[FE8] Fire Emblem: Home By Winter v0.1 (WIP, 10/? chapters)

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When the continent of Auron was unified under the Ofanian Empire, Emperor Kalaios sought to rebuild the land broken by the hands of the countless warlords that ruled it. Yet with his sudden death, the drums of war beat once more, as his firstborn Hassur called upon the empire’s legions to pacify the continent’s northern tribes. With promises of everlasting peace shattered in an instant, the people of Auron took it upon themselves to revolt against their Ofanian overlords.

Stuck between a fruitless war in the north and open rebellion in the south, the sun is setting just as quickly as it had risen on the Ofanian Empire. Yet as the rebellion’s highly-regarded General Aslena plans her offensive on Ofanian legions, the shadows of Auron’s past have already begun clamoring at the twilight cast by Ofana’s setting sun…

spaghetti FE 7.emulator-19

Hi, all! I’m jellyunicorn and I’m happy to present this project I’ve been working on since around December of last year. Truth be told, this was a project born mostly as a means to familiarise myself with FEBuilderGBA, but it has evolved to so much more since its original… conception.

the funny

spaghetti FE-0

While the game is still lagging far behind in terms of writing (only Prologue has an actual script at the moment) and graphics (most units past Chapter 1 still use F2U mugs and remain palette-less until they get custom mugs), I figured it would be best to release what already exists into the public so that I can iron it out even more before moving forwards. In fact this was supposed to come out a few weeks ago, but some stuff happened irl yadda yadda won’t get into detail.

I hope that what I have available is substantial enough of a showcase for what is to come, and of course, fun to play! And please, feel free to leave feedback, either in this thread or the hack discord.

The download to the patch is available here. The link also includes a guide for all the town talks and events.

About Me

i makea the hack

Okay iunno what to put here other than that for a while I’ve been wanting to make an all-too-ambitious Fire Emblem game with an inclusive cast - drawing a lot of inspiration from the She-Ra reboot - and many disparate Kaga mechanics without all the general… weirdness that usually comes shipped with his games. Kaga this is the 6th time you brainwashed a little girl, no kaga no why did you make durability RNG

Will this hackrom video game show up on Fire Emblem EEE 2021?


Content Rating

Probably 13+. Contains slightly stronger language than you’d find in the vanilla games and depiction of alcohol. Story details are still very much up in the air right now (obviously), but there are plans to include heavier themes.

Features & Mechanical Changes
  • 7 main story chapters and 1 optional side chapter, with 16 playable units plus 4 optionally recruitable units hired with upfront gold.

  • 2 freely explorable town maps with numerous events that confer the player various bonuses - some large, others not so much. (One of the town maps is much more fleshed out than the other, and I plan to rework this in the near future)

  • Only 1 chapter’s worth of dialogue, unfortunately :frowning: Do still pay attention to the dialogue of the other maps, though, as gameplay details not immediately obvious are conveyed via redtext.

  • Infantry units can now climb cliffs! Regular infantry gets 3 movement cost on cliffs and brigands get a reduced 2, while armour knights still being unable to scale them because imagine having good knights. Mounted units cannot climb them normally, however…

  • They can dismount! Don’t worry, you can still use your horse indoors. This is mostly to let them climb cliffs, albeit at a higher movement cost of 4.

  • The support system been completely reworked! They are now innate, and cannot be increased except by specific talk events in town maps. Affinity has also been standardised - all supports now give +10 hit/+5 Avo/+1 Dmg/+1 Def/Res per rank.

  • Increased terrain bonuses in order to emphasise overcoming them by stacking support bonuses and utilising the weapon triangle (which also now gives +/- 20 hit). Gates and thrones still give vanilla bonuses though (minus the Res).

  • Changes to stats: Growth rates are deflated, hovering around 10-30% for the most part. Resistance is now globally 0 (besides some statboosters much later on) and HP highly deflated in the hopes of making magic extremely potent. Luck is also globally 0, and Crit no longer scales off of Skl, because dying to 1% crits suck.

