find is a great user of Bolting later).

For chapter 10, I suggest making more use of the units who do have the ability to tank or bait. Vin, Shelby, and Hoff are great here. And if you’ve got anybody above level 10 besides the lords/thieves, try promoting them. That will help a lot.

Updated the patch link with a new version, which edited a few units. Notably, Wardlance and Shieldlance both got minor buffs to make Marcie and Patty a little better. I also added the patch that lets you hold L to toggle animations like modern games.

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