[FE8] FE1 Shadow Dragon Faithful Remaster V1.6

I knew it was you XD

For the OP, more modern style portraits now available for every boss and playable character in Shadow Dragon bar Heimler (and the Captain)


Alas, if you knew what bad tricks memory plays.:face_with_head_bandage:

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OP has some work now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for posting this! I have been working on implementing these portraits in a upcoming update. Big ups to the user know as Thorn for doing this for the community.

Yes I do haha, after a long time of not working on it.

Alright everyone, huge thanks to the user Thorn for remaking all the SD characters into F2U GBA portraits. This wonderful out of the blue development has made me implement all of the portraits in this hack. This has vastly improved the visuals of the characters. If you didn’t like the SNES portraits, then this update is for you as they are now replaced with vastly improved ones from the user Thorn.

V1.6 Changelog:

  • Replaced all of the SNES portraits with improved GBA styled ones.

Edit: I will also at some time have to update the screenshots.
Edit 2: Screenshots are done and I also fixed a wrong portrait for one of the bosses.


Is it normal that Resistance grow is “0” by every unit? - checked first chapter

Resistance basically didn’t exist in the original Shadow Dragon. Even Talismans were basically a glorified Holy Water.

yooo, glad you liked those mugs.

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I just tested it and Medeus definitely has 35 defense in FE1. 17 strength Marth does no damage with Mercurius and 12 with Falchion. He has 12 defense so the other 23 is presumably coming from the earthstone.

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Also I figured I’d just note that Medeus is immune to magic even at 1 range. Not sure if that has been mentioned yet.

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