[FE8] Fire Emblem: Infernal Blade [Open for playtesting]

Well I guess this isn’t really a secret anymore? I’ve working on a rom hack which I had showcased on my Youtube channel for a few weeks. There is no patch yet as the hack is very rough around edges and I would like some extra help to speed up development, more on that later…

The story is so far very rough, but its about a group of friends featuring Xander who is the main lord, on the continent of Gallanea, where they venture around the continent as well as the Fjarn Islands to stop a certain lunatic from ruining the world.

Planned features

-29 playable chapters including prologue and finale, no gaidens planned yet
-49 playable characters, suitable for ironmanning
-Some new classes such as the wolf rider and gwyllgi rider
-Some music from other games
-No skills, expect a more traditional GBA style game
-A steady difficulty, the game gets harder as you play
-Many more TBD

How can I help?

If you would like to help in any shape or form, then please let me know via this thread or on Discord by _armory and I will find something for you to do. I especially would like some extra help with portraits, as a lot of them I have used are from the repo and I personally would like this hack to have its own identity, the same is applied to maps.

Progress and first demo?

As of now, the game is mostly playable in terms of gameplay up to chapter 23. Dialogue-wise up to end of chapter 2. I will release a demo once chapter 10 is completely evented.

Screenshots of Prologue and Ch 1

Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-0Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-2Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-6Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-13Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-17Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-18Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-19Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-21Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-8Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-11

I think that’s all for now.


The battle backgrounds look sick!

I might be up for helping with a couple of portraits. I am no expert, rather a novice who’s simple splices are only just starting to look decent. You can see some examples of where I am currently at in the last post of my “Mark of the Dragon” thread. If those look good enough for you, then let me know and I’ll happily contribute with a portrait or two.


Forgot to add that those backgrounds aren’t actually mine oopsies. I’ll update op with all the credits later.

And thank you I’ll check them out, don’t really mind the skill level as I can touch up on them.


Progress report!

The progress on the hack is admittedly slow, as I’m the sole developer, and whilst I have found somebody to help with writing, I would still like some extra help, especially the portraits, in short I’m looking to recruit a small team.

Right now, said dialogue has been completely reworked for both Prologue and Chapter 1, so I’ll update the screenshots and I am also yet to do a custom menu screen.

For those sort of wondering, I do not intend on entering my project towards FEE3 this year, as to be honest there’s not really a lot to show for the viewers anyway. However! IF you are interested, I am open to playtesters to play the hack from beginning to end (most of the hack is playable but lacks a lot of dialogue), if you are interested in checking the hack out, then drop me a message on discord at _armory.