  • A playable Fleet who can only traverse water and bridge tiles, and is undeployable in maps without water. He also has Canto+. Why? No clue.

  • An overhaul of 1-2 range weaponry, with 1-2 axes and lances having their uses greatly reduced and weight massively increased. Swords, meanwhile, get magic swords, because those were cool in FE1, but their damage can only be increased via support bonuses.

  • An arsenal of personal weapons that will only continue to grow as the player completes character-specific side chapters.

  • DSFE-style save points! Unfortunately, this means you can no longer manually suspend anymore.

  • Slim weapons are now brave in exchange for much lower Hit. Also, weapon types that didn’t have a slim equivalent now have them. Quads ahoy!


spaghetti FE 7.emulator-20 spaghetti FE 7.emulator-21

spaghetti FE 7.emulator-22 spaghetti FE 7.emulator-38

spaghetti FE 7.emulator-30 spaghetti FE 7.emulator-32

spaghetti FE 7.emulator-33 spaghetti FE 7.emulator-25

spaghetti FE 7.emulator-28 spaghetti FE 7.emulator-34

spaghetti FE 7.emulator-35 spaghetti FE 7.emulator-37

spaghetti FE 7.emulator-24 spaghetti FE 7.emulator-39

spaghetti FE 7.emulator-36 spaghetti FE 7.emulator-40

Upcoming Features
  • Probably somewhere around 20-30 total main chapters (yes that is a large range), plus 10+ side chapters and 4 town exploration maps.
  • More custom graphics for a more cohesive overall look and feel to the game.
  • Custom skills once I stop getting scared of ASM hacking :v
  • More personal weapons, including a Legendary Hero Bat lookalike from the hit video game Like a Dragon: Like a Dragon, out now on Steam, for our good man Faust.
  • Actual dialogue lmao
  • A diverse cast that carry out said dialogue.
  • Probably (maybe) custom OST.
  • A polycule.
Known Issues
  • Ending a chapter dismounted will carry over to the next chapter
  • Standing on a specific tile in Chapter 6 (left and below the stairs) may cause the game to crash. I have not been able to reproduce this bug in any other save, so it should probably be safe most of the time.

This hack would literally have not been possible without the extensive resources and accessibility provided by this community. I’m just the idiot who managed to put the pieces together and make a functioning hack, and I am not alone in one of the many who stand on the shoulders of giants. If I’ve missed anyone please contact me ASAP either here or on the hack’s Discord server (and I probably did because I am hilariously bad at documenting)

FEBuilder creator and resident report7z fixerperson: 7743

Patches: 7743, Agro/Brendor, laqieer, circleseverywhere, aera, Stan, Tequila, Hextator, HyperGammaSpaces, Zane, ipatix, Sme, Scraiza, pikmin, Monkeybeard, Black Mage, Blaze, Rossendale, Leonarth, Teraspark, SD9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1, Primefusion, Alusq

:sparkles:Custom​:sparkles: graphical stuff: ArcherBias, Selk

Tilesets: ZoramineFae

Animations: GabrielKnight, Skitty, helmfried, Sephie, belle, St jack, Nuramon, Alusq, Team SALVAGED, Pikmin1211, DerTheVaporeon, ZoramineFae, MeatOfJustice, BatimaTheBat, FireEmblemier, flasuban, fe7if, SSHX, ArcaneEli, circleseverywhere, Sme, Teraspark

Mugs: Alusq, flasuban, LaurentLacroix, Smokeyguy77

Music: Sme, RSFlame, Pikmin1211, Mycahel, SaXor_the_Nobody

Item icons: Ereshkigal

Playtesting: KrashBoomBang, SubwayBossEmmett, dysenteryMD, Psyche, ArcherBias, Dainn, epicer


You have me at playable fleet.


still need to make a chapter where rescuedropping with the boat is the optimal strategy


Nice, the hack has a thread now. It’s a cool project, and I especially appreciate any hack that incorporates dismounting into its design. Good luck. I’ll be sure to test whatever progress you make.


This is extremely Gaming and Epic


this shit is banger btw you better play it (threat)


this looks p drugs

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