[FE8] Fire Emblem: Curse of Lagdou (10 ch. finished, 25 playable) v0.4.32 hotfix

Hi, I’m Doin Thangs! You may know me as an active user on the FEU Discord. After [X] years of confusing the server with its unusual premise, CoL is ready for an initial release!

Download Here!


0.4.36: Many bugfixes and improvements, overhauled ch. 7x and 8x, added Sparky
0.4.32: Statbooster usability and Elle recruitment bugs fixed
0.4.30-31: More playability hotfixes for ch. 5-8x
0.4.26-29: Hotfixes for ch. 1x door keys, ch. 3 endless ending cutscene

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battlesage CoL_4.26.emulator-0

CoL_4.25.emulator-1 (2) f swordmaster

CoL_4.25.emulator-0 (2) CoL_4.26.emulator-3

What is Curse of Lagdou?

Good question! People have been asking me this ever since the project started. CoL is best described as FE8 from an alternate dimension. While no characters are removed, the story is rewritten from the perspective of two new protagonists, and expanded into a more complex narrative with a different tone, plot, and themes. Meanwhile, every aspect of the gameplay has been completely remixed – heavily edited and new maps, many new and re-specialized characters, and, most impactfully, an unconventional but intuitive (and very fun, imo) weapon system.

This is a “rebalance” in the very loosest sense – every chapter is a wildly different experience from vanilla, and roughly half of them are new from scratch.

Act 1 features the prologue through Ch. 8x, covering the equivalent chapters of FE8’s Renvall arc with several new ones. The story deviates further and further as it goes along, before going in an entirely different direction around the halfway point.

At the time of this release, the rest of the game past 8x is playable in a first-draft state, but still needs revision before it can go live.

Major Features

  • Modern QOL and design
  • Player-phase-focused gameplay
  • Every vanilla map either replaced or heavily remixed
  • High-effort story with 12+ new playable characters
  • Many new battle animations, portraits, and sprites by me
  • Personal skills applied sparingly throughout, similar to FE5
  • New weapon system built for tactical depth (and some fun novelty)
  • :flushed: Joe Rogan boss encounter :bangbang: :flushed:
  • More Novala screentime LETS GOOO BABY


Wars are complicated. A machine of kings, armies, and countrymen can be thrown into chaos by a single foreign element. Curse of Lagdou is an alternate take on FE8’s plot, making changes that quickly cascade into a new story unto itself.

Enter Isabelle Taylor.

The Carcino-born Taylor Textile Merchant Company leads the charge towards a Magvel-wide mercantile revolution – with all the gains and perils that may bring. The company’s young heiress is an airheaded ray of sunshine, content to drift along her destined path and pass life’s difficult questions by. Meeting Eirika by chance as they flee Renais, Isabelle unwittingly gains a friend, and power she may be unprepared to wield.

Meanwhile, the plucky Jeanne ekes out an existence in the company’s sharecropping village. Traveling east to investigate visions of the mysterious Lagdou ruins, she uncovers an ancient weapon and a Grado plot far larger and more disturbing than even the Demon King.

A deadly plague of unknown origin sweeps across the countryside. Renais’s bandits are not what they seem. Powerful artifacts are dredged in secret from deep beneath the earth.

Before the Demon King, there was Lagdou. What crimes did the leaders of this ancient empire commit, and how must Magvel change to put these crimes to rest?


So, what's this "new weapon system"?

While I’m an FE8 fan, the game is infamous for vacuuming up hordes of weak enemies in very long enemy phases. Particularly towards the lategame, maps like Darkling Woods can be a slog.

In CoL, weapon ranges are where it’s at. Now, if you plan to park yourself on a forest with a hand axe/javelin and expect to mop up all the enemies around you, you’ll be quickly swarmed – because javelins and hand-axes (now called thrownaxes :sunglasses:) have 2-3 range!

Many weapons (including swords) have had range adjustments such that turtling is much less productive and you’re better off playing aggressively. Rush enemies at ranges where they can’t hit you, and equip the right weapons so they can’t find holes in your defense either. While FE has always had a high skill ceiling, the tactical possibilities have made my head hurt during playtesting – but in a good way.

Furthermore, physical weapons have received stat boosts based on type: Lances give DEF and axes give RES, while swords have low weight and a wide variety of effects. Throw in a fully rebalanced cast and enemies, new characters with their own unique gimmicks and feel, custom skills, and totally redesigned enemy placements, and you’ve got a much, much different experience from classic FE8. Guaranteed!

Other Stuff


Please submit feedback/suggestions in the Discord or reply to this thread! Please also join the Discord if you’d like to help playtest future releases – this is a HUGE help.


