[FE8] Fire Emblem: Seven Siblings *FEE3 Special Version 0.7 Out! 16 Chapters Playable!*



Hey Everybody! Update V0.7 is out! This build includes even more features, and a total of 16 playable chapters!
Here is a quick rundown of where the hack stands overall

  • 16 chapters are playable and (reasonably) well-balanced
  • 25 characters are playable
  • Supports are implemented (with placeholder convos)
  • Several new classes, such as Scout, Dark Knight, Trickster, FemHero, and Axe Cav., have been added
  • Includes 3 Gaiden chapters with a different party leader
  • Mugs and palettes are still a WIP, but are getting there(definitely open to feedback here, it is one of the hack’s weakest points)
  • Many patches ave been added, including several in conflict with the skills system, as this hack does not use skills.

Screenshots for latest Update


-New title screen, and title music theme!


-Who doesn’t love a good desert map?


-Cale and his 23 Str and 2 Luck are ready for battle!


-Night Wings have been implemented! Map sprite adapted custom by yours truly


-Tellius style pikes and poleaxes have been implented! (Icons adapted from LordGlenn’s work)

Hope you guys enjoy this patch, when I started I couldn’t imagine being at this point! Most updated version below

Download Link for Latest Update

There is now a discord server! Link Below!

Seven Siblings Discord

Up-to-date Credits
Assets used or adapted from:

Mugs- Nickt, Eldritch Abomination, Memai, Blueyguy, Capibarainspace, FEier, GabrielKnight, LaurentLacroix, Marlon0024, Vilk, AmBrosiac, DerTheVaporeon, MiguelRojo, Serif, MrGreen3339, Nobody, WAve, Zorua, MrKarkino, Tobiki, Zarg, Zmr

Map Sprites- FEGirls, RobertFPY, StreetHero, FE7if, Ash3wl, L95, Agro, team SALVAGED, Nuramon, Blademaster, BlueDruid, Pikmin1211, Teraspark, flasuban, team SALVAGED, N426

Animations- St jack, beccarte, Keks_Krebs, SD9K, Glenwing, DerTheVaporeon, Andy, Jj09, GabrielKnight, Maiser6, Greentea, Raspberry, BwdYeti, Pikmin1211, MK404, Temp, Orihara_Saki, TBA, flasuban, team SALVAGED, shadowofchaos, Jeorge_Reds, Sme, Shtick, Ayr, Teraspark, Eldritch Abomination, Red Bean, Zelix, Wan

Music- A_Reliable_Chair, SaXor_the_Nobody, Pikmin1211, Sme, Tristan_Hollow, MrGreen3339, Pandan, Scraiza, MeatOfJustice

Item Icons- LordGlenn, Zelix

Stat Screen- NICKT, A_Reliable_Chair

Tilesets/Palettes- Sme, Flasuban

Other Help

Maps- A_Reliable_Chair, Scraiza, Snakey1, Pandan

Playtesting- Pandan, A_Reliable_Chair, KaidenMelon

Palettes- Scraiza, KaidenMelon

Tools/Patches- 7743, Zane, Venno

If I’m missing anyone, let me know! Thanks to everybody here at FEU for supporting the project.

OG Post is in here

OG Post Starts Here
Hey folks,

I’m here to announce the project I’ve been working on for the past month or so. You may have seen me dipping my toe into the forums and the discord over the last couple weeks, but I’ve never had a formal introduction. So…

A Brief Introduction
I’ve been a Fire Emblem fan since getting Sacred Stones in a bundle of GBA games I purchased off of Ebay in my younger days. I popped it in, not expecting much, but was immediately hooked, and spent nearly all of that night playing through the game all the way to Ch. 15 or so. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to play nearly every title in the series. I’ve always found myself drawn back to Fire Emblem; it has engaging gameplay and neat features, but more than anything, it develops characters in a way I’ve rarely ever seen other forms of media do. I’m sure you all understand what it’s like to have a deep, emotional reaction towards a bit of code “dying” on your GBA sceen. Because of this, despite detours into other games, Fire Emblem has been a staple of mine for years.

I have toyed around with ROM hacking before, both with Nightmare back in the day and with Pokemon Game Editor, but it wasn’t until I discovered The Last Promise a year or so ago did I discover the scope of what FE hacking could be. It went beyond altering Roy’s bases so that you didn’t have to haul him around with Marcus, or pallete swapping Hector’s portrait. I saw a fantasy world, created using one of my favorite games. I’ve always loved fantasy and adventure, and have long looked for a medium to express the stories in my mind. The problem was, well, I’m an engineer. I love math and computer science. Art and writing are not my fortes. But, programming a game? That is something I could do.

