[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Four Kings (FULL RELEASE, Trial maps complete!)

I enjoyed the first release and I will say that you put a lot of thought into this project and I am very impressed. So keep up the good work. This will be I will give a more thorough review once I finish the newer chapters.

Encountered a bug in chapter 8 where, after opening the door to the front right cell, it got stuck in an infinite dialogue loop which couldn’t be escaped from with the pegasus knight. Should be noted that the pupil character was dead prior to this. I’ll continue playing and write my opinions on the hack so far when this gets fixed.

Thanks for reporting that. I hadn’t actually tested how chapter 8 would go if units were dead. I’ll have to look into it.

Good news, I fixed the bug! Sorry about the trouble. Use this patch and you should be able to continue. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RZ0STeGli3e8_6BmZ-VwkTbFil27YfaG

Nice! Will continue playing when I get the chance.

Four Kings? Where’s Kunzite-Sama?

I’ve got another big update! This new patch right here has chapters 1-15 entirely completed! This marks the beginning of the mid game, during which Walter and Lionel split up. The player’s units are divided up for them between these two armies as follows:

Walter’s army: Ava, Bradley, Shaun, Chase, Lydia, Yufin, Shelby, Dorian, Locritus, Cielo, Ron

Lionel’s army: Zachary, Max, Sally, Marcie, Zoe, Vin, Victor, Colt, Hoff, Cindy, Regis

You’ll be switching off between the two armies as you progress through the chapters. Chapter 11 is Walter, chapters 12 and 13 are Lionel, chapters 14 and 15 are Walter again, and so on. And each army also recruits plenty of new units to use, too.

This is also the part of the game where I’ll be throwing out tons of free promotion items, with the intention that the player tries to promote every unit they have. These chapters will allow you to deploy all of your units, so see if you can do that!

As always, if you want to keep tabs on the project, click here to join the discord server!

And lastly, here are some screenshots of this new chunk of the game.


Krash I beg of you once more post screenshots at 1x zoom aaaaa


Another big update, this time with chapters 1-20 fully completed! The midgame comes to a close, and that means the army split is also ending. And it also means lord promotions! I also decided to make secret books and goddess icons buyable in every shop for 4000 gold each, and I made the silver tomes (Aura, Fenrir, Fimbulvetr) less heavy. When chapter 21 comes around, Walter and Lionel’s armies will come together for the lategame. Get the new patch here!

Here’s some screenshots for this update! Big thanks to ltranc for repaletting the lord promotion animations, and to the Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light guy for providing the Hector Great Lord bow animation!

image image image image image image image image image image


Time for my 3rd message of ritual screenshot bashing.

ree post them at 1x zoom

I’ll get it right for the final release

Please press F11 while running your emulator and screenshot that.

I think it’s F12 by default

F11 is the full screen button.

With Visual Boy Advance, you can use File -> Screen Capture.

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This looks just absolutely amazing! I love the concept of character specific weapons. Makes it seem like everybody is a valuable asset. I just wanted to ask how many chapters you intend to have?

There are planned to be 29 chapters in total. Currently I’ve done 21 (there’s a forced gaiden between 10 and 11), so only 8 chapters remain. I also plan on making a few post-game trial maps that tell short stories following other characters before or during the main story. At my pace, I should have this whole game finished by the end of the year.


At the rate you’re going, you’ll probably have a playable version of the full game by the end of next month :flushed: :flushed:
I really did enjoy my playthrough of the first Demo of this game, and I can’t wait to come back and check out the finished product!

I’m the god damn fastest thing alive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDVETCtRZv4

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Hey all, I got another big update, this time with chapters 21-25 all added and completed! Download the new patch here! The route split ends as Walter and Lionel’s armies converge, but a new enemy emerges from the shadows! And how will their older brother Terril fit into all of this? Play the new update to find out!

The end of the hack is rapidly approaching, with only 3 chapters left in the main story! However, I do plan on adding a small postgame with 5 trial maps, expanding on some story events that you didn’t get to see during the main campaign and giving side characters more time to shine.

Also, because the hack is so close to the end, I NEED MORE PLAYTESTERS!!! I have been testing all the maps myself, and I’ve had a few people giving me feedback like Chess, Booshka, and Artorious, but I really want more people to test the game out before its full release. If you are interested in testing the game, come on down to the discord server for the game and try it out! Or just leave comments in here giving me your feedback. Regardless, I hope you enjoy!

And lastly, some screenshots! I finally uploaded them at the correct resolution, I think. Hurray! You can also see all the new promoted portraits that the lords got, courtesy of Zmr, Feier, and Obsidian!
image image Ava talking Father sword Holy Sword Lords promoted Marvin Virgil and Terril Zach