[FE8] Fire Emblem Tales of the Golden Knights (Update version 0.1 for FEE3)


Posting direct ROM downloads is forbidden. I have removed the download link for now, please upload a patch instead.


Wow this looks great! Nice job on the visuals. Is that soldier map sprite free to use?


Yeah, they are free. You can use it if you want


Awesome. Would you mind posting them?


I was given an “Error, patch doesn’t match file” but ignored it. The hack seems to work, but by chapter 3 I’m running into some rather big bugs. What rom should I be patching, or is this simply still a work in progress?


FE8 clean rom?


Yup. I know of at least one hack that works on FE8 clean but gives an error message anyway. So it could be just a simple matter like that.


You can’t post links to ROMS. People need to locate them for themselves.


There is someone flagged the #1 post and it just been hidden. If you are the one who flagged it, please tell me the reason why you don’t like my post or what wrong with it. I’ll fix it.


An FE8U clean rom. Please don’t use FE8EU or FE8J. The whole things will be a mess


I’d like to be a tester for this post , really liked your idea to make the game more challenging with a difficult pattern and use of all units thank you for making this hack!!!


Thank you. You can have the patch link on #1 post. I’ll contact you when the next patch is ready for test


@zerorock1312 The post I flagged was the one that was above mine it was a link to a zip file with a ROM. So no idea about your first post. I reported @RobertFPY ROM link.


OMG. I just have no idea what is happening. Did Robert post a rom link?


I’d like to help with the editings got some animations I worked on to contribute :smiley:


Are you interested in a spinning animation for the Archer? It makes a 360 when doing a critical hit let me know


Hopefully a Mod can elaborate more on the details possibly. Otherwise I don’t know what happened with your first post. Unless my report effected your post as well.


I believe that when you reported it must have selected a linked post if it was a reply the source from that comment must have been flagged too


(U) as in USA, right? Using a clean rom I still get the error message. It’s playable if I force patch but has some issues.


Can you tell me more clearly about bugs you see in chapter 3? As I remember, there was some bugs on chapter 3 while the rom is on beta test.