[FE8] Fire Emblem Sengoku : Oda v025 (incomplete, 2 chapters) - Added screenshots


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Patch v025
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Kiyo Truce

As the name implies, this is a project inspired by the Sengoku Jidai, in other words, the Warring States Era of Japan. I considered making the hack follow multiple clans’ perspectives, but ultimately decided against it. Instead, ideally, each clan will have to get its own hack, and hopefully, this will eventually become a series, starting with the Oda clan. But the future is uncertain, and I’ll want to finish one before starting on another.

This series will obviously not follow history to the letter. As a fan of the Nobunaga’s Ambition series, I will take inspiration from it, and I will also adapt history if I think the gameplay or story will benefit from it. And also…because I’m not a specialist in japanese history, I’m just very interested by it. Some things I don’t know, others I’ve read unclear/conflicting records, and so on.

For the gameplay, the plan is for it to be more versatile. What I mean by this is, side objectives, consequences for actions/choices, a quicker pacing (you start off with 6 units in the prologue), a bigger variety in weapons, and so on. It’ll also be more difficult than vanilla FE7/8, but it’s too early in the development for me to know more. If you’re also interested in japanese history and have some ideas you think would be cool to put in the game, feel free to let me know.

A few examples: slim weapons give +3 speed and have brave effect (I was part of the Sacred Chairs team after all), all weapons have “blade” versions that give bonus to defense, the prologue is rout but it’s a competition for points, the competition’s commander will not retreat on hard mode, you NEED to win the competition on hard mode, etc.

For the writing, portraits, sprites, animations, music…I don’t know. I made 3 placeholder recolors for the title screens, and dug up an old portrait I made that is certainly not good, and that’s it. If I have time/energy/inspiration to work on this project, I’ll devote all of it to the gameplay, since that’s my thing, and trying to do anything else would drag the project down. I’ll at the very least try to offer minimal writing. I’d gladly accept help on the artistic side of things, but if I have the gameplay, I’ll release it with vanilla assets for all I care.

For development pacing…it will be what it will be, since I intend to handle that by myself. Particularly since I already participated in a completed hack, I don’t feel any pressure to complete this. I’m enthusiastic but I’ll play it safe and not let it drain me, especially since I have a tendency to get impulsive while designing gameplay, so I’ll be more careful about that.

Since I tend to work impulsively on gameplay, keeping detailed changelogs, looking around for assets, getting some PR going, and the like are things I’m bad at. I’ll welcome help on project management and the artistic fronts, but be ready for delegation on those, as I get tunnel vision. This hack is being made with FEBuilder.

Lastly, please do give feedback on the gameplay, it’ll be much appreciated. Especially if it’s a bug, those are always there no matter how bug-free I think it is. Hope you enjoy.

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Are there any screenshots? It would help out a lot .


There’s just 2 chapters worth of material for screenshots, and nothing aesthetic was changed, so I figured that the videos would be more than good enough, both for those who want to watch the full chapters or just catch a glimpse of it. But I’ll add some later then, thanks for mentioning it.


This sounds interesting.

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Updated to v025. Text changes, small cutscene fixes, small gameplay changes in Ch1 in the form of branching possibilities and class changes.

EDIT: Finally made some screenshots.

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