[FE8] Fire Emblem: Mask of Dunham


glad you’re liking it overall! sent a link to your feedback to the team so we can look over it


I thought you were questioning me about me thinking if it’s a forest map.
You confused me when you put a question mark at the end.


is a pot

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Oh hey thats me in the second and last one.


Thanks for your feedback War, its much appreciated! (also I totally agree that Ben’s pretty great and needs a pot anim)


Where to download the demo ? :thinking:


Scroll up a bit, it’s in the github link Zorua posted.


The download is available here:

(@Zorua: I’d recommend you include your download link in the opening post of the thread for ease of access.)


I really look the new custom solider animation, did you make it by yourself for this hack or did it already exist before.

Good work on the story btw, pothead is a pothead lol




It’s Alusq’s Derserter animation

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Tfw it’s not the time for that