Due to some irl stuff, I couldn’t get started as soon as I would like, but I started planning in earnest a couple months ago. I know the project is likely rough and primitive, but it means a lot to me, and I hope I have made something that you guys can enjoy. I also welcome criticism and any suggestions you may have! I have no idea if I will ever realistically finish this project, but I’d like to continue to work on it.

TL;DR I like Fire Emblem. I made a hack. It is my first hack. It is probs p bad. But I enjoyed making it and want to learn.

So, without further ado, I present:

Fire Emblem: The Seven Siblings


Your Lord Unit

Shameless Self Insert

A, uh, “shoddy” battle palette

Shameless references to and appropriation of
names from Deadpool Comics, for you comic
fans out there


Tiling water maps is hard

UPS Patch Link
See bottom of post for updated link

Final Notes

-Major Props to 7743 for FEBuilder and his tech support of it. It is a major time saver for much of what I’m doing

–Props to the those that have contributed to the Event Assembler. A really versatile tool that’s only limit is the GBA’s hardware

-Mugging Blitz folks. You da real MVPs

-Everyone who contributes to this forum. You guys are great, taught me 90% of what I know through tutorials and answering questions (other 10% through hard knocks)

Some Personal Stuff This hack really means a lot to me, as the story was created based on events happening in my own life. The name, Seven Siblings, reflects how it is fundamentally a story made by me as an outlet to express myself. IRL I am one of 7 siblings, and my mother has been extremely ill of late. Working on this hack has been a way for me to express myself and escape, and so I am truly grateful to those of you who have enabled me to make this thing possible. God bless

Feel free to post questions, comments, critiques, concerns, and edits! I hope you enjoy!

Hey All! I’ve got an updated demo for you!

New Features

-Axe Cavaliers (courtesy of TEAM SALVAGED)

-Female Hero units

-New Fencer Animation (courtesy of GabrielKnight)

-Some improved palettes (courtesy of @KaidenMelon)

-Map Improvements/Rehaul of Ch. 3 (shoutout to @Snakey1)

-Random graphical, balance, and text edits

-A new chapter, 5x, featuring a party swap and new characters!

Axe Cav. looking axey

A female hero dominating a pathetic male soldier

A new party leader

Thanks to those of you who have helped out by critiquing and play testing! This is likely the last chapter I would consider “earlygame”, so another update may not come for a while. (And this hack may move from being just a “concept” to a full-fledged project). Link is below, I hope you enjoy!

See top of post for latest version


Nothing wrong with a self insert. yet.

You’re already better than me at it. So good job. Even if that’s not saying much.

Don’t let any negative posts get you down. Everyone starts somewhere. Now to finally get back to work on mine, maybe.


Ch.1 should be a defeat boss map, but for whatever reason, I cannot get the conditional to work immediately after the defeat boss flag comes into effect. So the chapter ends after you “End” your turn after killing the boss. Have tried fixing this on many occasions, but can’t. Isn’t game breaking, so am leaving it for now

Please call End Event directly with Always Cond of ch1.
Since this event is set to 0, it does not work.

You implemented it correctly in the prologue, but it is 0 for ch1.

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Thank you, I don’t know how I missed that! I will fix it now


Your maps look pretty all right based on the screenshots. If you’d like, feel free to DM me for map advice (design or aesthetic) or to clean up a map.

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Thanks dude. I might take you up on that, indoor maps in particular are something I struggle with. And I’m glad to hear the water tiles don’t look horrendous. Took me a LONG time to get the coast line of that map to look even semi-presentable ha ha


Hey all,
Thanks for taking interest in the hack! I’ve updated the OP with a new version, featuring some improvements, bug fixes, and a new chapter! Hope you guys enjoy, thanks to those of you who have played it so far!



Sup Homies! I’m here with another update, which includes a new chapter along with several other added features!

A custom title screen! I tried to be fancy ok

Changed chapter titles from vanilla!(Until Waterside Renvall lol)

Implemented supports! (No convos yet, but bonuses work)

Completely revamped prologue!(Hopefully this one is warm garbage as opposed to the old
hot garbage prologue)

A new class, Scout, has been added! Definitely not a Nomad rip-off class

Various player and enemy rebalances! (Including a nerf to the self-insert, sadly)


This patch is playable through Ch. 6 (The Riders of Renais) before vanilla kicks back in, I hope you enjoy! OP will be updated to include this patch also


Hey everybody, here with a new update!


