[FE8] Fire Emblem: Legends of Avenir


I have a suggestion for this screen. Arrange it like so:

I get what you’re going for with having the legend in the top left, but it looks really sloppy as-is. You can easily fit things and make them look good if the legend is stretched across the top of the screen and each character’s stats are a strip of numbers, with their name and support level above said numbers.


I don’t think it would fit like that. :slightly_frowning_face:
Each line of text/stat number takes 2 vertical tiles. For each entry, there would need 4 vertical tiles (for the name/level and the stats themselves)- a total of a maximum of 20, plus 2 more for the legend. That’s 22.
There appears to only be 18 vertical tiles for our use here. The fundamental issue with doing them horizontally is that it doesn’t make effective enough use of the space. The current system takes 6/2 (3) vertical tiles per entry which barely fits including the legend. That’s why we’re thinking about using R text to display bonuses instead.

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Hey, this hack is now on the banner! I have a feeling that this thread will blow up soon.


No offense, but if you can change the map sprites and battle animations of F mercenaries i will be grateful.
Edit: chapter 3 can’t cleared the map fe8%20legend%20of%20avenir-1

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Ah both of those we’re addressing in the update near FEE3. Unfortunately, that route is broken by me changing character IDs and apparently me forgetting to fix the events/death quotes, though I totally thought I did. I apologize.
As for the female mercenary, that animation is coming as well!
Thanks for playing, and you should be able to play any of the other mercenary routes or the two released military routes.


This is very epic. This is probably my favorite hack concept wise and I can’t wait for it to get even epicer!

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Not sure if i should leave it here or “Amusing Roms-hacking glitches”
fe8%20legend%20of%20avenir-3 fe8%20legend%20of%20avenir-2 fe8%20legend%20of%20avenir-1

Edit: time to good bye to mercenaries and hello heroines. I even have 2 axes for her promotions… fe8%20legend%20of%20avenir-4


She turned into another tier 1 class? Does it go on forever?


Is that a 20% DEF growth I’m seeing with that stat spread, or did you just get RNG screwed the whole run?


Hey those are my glitches! Get your own, buddy. :upside_down_face:
Seriously though, that’s an oof. Will be fixed by FEE3.

That class is indeed Tier 2 and has the Nomad Trooper animation, but “Nomad Trooper” doesn’t really fit iirc. That animation is a placeholder, and a different animation will be used when we have a custom one chosen. Each Tact promotion class has a unique animation.

And wow you got super defense screwed… and luck as well. I’ve seen much better F Merc Tacts.


Not my fault. That’s why better bases than growths

I prefer Heroines than that but it’s your calls.

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Hey guys! In light of our approaching FEE3 recording next weekend, we figured it was a good time (especially with the Q&A meme having died down) to see if anyone had any questions for us for our recording! These can be regarding development, future plans, current plans, or even discussion topics for us to talk about while we record. We’re cool with pretty much anything so long as its appropriate.

Ask away! We’re really excited about FEE3 this year and definitely want to answer any questions anyone may have!


Thanks for reminding me, I have to remake my QnA thread.

As for an actual question, what are you and snakey’s favorite hacks (that aren’t LoA)?


As developers who are making a hack of atypical structure, how do you two feel about more typical, linear Fire Emblem story and gameplay? Pros and cons? Do you wish the series had more choices that actually matter, like Avenir?


Which path (Mercenary, Military, Magic) is your favourite? Or even which specific route on a path?


If there was something you could go back and do differently in the development of LoA, what would it be, and why?


What ASM for this hack in particular are you most proud of, knowing Snakey is very big on ASM?


How did you ultimately settle on the structure of the hack and the concept of route splits as the core of the game?