[FE8] Fire Emblem: Celestaris Book 0 v0.14.0 (WIP) Book II v1.0.3 (WIP), Book I v1.2.4 (Complete)

Wall of text again!

SEEMS I’M A BLOODY LIAR (again). Because I’m lazy and easily confused, some On The Road events will also double up as supports. I might try to make it so that some supports are still more conventional where you glue two units together until they’re best friends, but at least a few will be raised from these events. welp.
pls ignore the glitchiness i swear that garbled mess is a ‘C’. …I still need to figure out why the support letters hate me, but I’ll probably figure it out eventually. As for the background garblies I dunno, events with backgrounds hurt my brain.

…Hmmm… Maybe a weird solution would be if there were multiple chances for supports, probably makes no sense, but what I mean is like, there are five events between Aoi and Fenris, you miss the first one that pops up in Chapter 7, that would have raised it to C support, BUT there’s another one in say, Chapter 10, you get that event and it still raises it to C support, however, if you got the first one, that second one would instead raise it to B Support. This also means that if you picked them all up as they happen, the fourth and fifth would do nothing in terms of gameplay, but more fun character interaction.

Oh, and before I forget-- if someone sees a character they like (even just from their portrait or something) feel free to mention it. I don’t mind swapping recruitment placements around since… well, in terms of Book 0, I probably shouldn’t say this, but most are filler, although, not in the way that they’re pointless, just more in that they didn’t appear before this ‘adaptation’, they’re sorta retroactively being slotted in where I feel they don’t totally mess story up, I will of course try to flesh them out where I can, although… since a lot of things are already set that might not be until I can revise some stuff further later on, for now I’m still focused a bit more on directly adapting, filling in character slots, and filling out the story a bit more, if that uh… makes sense.

…Unfortunately though, this ‘recruitment order’ thing won’t really apply if they first appear in Book I and II, since a number of those characters make their appearance later than Book 0. You know, timeline shenanigans!

You’ll likely also notice some world building stuff in the ‘On The Road’ events that don’t especially make sense in a Fire Emblem and… essentially go unused here, such as a lot of mentions of elemental things, but they’re from before this became a Fire Emblem hack and was intended as an ARPG (Like Kingdom Hearts) and will be kept in for my laziness as extra world building and if that still ends up happening at some point.


Ahem, if I may have your attention for a moment am i annoying yet

…I also love nap time. That is all.

Chapter 6 is done unless I’m forgetting something big and obvious, and will maybe be able to finish up on Chapter 7 in the next 2 or 3 days, I think, who knew progress could be smooth if I stopped being an idiot with zero attention span! Chapter 8 ‘should’ also be simple enough, so that’ll probably be the next demo release, dunno! I love it when a plan comes together. Or something.

Have a good day, lovelies! Please do enjoy yourselves with whatever you decide to do! And if you’re not… uh… I dearly hope your day improves! Ciao!


Heeeey, it’s that time of the updatening again. Yaaaaay…
There are… a lot of ‘newbies’ in this update, huh? Well like 40% of them are just NPCs or used for those extra little ‘On The Road’ events. This is what happens when you’re an insane git and don’t want to use generic villagers! Though that also inflates the number of (probably) placeholders to sprite characters for. Well done, stupid!

As per usual, top post holds the update so I don’t forget about it.


Book 0 v0.10.0.20240331

  • Aoi buffed a little. +2 RES.
  • Eira buffed a bit to make her more tanky and damage-ey. +2 HP, +2 STR, +1 DEF.
  • Lorelai gets +1 SPD.
  • More chapters with more characters!
  • Bonus Exp!.. working basically the same as Pyrathi Warlords-- at the end of a battle preps map all undeployed units gain 50 EXP.
  • Pegasus Knights buffed up a bit so they’re at least on par with Drake Riders.
  • Shamshir is now Wo Dao and has more CRIT so it’s a little more than just ‘worse Killing Edge’.
  • Eira’s ‘point of interests’ now have a little notifier on maps.

While we’re here, let’s just have a little bit of a fun screenshot, shall we? Who needs context!
Considering this horned zombie lady has no battle sprite she might possibly be a Dracozombie, maybe. Have fun~?


Well, uhm… y’know, small update, just to add in a few more personal skills that I could figure out.

I sorta started to cheat a bit. Some characters (will?) have skills with some effects that I have zero idea of how to add, like the ‘Discipline’ effect for Kresnik’s skill, so I just added these as an extra skill. Please just pretend it’s one skill.

There might be a few fixes, but I forget already.

Book 0 v0.10.1.20240404

  • More personal skills! The majority of playables have their skills now.

Edit: Blimey I’m dumb. I forgot to mention previously that there’s now a little effect on maps for Eira’s ‘point of interest’ things, so if you were having troubles with finding those previously, this should make it a little more smooth. Also edited the previous post with that in the changelog. Well done stupid!


I read 104 messages in one day, now to see what all the excitment is about… All this from a random youtub video.

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My, well, thanks for taking so much time to read everything, seems like it’d take a while to do all of that! Do enjoy if you do play it.

Nit sure what the talk of “balancing issues” about played the first chapter of the first book…because I got greedy.

Maybe im missing something idk?

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Not a clue. The only one I have to test anything with for these in general is just me, so I can’t really say for sure.

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Hello! Updates and stuff I suppose. Playable up to Chapter 12 now, and with it the ‘Duskmere’ arc is basically done. Probably going to be a while until I do the next bits since I need to figure out where it’s going and how, and… all that stuff.

wow lots.

Book 0 v0.14.0.20240420

  • Even more chapters!
  • Restore Staves now only cost 1500 and have 1-3 range.
  • Status staves only last for two turns.

Woah creepy.

Have a good day.