[FE8] FE:RL - Hetja's Quest v0.7.06.05 (Roguelike)

Are the animations for the skeleton classes in the repo?

All the skeleton classes’ battle animations + map sprites should be in the repo.


Awesome. Thanks for the info

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Final reminder!!! The new character poll ends in 6 days. Get all your last minute votes in as soon as you can. Thank you to everyone who has voted so far.

Once the results go public, I will begin work on adding the winners to the game. I’m unsure if the next patch will publicly release before the end of the year, but I’ll be trying my hardest to get it done before then regardless. If you’re interested in helping test the PTC patches before release, consider joining the RPG Club discord server.


There are only a few days left, I arrived just in time to vote xD

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I think this already mention, but just to be sure again, it seems certain combination of skill will allow us to level up again after hit lvl 20.

also Rightful Arc + Aether + Solar Ring have Broken effect, basically the second strike of aehter become combination of both Sol& Luna allowing us absorb even more HP from enemy. it probably will have some effect with other skill + Ring too.

Just tested the ring with Astra too, it cast sol multiple times (1 attack is the astra but all next attack is Sol with damage still halved).

about Luna Ring i still haven’t tested it fully since it has high priority.


After looking through a weapon list I made, here’s some of my thoughts on weapons that feel weird at the moment. Not sure if they should be tuned slightly, reworked entirely, or simply removed, Especially because they would likely require adjustments of enemy inventory because of it.

Poison Weapons(As is they feel too weak for the player, and most of the weapon types aren’t used by enemies)

Fiend Slayers(with the durability rework I feel like these should be buffed and added durability, possibly a bump up in rank as well. As is they aren’t really strong enough to be worth buying them outside of fiend slaying, and fiends that would be worth using it on aren’t common enough to justify them being so weak)

Regelief/Rapier(As is these are just generally better versions of their individual slayer counterparts, and their durability is too high to justify using the slayers despite that. I’d prefer either the slayers get buffed, or bump down the lord weapons to 15 durability like Wolf Beil. could also bump up wolf Beil durability if you’re doing the first)

Slim spear(when compared to an Iron lance, I think the only applicable charaters that get a speed boost from it are Marcia, and Hetja as low-con classes. otherwise the small boost in hit doesn’t really feel worth the might lost)

Slim sword(same, but no one is slowed by Iron Swords)

Runesword/Windblade/lightbrand(These weapons are in a pretty weird spot thanks to most sword users having little magic, but I’m not quite sure what to do with them. Mostly just bringing them up because I like the idea of most weapon types having atleast one A rank 1-2 range weapon)

Iron Blade/Silver Blade/Shamsir/Mani Kani(Weapons that feel too similar to another one)

Short Spear/Spear(Saurion puts Short Spear in a bad spot because it’s kind of just generally better then it. I think the short spear should either be buffed to more easily compete with it, or give it infinite durability so it more clearly competes with the Javelin instead. Also like the idea of bumping spear to A and giving it 1-2 range.)

Hachet/Hand Axe/Tomahawk(Trading 25 accuracy for 3 MT doesn’t really seem like a good enough deal to justify adding Durability to the Hand axe. I’d similarly prefer either the durability removed, or the Hand Axe buffed to justify it. 1-2 range tomahawk sounds nice too)

SwordReaver/Slayer(the +5 might and slayer properties are neat, but having both feels like overkill.)

Battle Axe(Feels oddly weak for it’s rank, cost, and especially durability.)

Elfire(This tome is the odd one out for having no notable advanange over the other 2 elements aside from a simple 2 might boost compared to Thunder. personally think it should be switched to 1 range)

Shine/Divine(2 MT doesn’t really seem large enough justify having both tomes around. At least Divine at 1 range would make the lightning comparison of +4 mt clearer. I’ll also use this time as an excuse to mention that light by far has the least notable weapons of it’s type, and should probably get more love.)

Edit:after thinking about it for a few hours it kind of sunk in that +3 might is the threshold for an upgrade to feel nice for me. This might just be the case of me not putting enough value into magic attacks though. I’d be fine with Divine going up +1 might, but i’d still prefer Elfire go to 1 range because it feels fitting for wind and fire have 1 and 2 range for the standard and upgraded variants. Then again Iron blade>Steel sword>Steel blade path doesn’t look bad to me either so maybe it’s just the tighter pool of the tome types making me overthink it.

Legendary weapons(Alondite, Eckesachs, Regal Sword, Rex Hasta,Bastikilos, Forblaze, Luce, Naglfar all just feel like generally worse versions of other legendary weapons. I can understand if they’re meant for the bosses that use them, but they could probably be cut from the secret shop. If they don’t get respective changes atleast. most notably giving axes and lances an 1-2 range S rank weapon)

While I’m here I’ll link the 3 googles sheets I made on this game for people who aren’t on the discord. There are Hetja’s classes, weapons and skills respectively. Note that they may have some errors, so feel free to comment on that and i’ll fix when I can


Sigh so another PoR character? I mean, I like Mia but do we really need more?

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Happy to finally see some missing series reps with Yunaka and Sigurd reping Elyos and Jugdral. Still sad to miss out on some Ylisse, Archanea and Fates, but it is what it is.

Either way with the Myrmidon vote you were getting a returning series.


Hooray for Haar

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Best rom hack… I just finished recently… I try multiple time for this challenge finish in hard mode random growth… I try to finish this from creation to final boss without died and save…just go with any skill a got and any enemy i will face…that is it… Wyvern rider S tier😉


Imho you should throw the fighter vote to the wind and just add Halvan. Tbh fr fr.

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