  • Modular minimugs, courtesy of Zane’s patch!

  • New classes and animations, including female thieves, updated druids, and dark knights!

  • An actual scripted battle! It only took me an hour to event it

  • 2 new chapters, including the reunion of the two parties! (This chapter is more of an interactive cutscene to be honest)

  • Several graphical fixes and improvements

The next update will likely include no new chapters, but will rather be a graphical/eventing overhaul of the first few chapters, as I now know more what I’m doing right now. The latest patch is at the top of the OP, hope you guys enjoy!


Quick Update
Patch has been changed to include some graphical fixes to earlier chapters, as well as some aesthetic touch-ups to maps and a couple rebalance tweaks, no new chapters or otherwise differences though. Enjoy!


Hey Everybody! Update V0.5 is out! This build includes even more features, and a total of 11 playable chapters!
Here is a quick rundown of where the hack stands overall

  • 11 chapters are playable and (reasonably) well-balanced
  • 20 characters are playable
  • Supports are implemented (with placeholder convos)
  • Several new classes, such as Scout, Dark Knight, Trickster, FemHero, and Axe Cav., have been added
  • Includes 2 Gaiden chapters with a different party leader
  • Mugs and palettes are still a WIP, but are getting there(definitely open to feedback here, it is one of the hack’s weakest points)

Hope you guys enjoy this patch, when I started I couldn’t imagine being at this point! Most updated version can be found at the top of the OP.

Hype Spoiler for this patch This update features this fella's mug, one of the best to ever grace Elibe. I couldn't not include him.



Looked neat when I saw it before, but new classes makes me want to play now! Downloading as I type this :smiley:

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Quick Update
The patch in the OP has been updated, as @A_Reliable_Chair has made some very much needed edits to the Ch. 0 map! It is now aesthetically much better and does not have a river spontaneously start flowing out of an open field.
Some Other Big News
This hack now has an official discord server for discussion and feedback, to better facilitate talking about the hack! The link is both below and in the OP, feel free to pop in and chat!

Link to Discord Server!


Quick Update
Another minor update to the patch, with some aesthetic map edits, more early chapter graphical fixes, and some larger changes to the Ch. 8 map (it was just quite big and empty and boring, still probably is, but hopefully the changes make it less so). Enjoy!

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The Fire Emblem Hack Directory [Please add your own hacks!]

Quick Update
Hey all, thought I’d post a quick update here. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a great deal of feedback on the already existing chapters, and have been hard at work to rehaul the design of them to make them more enjoyable. While doing this, I’ve taken the opportunity to add in some additional features and patches to the hack, including:

  • Enemy range viewable with select
  • Modern Talk and support commands
  • And, the one I’m most excited about, the passive boosts patch that is normally in conflict with the skills system!


The Great Overhaul patch will likely be ready within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!


Major Update
Hello all! I’m back with a major overhaul of the existing game, in addition to the promised updates from the last post! Here is a rundown:

  • Thank you specifically to @Pandan for doing a Let’s Play on his Youtube channel and providing some amazing feedback. You can find that LP, and Dan’s others, here.
  • Nearly every map has been cut down in size and enemy density has been lowered. Additionally, individual enemies are more threatening.
  • Anti-turtle incentives have been added in some cases, and streamlined in others
  • A few units have been rebalanced
  • Bosses now have custom portraits and names, instead of just vanilla ones! Say hello to some of the bad guys:
  • A custom stat screen has now been implemented, as seen in the above scrrenshots!
  • Some custom music has been added, courtesy of @A_Reliable_Chair’s music repo! (Check it out, guys. It’s neat)
  • More classes and promotions have been added!
  • A number of palettes/mugs have been cleaned up or upgraded altogether
  • Many story scenes have been rewritten to have tighter flow and less extraneous dialogue
  • Ch. 9 (The twelth including Gaidens and Prologue) is now fully playable!

More chapters are currently in the works, and I expect to be back with several chapters for the next update as the midgame arc progresses. Thanks for playing, and hope you enjoy! Patch is, as always, at the top of the OP.


Happy to help out, looking forward to trying it out with the changes.


Hey all! It’s been a hot second since the last update, but very soon I’ll have another one with lots of new content! Thank you for your patience!
Here’s a little teaser of things to come, including an ominous objective:

Stay tuned!


Geometric objectives? In my Fire Emblem!?

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