Created in FEBuilderGBA, an amazing tool by god-king 7743, glory to his name
Created using SkillSystems by the Skillsys team, with modifications by me
All custom assets were either created by me or borrowed from the free-to-use repo
Please don’t use any of my custom assets without permission, unless they’re in the free-to-use repo

Luna and Impale animations - Mikey_Seregon
Sol and Adept animations - Mariode
Wind Sword/Secula animation - Me

FFTA Pub Theme - A Reliable Chair
FFT Trisection - Alusq
FE4 Verdane Remix - Pandan

Battle Animations
Wyvern Rider Helmetless Repal - eCut
Generic Necromancer - Eldritch
(F) Merc - Russel Clark
Axe Paladin - Me
(F) Assassin - Me
Mystic - Me
Battlemage - Me
Battlesage - Me
(F) Swordmaster - Me
(F) Thief - Me
(F) Brigand - Me
(F) Highlander - Me
Halberdier, Soldier, and Axe Cavalier - SALVAGED team

Map Sprites
Axe Wyvern - Flasuban
(F) Monk - Teraspark
Axe Cav - SALVAGED team
Axe Paladin - L95
Sword Cav - Agro
(F) Merc - Flasuban


“What difficulty should I pick?”
95% of people who managed to find this hack should probably play on Normal. The hack is designed for Normal and playtested on Normal. Easy is for people with little FE experience who just want to enjoy the story, and Difficult is for crackheads who don’t care that they’re playing an unsupported difficulty. Please don’t submit feedback about Difficult mode.

“Why not just make a completely original hack?”
CoL began life as a rebalance for my personal enjoyment and snowballed from there as I fell in love with the tools, community, and creative process. I wanted to make something really weird and unique that would let me explore every aspect of hacking, and so far I’m really happy with the product. Writing within an existing story was also a fun challenge and helped me grow my skills a lot.

“Why am I gaining supports so fast? What is happening?”
I made support-gain proximity much larger (5 tiles) and removed the limit on the number you can have per character, making it much easier to see all the supports you want in a single playthrough. The bonuses have been drastically reduced, though, and mostly just add crit-avoid for a smoother lategame experience.

“Are there proc skills in this hack?”
Nope! Some skills replace your unit’s critical hit with a different formula or effect. If you see a proc skill, that’s what’s happening.

“Why are there so many girls?”
i like them :moyai:

What are your credentials? How do I know you’re based and not cringe?
Play the hack and find out!
I’m a gay nerd artist and writer, with many years of experience in each. I got FE8 when I was in gradeschool. I’ve played FE4-11, TRS, Berwick Saga, and I’ve made mods for several other RPGs. I’m an FE5 enjoyer. I have two adorable cats.

Bonus Art

jeannepeek background color edit

Potential Future System Changes
  • Earlier in development, I aimed to solve the low-percent critical problem by turning random crits into a second attacking mode (like a combat art, but universal to player units) that traded some accuracy and attack speed for crit chance. This would give more reliable crits with +crit weapons while giving a small boost to non-crit weapons. I eventually scrapped this idea because I couldn’t properly balance it, but I’d love to hear suggestions on how to make this work.

Are there male characters in this hack

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Seth lol


Do we need them?


I have to give this hack a try for a lot of reasons. The amount of work put into the art and characters is tremendous, and the updates I see posted on the FEU discord show that this is a major passion project. Even though it’s set in the FE8 universe it very clearly stands out as it’s own game, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where this new story goes. Also, DoinThangs just posts stuff all the time that makes me laugh. I know a lot of work has gone into the dialogue of this game, so I’m hoping for some really humorous and witty bits. Excited to play the first public build!


Hotfix for several progression-blocking bugs now live! Should not require new savegames.

Aww, thank you! Much appreciated and I hope you enjoy the hack!


New 4.32 patch, fixing stuff found by Streudelmuffin in our playtest last night!
Statboosters were usable in preps for infinite stat boosts which was a little problematic lol, so that’s been fixed, and Elle is also now properly recruitable in Ch. 5.

So, I’ve played this hack, and, surprisedly, it’s a pretty good hack. I kind of like how you changed the system of triangle
weapons, which is more fun than vanilla.

Also, MC and these new characters in this hack are quite nice and great.

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Adding a new custom skill to Isabelle (big thanks to @GigaExcalibur for help on this) to make her a mobile Hoplon Guard platform, as well as a small portrait update!

New version with this stuff plus balance changes and other fixes based on feedback coming soon.



Hello, sweet Thang:

Why would you name it Trickle-Down Effect. :sob:
Isabelle’s delusions are strong…!